On Safari Skirt pattern

skirt pattern

“A tale of love and loss.”  I once owned a skirt.  I believed it to be the perfect skirt and I wore it everywhere.  I wore it for years – we were inseparable.  It was my more favorite-est ever skirt.  Then a couple of years ago I noticed it was looking a little thread-bare. The seams were starting to come away.  It didn't help that despite my best intentions, I seemed to have ‘out-grown' it a little and it really didn't fit properly any more.  I couldn't give it up though until one day after a particularly fine Sunday Brunch there was a rending sound as it/we tore apart for ever.  It couldn't handle the stress of our relationship any more and we parted ways later that afternoon, never to see each other again.  But I never could forget my best-est ever skirt…

skirt pattern

That's why I chose to recreate it – and the On Safari Skirt pattern is released today.  What would you call this style?  I've seen it called a cargo skirt or safari skirt but I think I'll just call it the best skirt I've ever had.  And now my best-est skirt ever can be yours too.


  • Interesting details on the back with slanted yoke and panel
  • Optional belt loops
  • Lowered waist
  • Front set-in pockets, the easy way
  • Flattering fit
  • Front zipper fly fastening
  • Optional flat felled seams throughout with top stitching detail
  • Just above knee-length as standard, shorten or lengthen as needed
  • Sizes 34-50 inch hips
  • Video tutorial
  • Pattern rating – Intermediate
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Buy the On Safari Skirt Pattern

You can buy and download this pattern from Payhip.  Buy the pattern and keep it safely there in your pattern library until you are ready to download and sew.

skirt pattern

This skirt uses a few techniques you'll need to learn if you don't know them already:

skirt pattern

Watch me make one

Warning – I DO rabbit on far too much in this one so there are 2 videos.  If you know how to sew this type of skirt and features already, you can skip the videos and just use the step by step photo instructions.



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skirt pattern


The pattern tester versions and comments

The lovely ladies deserve a round of applause for sewing away on this skirt over the Christmas and New Year holidays.  We had a tight deadline but they all created great skirts which I'm proud to share with you.

Emma – At first I wasn't sure of the back yoke, I would expect the lowest point to be center back rather than the side seams. I wasn't sure if it would be flattering, but actually it looks great. I  left off the belt loops so I could finish the waistband on the machine and reduce bulk.  My fabric was stretch so I was able to go down a size, but it was easy to fit and alter during the making process by following your instructions.


Diane – Loved the look of this skirt – it was exactly like one I had owned before and that one was very flattering to my figure.  (Diane did some very bold decorative top stitching around her pockets and on the belt loops.)

Diane b

Louise – I really liked this pattern and will be making another one soon. I love the way you designed the pocket. Fitting the skirt before cutting for pocket. I am going to remember to have my students to do this on their projects. I did not do the belt loops because I don't wear belts and like to eliminate any extra bulk around my no shape mid-section. It is a stretch polka dot poplin. I did mock flat fell seams and used my coverstitch machine to top stitch. (Love the bold polka dot fabric Louise chose for this skirt!)


Judy  at Stoney Sews – This is one of my favorite skirt styles. Thought it looked comfortable to wear and could see how it would work with a lot of different types of fabric. Could see myself making several in different types and weights of fabric.  I used a midweight brushed denim. Am quite excited about this pattern. Deby, you've outdone yourself!


Theresa at The DIY Page – The idea of doing a fly front zipper scared me at first but it was easy, Deby's directions were very good. I've never done flat fell seams before but they really make the inside of the skirt neat and tidy.

I have a similar skirt in a print that I love and now I can make one just like it without having to copy the one I have.

Linda  – I loved the skirt pattern when I first saw it. Reminds me of my favorite denim skirt that I wear a lot during the summer but better because this one I could adjust it to my size and body shape. I was very eager to try it. I love the top stitching and the back yoke as it makes the skirt looks very professional. A skirt that can easily be dress up or dress down depending on your mood. The waistband looked very comfortable as it is curved to adapt to your body.

Linda b

Jemma – my skirt is made from a weird kind of lightweight stretch suiting which is probably not the best material to learn how to sew flat felled seams on as it frays like crazy and is next to impossible to press! It has floral pocket linings and inner waist band.   I think this is a great pattern! It took a bit of sewing but it is definitely worth the effort.

