Poppy skirt – easy elastic waist skirt

I enjoyed the last couple of skirts so much that my idea of elasticated waist skirts had changed – why not?  So I fancied a combination of the elasticated waist from my paper bag skirts, and the a-line pattern I had drawn up for the unfinished skirt (still unfinished).


So I drew up a basic pattern on some paper (probably a bit TOO basic) and cut out two pieces of fabric the same for the front and back of the skirt.  I sewed these up the sides, hemmed along the bottom, finished the top edge and then folded it over just over an inch, and sewed along the bottom leaving a small gap at one of the side seams.  Then I threaded through some 3/4 inch wide elastic for the waist and tried it on for fit.  I marked the elastic where I wanted it, and sewed the two ends together, then closed the gap in the bottom of the casing.  It was all done in about 30 minutes.


Easy elastic waist skirt

Hubby agreed to take my photos today, but as is usual this time of year, its pretty windy out so it was hard to get a good photo.  This is as good as it gets, and makes it look as though the skirt is way short and shows a lot of leg – that's the wind – honestly.


A basic gathered waist skirt – petty quick and cheap using another remnant costing about $4.  I liked how it was so soft and swirly too.  But it needed more.  Although I am actually a very shy person and don't like being the center of attention or even noticed most of the time, I also have a tendency to overdress or even WAY overdress, or have a liking for the theatrical.  So this skirt needed more.


Easy elastic waist skirt

At the same time I picked up this black remnant, I also brought home a large piece of fire-engine red satin.  I have no idea what I ever intended to do with this, but it was drawn to my theatrical side.  I'm sure I could never carry off a bright red satin dress, but we can all dream.  The color reminded me of poppies – I once visited some of the WW1 historical sites in France and red poppies still grow on the fields there and this fabric was idea for poppies.


There are lots of videos on Youtube for how to make flowers from satin, so I've just randomly picked one here in case you need to have a look.  I basically cut out some small circles, singed the edges using a candle and then put a few together and sewed through onto the skirt, trying to place them out fairly regularly.  I had a few black beads I added to the middle and this also served to hide the stitching too.


Easy elastic waist skirt

I loved it!  And when I wore it to work I found so many people asked me about it and it was a great way for a shy person to get talking about something they enjoy doing.  I wear this with a plain back top and Obi belt, but maybe one day I'll get the rest of that red satin out and make some kind of shiny top to match this skirt – maybe – one day………..


I made the belt myself too – a nice smart way to cover the elastic waist.  I really should do a tutorial on how to do it.  Anyone interested in an Obi belt tutorial or is the internet too full already?


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19 Responses to Poppy skirt – easy elastic waist skirt

  1. Ann Eckert says:

    The skirt looks great! I would love to learn how to make the obi belt. Thank you so much for all the patterns and tutorials, I’ve been sewing more than 40 years and still learn from you!

  2. Mary todnem says:

    Love it, and yes to the belt please!

  3. Pam says:

    The flowers are a fab addition to a great skirt!

  4. Rajlaxmi says:

    Love it! You look wonderful 🙂 I think I will have to try this one.

    Also, can you please post the obi belt tutorial? I find your instructions so easy to understand. Thanks! xx

  5. Kim says:

    Obi belt? YES, please!

  6. VERY cute! I think the poppies just *make* it .

  7. marigoldsloft says:

    So sweet, looks amazing!

    Thanks for sharing on Tutorial Thursdays.

  8. Janice says:

    The skirt is very cute and it looks comfy, too! I love the red flowers. Thanks for linking up with Sew Cute Tuesday:)

  9. Amy Stebbins says:

    cute!! So flirty and fun!!

  10. Betsy @ AnnaNimmity.com says:


  11. Oh for cute! I love poppies too. And I’m also with you on the red dress issue…I’m always dreaming of the perfect red dress. And wishing I could carry off red lipstick. Well done on this! Thanks for posting it.

  12. Bethany says:

    Turned out so cute! Love the flowers.

  13. Bonny @ thedomesticatedprincess.com says:

    Your skirt turned out really cute. I love the added flowers.

  14. Diana Rambles says:

    Very cute!

  15. Stitches says:

    Super cute! It came out great.

  16. Paula J says:

    So pretty Deby! Since you weren’t sure, Wordless Wednesday is when you share a photo on your blog (although you don’t really have to be wordless) and you can link up with others who are doing the same. I’m not going to delete your links…I’m not picky at all! I do however have a NO RULES Weekend Blog Party where you can link up anything you like. It usually opens Thursday afternoon and will be open all weekend.

    Hope to see you there 🙂

  17. Stephanie says:

    How pretty! Thanks for sharing! 🙂

  18. Jessica says:

    too cute

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