Quick Update: Free Bluprint Extended Until April 16th

I just wanted to update readers to let you know that Bluprint extended its special offer to view all of over 1,300 of their online classes absolutely free for another week now until 16 April.

Please keep in mind that this special only applies to video classes.  You'll get to view the entire class, of course, but those classes that have mail-out materials like printed patterns and the like are not included.

A couple of you have asked why we inform our readers of these specials particularly from Bluprint, formerly know as Craftsy.  As you'll know, we very rarely promote commercial opportunities on our site.  We don't do paid product reviews like some other sites and all our opinions are 100% our own.  Most of our content and patterns are absolutely free to everyone.  However, we do host some advertising as you'll see but this is necessary to keep the lights on, so-to-speak.

There are certainly other sources of online courses like Creativebug and CreativeLive, which are worth a look if you're in the market for online courses, but over the years, our readers have preferred Craftsy and Bluprint by perhaps a factor of 100:1 –so we really think the product is worth promoting.

Finally, for complete transparency, during specials like this, if you check out the Bluprint product for free, we will earn a small commission that will help support our site.  It costs you nothing at all and Bluprint pay this because they are confident you will like their product so much that you will subscribe in the long term.  This, of course, is completely up to you and is a super-easy way to help us out without spending a dime yourself.

If you don't have a Bluprint account yet, you'll have to create one but they won't ask for a credit card and you won't have to cancel anything at the end of the promotion, so there's absolutely nothing to lose.

If you're one of the few readers not familiar with Craftsy or Bluprint, now is absolutely the best time to check it out completely for FREE.  Why not have a look?

Click HERE to Get This Special Offer

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10 Responses to Quick Update: Free Bluprint Extended Until April 16th

  1. Jennifer Maddock says:

    I’m really happy to know about the Bluprint classes and I’m glad you get a small commission. Thanks for all you do.

  2. Marlene says:

    All I get are previews. Never works for me.

  3. Helen says:

    Blueprint keeps asking me for my credit card info

  4. deb says:

    I used to belong to Craftsy, and it switched mid year to Blueprint. I joined at that time using prepaid Visa. Today I tried to rejoin, again with a prepaid Visa. I was not able to do so, as apparently Blueprint does not accept this as payment. I am very disappointed, and will not be joining, as I do not care to put credit card information on line.

  5. Audrey says:

    I think it’s wonderful to have all these classes to watch and keep us entertained and learning during this difficult time. I learned so much. I got a membership so I could download the recipes and patterns and started baking. So many recipes to choose from. So many quilts inspiring me to get back to sewing and quilting! Thank you!

  6. Marilene says:

    I’ve been doing some classes and I love them!! Really recommend the site and the qualities of the classes. Wish they could do for free for longer. Thanks for the recommendation!!

  7. Tanya Q says:

    Count me in too. I love what you guys do!

  8. Barbara Bonner says:

    I hadn’t planned to have a look at this but I will if it helps you out. Too much on my plate at the moment. I really appreciate your candor about how the commission works. I always wondered about this. Since I don’t have to give them my ccard and it cancels automatically, why not.. Thanks for all you do. Love your site.

    • So Sew Easy says:

      Thanks Barbara. Much appreciated. It would be great if you let other readers know back here in the comments about how you like Bluprint.

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