Jemma b

Thank you ladies, I hope you all enjoy your skirts as much as I do.

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Buy the On Safari Skirt Pattern

You can buy and download this pattern from Payhip.  Buy the pattern and keep it safely there in your pattern library until you are ready to download and sew.

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44 Responses to On Safari Skirt pattern

  1. Trish Smith says:

    i purchased this pattern some time ago and have made a few great skirts with it. i now need to reprint the pattern pieces so that i can make more but I can’t find where I can do that. Can you email them to me please? TIA, Trish

    • Mayra Cecilia says:

      Hi Trish, The pattern is on your computer, please find it in your Downloads folder or wherever you have your download files. If you still having problems reach me via email. I am back at my desk sometimes next week.

  2. Julie says:

    I’ve been wearing the On Safari Skirt I made 3 years ago non-stop and, like it’s namesake, it is looking a bit ‘tired’ this summer and needs replacing. So I’ve found some dark teal cotton sateen and have made myself another.

    I LOVE this skirt pattern and the instructions are second to none. Every step is clearly explained and perfect for both beginner sewists who need a bit of a hand hold and also more experienced sewists who just want to listen to your lovely west country accent and sew along without having to think too hard for themselves. Thank you so much for this free pattern – it’s the best yet.

    • Julie says:

      Whoops – I bought this pattern so long ago I had forgotten it was not a freebie. Well worth the purchase a as I am sure I will use it repeatedly for years to come.

  3. Nuwani says:

    Today I purchased your Safari Skirt pattern. Now I’m going to print it.

    What I need to know is what paper size should I use to print this “pattern pieces-15 pages” PDF?

    Is it to be printed on a Letter size(8.5″ x 11″) or A4 size(8.27″ × 11.69″)?

    • Mayra Cecilia says:

      It does not matter what paper size you use, the patter will work for both. You will however have to trim the paper a bit.

  4. Liz says:

    Just purchased this pattern and I’m looking foward to making the skirt on my new machine. There’s an error on page 15 of the pattern — the royal blue line for Size “C” is missing. I’ve drawn in where it should be but thought I’d let you know so you can revise the pdf.

    • Mayra Cecilia says:

      Thank you Liz, that has never happened before but since we have moved file here and there who knows I will check the file. Thanks for letting me know.

  5. Seeds to Sew says:

    I have always liked this skirt. It allows you to use different fabrics and leather/suede. I have made this skirt from satin to suede. Note: leather and suede requires a special foot.

  6. Kathleen Pierz says:

    Thank you! I loved this pattern and it is exactly what I have been looking for. I’ve already made two and will make more. I did eliminate the bottom panel on the back on the second skirt for a different look.

  7. NC says:

    Thank you for all your beautiful patterns. I just got the Safari Skirt and am looking forward to making it. You ladies do such a nice job on all the patterns!!

  8. Lynda says:

    As I read your intro to this skirt I thought you sounded just like me when mine finally gave way. A little nervous to try my own, but think I should try it anyway using a cheap or re-purposed cotton I have on hand. Jenny who posted her finish added a bit to the length on hers. I think I should follow suit. Thanks for the instructions! Well done!

  9. Debi says:

    Hi Deby.
    My page 2 is also a blank page, could you please email me it separately, bcz if I go to print just page 2, all I get is a blank piece of paper.


    • Elizabeth says:

      Hi, I couldn’t figure out how to make my own comment, so I replied to this one. I just purchased this PDF from craftsy and I too have a blank page two of the pattern. I believe it is page 27 of the PDF. I haven’t studied the pattern yet to see if there is really missing information. Was this page intentionally left blank perhaps?

    • Elizabeth says:

      *blush* I just read the directions and saw that page two was intentionally left blank.

  10. Ursula Butler says:

    I purchased this pattern and page #2 was missing from the pdf. Is there anyway that it could be sent to me.

  11. Mandy J says:

    Hi – I ordered the pattern last week, but I have not been able to print the right proportion. There is a note that I need to download the most updated Acrobat Adobe reader. Can you tell me the latest version I need so I can proceed with making this beautiful skirt?

  12. Adele K. says:

    I would rather haven a pattern in hand, is there a way to get one?

