Our Perfect Work Dress Featured in the Toronto Star!

perfect work dressWe were so delighted to see the recent article in the Toronto Star, Canada's largest daily newspaper, featuring our Perfect for Work Dress free sewing pattern.  You can read the full article HERE.

The Toronto Star article tells the story of Tyler Hamilton, a Toronto, Canada-based reporter –and man– who decided to sew a dress for his wife.  She had dared him to do it, but never imagined he's succeed.  We're proud to say that with the help of our free Perfect for Work Dress pattern and tutorial, Tyler really created something fantastic for his wife.  Doesn't she look great!?

So Sew Easy has a huge audience in Canada, which represents our third largest market after the US and the UK.  We're read by almost 40,000 followers each month in Canada and we're so happy that this reporter is one of them.

perfect work dress

(Rene Johnston / Toronto Star)

Perfect Work Dress Tutorial

If you don't remember the pattern, you can check it out below:

The Perfect for Work Dress pattern – free

For Men Who Love to Sew

We also love the tie in with our recent article For Men Who Love to Sew.  This article shows how the passion for sewing is growing not only among women but many men as well!

For Men Who Love to Sew

Please check out the article and share it with your friends.  It's really a terrific story


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That is so cool! What a guy!!


I have had boys in my 4-H sewing clubs making t-shirts and pj pants


Thank you for this article and the earlier article on male sewists. My youngest son started sewing with me when he was about 5. He even asked Santa for his own sewing machine for Christmas when he was 6! Unfortunately, when he entered those awkward teenage years, he quit sewing because of stereotypes and peer pressure. Now that he’s 18, about to go off to college, and a lot more self confident, I’ve Caught him in the sewing room playing around a bit. I’m hoping that these two articles will convince him that male sewists are awesome!