And the Queen of Button Collections is…

button collectionsA couple of weeks ago, we ran a contest as part of our article which was all about buttons and how to choose the right button for the right project.  Most sewists understand the importance of having the right button for the job –whether the requirement is for the physical size and shape to close a garment opening effectively or to match an existing set of buttons.   To be properly prepared for any, if not all requirements, many sewists maintain large button collections often with elaborate organizational processes.

at the button of things

The contest was to share a photo of your stash of buttons and we were going to select the most impressive button collection from amongst the entrants.  However, we were really overwhelmed by the responses and we have been unable to select a single winner.  While I have a huge collection of buttons, I had no idea that other sewists could have such impressive hoards!  So we're going to be selecting FIVE winners for this contest.  Congratulations to the winners and please have a look at their sizeable button collections below:

button collections

Patrya is clearly a very organised person.  She keeps her collection of both new and used buttons in containers that make all the buttons clearly visible.  She's also done a fantastic photo collage!  Thanks Patrya.


Glynda seems to use the color separation method as her primary sorting method.  All the buttons are wisely kept in clear glass jars so they can easily be seen and selected for the appropriate sewing project.  Nice work Glynda.


Carmen has such a large button collection that we could barely fit the photo in the article.  She uses a plastic chest of drawers to store and organise her vast hoard.  Clearly you can put away a large number of buttons with this method.  Good stuff Carmen.


Samone keeps her button collection in clear plastic bags and separated by color and function.  This would make it very easy to sort through each set of buttons without actually taking them out of the bags.  Great technique Samone.


Last, but certainly not least, Tammy does it the way my mother did.  She seems to keep large jars of buttons and probably has to pull them all out and search through them all for just the right button.  This was really a highlight for me when I was young which I wrote about in the previous article, so hopefully Tammy has a young helper who she can pass on the same wonderful experience.  Thanks for sharing Tammy.

The winners will be receiving a free entry into our popular Conference Tote Bag Pattern Sew-Along.  We have had nearly 2,000 students through the course since is was launched and we're sure the five winners will enjoy the prize.  If you have others great ideas about button collections and storage, please let us know in the comments below!


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Marcia G
Marcia G

Love all the ideas & buttons too. I keep mine in a case like Patrya separated by color & bigger ones in a plastic 3 drawer case along with my zippers & buckles.
Congrats to all the winners.

Kathy Phillips
Kathy Phillips

I have a large pegboard that holds my buttons.

Jackie Bartz
Jackie Bartz

I, also, keep my buttons in a jar, but to make finding “sets” easier I tie them all together with thread. Much easier to see if you have enough of a particular button for your project.

Sheila Perl
Sheila Perl

I love buttons, I store mine in jars according to colour, in jars that I haven’t sorted yet, in plastic boxes, in ziplock bags, in plastic boxes still on their cards–LoL!!
I’ve never met a button I didn’t like 🙂
I enjoyed seeing how other people store their button collection!

Glynda Meyerholtz
Glynda Meyerholtz

Thrilled to be a winner! Enjoyed seeing others’ collections. I also have a quart mason jar full of mother of pearl buttons, and a Whitman’s tin of packaged novelty buttons.


Thanks ladies! I love all the creative ways everyone came up with. I keep mine in Ziploc type plastic bags because I don’t have a large area for all my sewing stuff. Keeping it neat and in a small space is key. I keep them all in a clear plastic box the size of a shoe box.
Thank you again!!

Carmen N

You thought you had a tough time with the picture in the drawers? I was wondering how I was going to take a picture of my extensive stash LOL! I love the buttons in jars idea, but I love having mine organized by color in each drawer. It makes it very easy to find a button I need because often color is the first consideration. The one exception is if there are sets of buttons – like the daisies and ladybugs; they go into their own drawer.

Sew'l Sista

Thanks so much Mayra, it was a pleasant surprise when I opened this post and saw my button collection. Thanks for having the contest, it allowed me to see other ways I can store my buttons.