Pattern of the Month Club and Pattern Bundle Sale

Pattern-of-the-month-club - 2015About this time last year I launched the enormously popular Pattern of the Month Club, where members paid a single subscription and received all of the patterns for the year automatically sent to their inboxes as they were released. Lots of you have been asking when it will be launched for 2015 – well it's not quite ready yet. I want to put together my final ideas for the patterns to work on for the rest of the year and then I'll let you all know. We may end up with the 2015 Collection Part 1 and then Part 2.  Let's see …

In the meantime, we are 6 months into 2015 so its the perfect time to create a mid-year 2015 pattern bundle.

Thank you everyone for your support.  By investing in a paid pattern, you help me keep the site running, pay all of the monthly expenses and invest my time in creating free patterns, tutorials, videos and other content and offers for you.  I appreciate it more than you know.

2015 Collection Part 1

There are now several bundles available if you like to buy several patterns at once to get a saving.  Firstly, a brand new bundle today for the first 6 months of 2015 patterns all in one collection, called 2015 Collection Part 1.

2015 Part 1

This bundle includes the 7 patterns released in the first 6 months of 2015.  The bundle includes  (each link takes you back to the original pattern article for more details):

Best of the Bags Bundle

Secondly, if you aren't into sewing clothes, then you might like the Best of the Bags Bundle which includes 6 assorted Bag sewing patterns for $21.  That's 28% off when you buy them as a bundle.

6 awesome bag and wallet sewing patterns all in one bundle.

This includes  (each link takes you back to the original pattern article for more details):

 Buy the Best of the Bags Bundle Here – $21


2014 Pattern of the Month Club Collection

And as a special, for all the readers that are new this year and might not have seen or bought patterns from 2014 – the Pattern of the Month Club 2014 patterns – all 18 of them – are back on release as a special bundle for $35 – just for the next 4 weeks.  Less than $2 each – can't be beaten!

Bundle featured - small

 Buy the 2014 Pattern of the Month Club Collection here for $35

All the patterns individually

And lastly, just for the sake of completeness, here are ALL of the paid-for patterns currently available so you can pick them up individually too, if you've missed one.

FREE Patterns

Don't have the budget for paid patterns?  Then check out the FREE PATTERNS PAGE for all of the free patterns and projects, and at the bottom, round ups of some of the best of the internet's free patterns in all sort of topics and subjects.

Or make sure to sign up to the newsletter.  There is a Pattern on Sale feature for newsletter readers which changes up each month, usually half price or less.  Fill out your email address in the bright pink box on the top right.

Enjoy the sewing – no excuse not too with all that choice.


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