  13. Lori B. says:

    I was just about to cut in to my fabric but realized I’m not sure whether the seam allowances are already included in the pattern pieces or if I have to add them myself…could you please clarify? Thanks in advance.

  14. Cecelia says:

    Best. Pattern. Ever. Seriously, if you love a denim skirt and great pattern instructions, you will love this pattern. I’ve been hunting for a pattern like this for a while, and because the price of this pattern is so low, it wasn’t such a big deal if it didn’t work out (unlike other Independent designers who sell their patterns for double the price and the finished product ends up in the recycle bin). Deby’s video tutorial was super helpful and I learned that flat felled seams are easier than I thought and a beautiful detail. I made a wearable muslin out of a stretch twill, and then modified the pattern as Deby suggests above, so it sits at my waist instead of hips. My 2nd version in stretch denim is perfect. It takes so little fabric (especially when making pocket linings and waistband linings from a different fabric, and leaving off the belt loops) that I’ve been able to use remnants from my stash. So combined with the low price, a very economical pattern. I’m planning a black twill version for the office (fine for business casual wear) and a corduroy version for fall. Thank you, Deby, for this wonderful pattern and incredible tutorial. I can honestly say this is the best sewing pattern I’ve ever used!

    • Wow Cecelia, blown away by your lovely comment. So glad it’s worked out well for you. I’d love to see your skirts, I’ve only seen a few examples of this one and it really is a good pattern. I think people are worried it’s difficult to sew, but really its not, if you take each step one at a time. Come and share with us in the chat group – https://www.facebook.com/groups/soseweasychat/
      And thanks once again for saying such nice things.

      • Cecelia says:

        I agree–it really isn’t that difficult. I’ve sewn trousers and shirts, and this is much easier and with a better fit! Your video is incredibly helpful–all I had to do was follow it step by step and I didn’t have any problems. I don’t like complicated or fussy patterns, and this was really straightforward and logical. I’ll try and get some photos…I’ll have to bribe the photographer. Thank YOU Deby, I can’t say enough good things about this pattern. And thank you also for making so many free patterns available on your site. It’s incredibly generous of you!

        (I’m not on Facebook so this is my chat group!)

  15. Linda Martin says:

    I think your top-stitching on everything you do is the best. Your talent is outstanding.

  16. Nancy says:

    I would rather have the pattern to the waist……But its lovely.

    • That’s an easy adjustment to make Nancy. Simply continue the side seam lines on upwards 3 inches, tapering as you go and you’ve added back the lowered waist back to the full waist. Do this for the front and back pieces and you can still use the same waistband pieces. Fit as you go, before adding the pockets and I’m sure it would work out.

      • Julie says:

        Thank you for this! This is exactly what I was thinking too, that I would prefer a high waisted version, and wondered if that would be easy to do. Came here to read the comments and here it is! Thank you 🙂 xx

      • Karen says:

        Is this skirt actually drafted to be 3 inches below the waist? I had no idea when I purchased it. I like an only an inch lower and don’t want to redraft something I purchased! What to do?

        • Mayra at So Sew Easy says:

          If you want the skirt to sit on your hips and not create a bulge like this style of skirt can, that is where it should be right around your belly button. This skirt looks best on an hourglass figure or a pear.

  17. Would you ever consider changing this pattern into a skort? I would love to make one of these.

  18. Rebecca says:

    I have actually been looking for a pattern just like this one – thanks so much! I can’t wait to get it put together!

  19. Hi Deby, I love this skirt! But I was wondering if this pattern has A-line options with an ankle length. This looks fab on you but, flare flatters my shape better .

  20. Eileen says:

    What size does this pattern come in?

  21. smonakey says:

    This really looks fabulous!! I just ordered your POTM club for last year & I’m purchasing this pattern, too. I live in skirts & this looks like a perfect dress up/dress down skirt for me. It’s both office & casual friendly. You rock, Deby!

  22. Ann Wright says:

    Will definitely be getting this one and most likely making lots of them. Love skirts like this during the warmer months.

    • I’ve already made the two you see and will be on the look out for more fabrics to make others – in fact I’ll be at the fabric shop in town later today. If you get a chance, do share some photos of what you make.

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