Handmade For You Printable Fabric Labels

Printable sheet of 'handmade' labels.  Print on fabric at home to create your own designer sewing labels.We've looked now at how to print your own fabric at home on your home printer over two earlier articles:

How to print on fabric at home – 4 different ways

Printing on fabric – washing and fading


So now we have the necessary knowledge and equipment on hand, we really ought to put that into practice.  I have an upcoming project for you I think you'll like, but before we get to that one, let's start with some labels you can print yourself.

Print your own sewing labels

If you sew for gifts, or sew for sale, then it's really nice to include a label in your completed project to show that it was handmade.  We put a lot of care, hard work and love into the things we sew and should be proud of what we make.

So I've made up a page of ‘Handmade for you' labels that you can print at home on fabric and sew into your projects.  Fun right!

The page has 12 labels, 2 each of 6 different sewing designs.  For best results, print them using the pre-treated fabric sheets such as these by June Tailor.  They are quite expensive, but my testing shows they are worth investing in for ease of use, nice crisp and bright printing and a washable result.  You can buy as few as 3 sheets in a pack, although they are cheaper per sheet in the bigger packs.

(Amazon US here and UK here.) 

How to print on fabric at home. 4 different methods and products tested and reviewed.

How to use your labels

Print your labels onto the colorfast fabric pre-treated sheets.  Leave the ink to dry for 10 minutes then ‘set' the ink by ironing for 2 minutes.  Now your labels are ready to use.

Cut your chosen label from the sheet, and remove the backing paper.

Use labels 1

Now you can either trim the sides to whatever size you want and sew in the label with a small zig-zag stitch around the edges, or you can fold under the raw edges to the back and press neatly before sewing in at the edges with a straight stitch.



Make a neater job than I did here!  I was only sewing this on to test its ‘wash-ability' so didn't take too much care with my stitching.  Take time to fold under the unprinted edges evenly and sew close to the fold for a neat finish.


I think these look very nice and add that little finishing touch to what you made.  My bags will be getting these on the pockets going forward.  Like my ‘designer' label 😉

Download the Handmade Printable Fabric Labels

Something a bit different this time.  I'm offering these labels on a ‘pay what they are worth to you' basis.  I don't want anyone to miss out, so if funds for sewing are tight, and you could earn a little money from selling what you sew and using these labels in your products, you can download them for free, with my compliments.

If these are of value to you and you can contribute a couple of dollars towards the cost of getting these designed for us, that's lovely too.  Pay what you can afford.  Just enter a price and check out.  I'll be very grateful.

Now print, sew and enjoy!

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Download the 'Handmade' Printable Fabric Labels

This is a 'pay what you can afford' download.  Choose your price - anywhere from $0.00 upwards.  Free downloads are fine - I won't come hunt you down or think badly of you!

Print, sew and enjoy using these labels in your handmade projects.

Coming up next in our printing on fabric series

You've already seen some sneak peaks along the way of the next project I have planned for us based on a vintage envelope.  I'm looking forward to sharing that with you next week.


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  1. BJ Anderson says:

    Thank you very much!

  2. ruth says:

    Thank you so much, I love these!!

  3. Denise says:

    thank you i really appreciated this.

  4. Ann says:

    Thank you so much!! I would have paid for them – but there was no place to add an amount!

  5. Teresa Null says:

    i think it is wonderful.. i have always wanted a sewing machine to learn to use.. i have so many things i want to learn how to make..thank you for they give away..

  6. Milena says:

    I got these.. thank you! They are awesome. Can we use them on items we sew to sell?

  7. Lillian Machado says:

    i think they are cute I will buy the sheets first then I will be back

  8. Лариса says:

    Deby thanks!
    Printed fabric labels beautiful

  9. Debbie How says:

    Hi Deby: I just discovered your blog and subcribed immediately. Being a new (self-taught) sewer, I fell in love with some of your patterns and ideas. Will be checking you out regularly. Have a wonderful day!

    Debbie : )

  10. Agnes says:

    these are lovely Deby thanks

  11. Nicole Huennekens says:

    These look great Deby! I have a couple of questions before I click “BUY”… what’s the file format, is the document editable, and can I change what the writing says?

    • The file format is a PDF, no the document isn’t editable so you can’t change it on the original. They came as a JPG, so an image. However, you could open it in an image software (such as the free PicMonkey), erase the text and then add in your own instead, then you can change up the wording to whatever you like.

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