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Collection of pins all on the subject of Working with Knits - follow this Pinterest board for all the best tips on working with stretch fabricsIt's been a while since I did a feature about sewing pins on Pinterest. Check out this earlier article about binding and bias tape pins and one of my favorite boards that I refer to often for tips and reminders:

Pinterest – bias and binding pins

Pick of the best pins for bias, piping and binding tutorials

If you aren't yet a follower on the So Sew Easy Pinterest boards do come and join us. It's not just me, I have a whole team of the best sewing bloggers helping to find great content and keep those boards up to date with all the latest free sewing patterns and best sewing tutorials.

Today I'm focusing on Working with Knits. My board has 44 pins at the time of writing this, although I'm finding new resources and adding them all the time.  I find Pinterest really useful because:

  1. its a visual way to sort and organise things and so much easier to find what you are looking for when you can see pictures, better than regular browser bookmarks
  2. it reminds me of things I had forgotten all about when I browse back through my boards
  3. it actually is a great search engine too – search for what you are looking for and up come all the relevant pins and you can preview them before you even go to the article so in some ways I find it better than using Google search when I want to find a sewing tip or pattern

Here are some of my favorite pins on the Working with Knits board.  Take note of the number and the links are all listed underneath.  Give them some repins if you want to save them to your own boards, or follow along with this one.

My favorite pins for working with knits

Collection of pins all on the subject of Working with Knits - follow this Pinterest board for all the best tips on working with stretch fabrics

  1.  Seasoned Homemaker – all the essentials for sewing knits – PIN LINK
  2.  So Sew Easy – learn more about all the different types of knit fabric – PIN LINK
  3.  So Sew Easy – All about knit stay tape and why its great for sewing perfect knit garments – PIN LINK
  4.  Patchwork Posse – sewing with knits 101 – PIN LINK
  5.  Megan Neilsen – standard knit neckline binding – PIN LINK
  6.  Elegance and Elephants – explaining about percentage stretch – PIN LINK
  7.  Sewing with Knits – different types of knit fabrics – PIN LINK
  8.  Polka Dot Chair – just the basics and links to other articles – PIN LINK
  9.  Melly Sews – sew a binding on a v-neck t-shirt – PIN LINK
  10.  Colletterie – How to sew sweater knits – PIN LINK
  11. Serger Pepper – a collection of even more links for sewing knits with success – PIN LINK
  12. Serger Pepper – the correct stitches to use with knits so your stitches won't ‘pop' – PIN LINK

Check out all the other pins on the board here.

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2 Responses to Pinterest feature – Working with knits

  1. Joey Smith says:

    Hello i actually have actually the same problem 🙂

  2. Sewing Gracefully says:

    Deby, for a new sewer I am amazed at how quickly you have learned to do so much. You have certainly found at least one of your gifts! As I saw the headline to this section of your blog, I initially jumped over it and went on to the next section because I have not yet learned how to access material from Pintrest I have an account and have been out there 3-4 times and made a concerted effort to learn to use it, but I’m missing something. Granted I’m 61 and didn’t grow up with this to be able to learn it organically. However, I’m really pretty good on the computer and can usually help others because of my skill. This time I need the help. Would you do a blog on how to use Pintrest? I go out there and click on a photo, expecting to be taken to the origin or that post with the accompanying explanation. Sometimes nothing happens at all, and other times I’m just taken to a larger photo of the same small photo. Is that all it is? Is it just a bulletin board of photos? If so, what’s the fuss? I have to be missing somethings crucial. Please help.

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