R.I.P. Craftsy, Now Bluprint Closes Doors Forever

RIP BluprintWell, it's finally happened.  First, it was Craftsy, now Bluprint.  Formally known as Craftsy, Bluprint has closed its doors forever.

My husband told me this would likely happen and he's often right about these sorts of things.  Back in 2017, our beloved Craftsy was bought by media behemoth, NBC Universal Cable Entertainment, which is in turn owned by media goliath, Comcast –one of the five groups that control pretty much everything you see, hear, and read in the US.  According to my husband, giant corporate cultures don't often mix with and support small, early-stage creative companies like Craftsy had been.  Unfortunately, he was right..

Prior to the acquisition, Craftsy had been a terrific platform that allowed independent creators such as ourselves to distribute patterns both paid and free.  The focus of the site was purely crafts and mainly sewing which was terrific.  They produced high-quality instructional videos and classes and these often complimented and even supported patterns posted by independent creators.  There was a great sense of community, everyone knew everyone, and Craftsy grew from nothing to a pretty large platform.

After the NBCUniversal acquisition, Craftsy quickly began to change.  They started to add non-craft-related content such as gardening and woodworking –which are great pastimes too but the focus went away from sewing in this attempt to appeal to this broader audience.  Because of this new, wider focus, the color scheme for the site changed from a lively pink and pastel format to something obviously conceived by a corporate committee.. dark blue and black.. if you can believe it, presumably to be more neutral.  At the same time, staff numbers at Bluprint climbed to something like 130 which is hard to sustain from a website.

Again to support this move away from solely a “craft” focus, they changed the name from the catchy “Craftsy” to a misspelled Blueprint or Bluprint which didn't' help much with name recognition among loyal Craftsy readers and viewers.

RIP Bluprint

However, the real death of the platform started in 2018 when they tried to force everyone onto monthly subscriptions.  Prior to that, the site had been extremely popular since, users could buy individual classes on a topic or project that interested them and supposedly own that class forever with nothing else to pay.  The new Bluprint model was to try to get users to pay each and every month for access to the service.  You can obviously see why they would prefer this, but users absolutely hated it and traffic to the site dropped rapidly.

Bluprint eventually saw the light and relented in this push to subscriptions only by again allowing the “buy and own forever” model but the damage was done.

The decline of the service was further accelerated when for some reason, they stopped independent creators such as ourselves from being able to post new patterns on the site.  Prior to that, we had been sending 10s of thousands of potential users to the site on a monthly basis and this all went to pretty much zero.

In any case, going forward we will be moving the few patterns we were still hosting on Bluprint over to our page on Payhip.  One of the nice things about the Payhip platform is it allows us to distribute free sewing patterns, which we always love to do, while offering the option to contribute something for the pattern.  Basically, you can choose your own price, which we think is great.

I'd ask for our readers patience as we do this.  It will take us a couple of days and we will keep everyone informed of our progress.

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211 Responses to R.I.P. Craftsy, Now Bluprint Closes Doors Forever

  1. J says:

    I dont live in the us but could access the craftsy platform, I bought some classes and was very satisfied.When it became bluprint It no longer catered for international crafters like my self whereas craftsy did.

  2. Sue Cutter says:

    I’ve just sent a couple of coffees along with a comment, and purchased some patterns. If I may make a suggestion: Personally, I would appreciate a small blurb about the fabric types suggested before I buy, a short paragraph that you would see on the back of a pattern in a store.

    • Mayra Cecilia says:

      Hi Sue, first of all, thank you for Ko.fi y does help enormously to mitigate the 5K bill that it is to run this blog.
      I always make a suggestion on fabrics, under the heading “fabrics suggestions from fabric.com”, must people take it as advertizing but I use it to illustrate the types of fabrics the pattern can be used on. Please look out for it next time I publish an article you don’t have to buy but the fabrics have descriptions that are so valuable and are better done than I could possibly do myself. Thank you for you feedback and your support!

  3. Inge Scully says:

    Is Creativebug the same as the old Craftsy?

  4. Jolene K Otter says:

    I got my money’s worth from an annual membership to Bluprint, but only because I binged watched classes since I had an injury and surgery of my shoulder. Sitting at the sewing machine and trying to sew with one hand was not an option. But other than that, watching lasses took time away from sewing and quilting. When the news broke that Bluprint was calling it quits one person, who was an attorney, was contacting her state’s attorney general to make a complaint and encouraged every member to do the same. Unfortunately, Covid and the scammers trying to take advantage of citizens has kept many attorneys general busy. I am going to make a complaint to the Federal Trade Commission.

  5. Jocelyn Ozan says:

    I just started sewing and just signed up for my membership, I mean just last month; so I am very disappointed to hear about all of this bad news. Bummer!

    • Cynthia Siskin says:

      Thanks for the info. I will try the internet download program. VDH extension on Chrome created a video with severe audio issues for both me and a friend. Fingers crossed this works.

  6. Marilyn Larkin says:

    Corporate raiders are the scourge of our so called free economy. It is not a free economy when the big end of town raids the little ones then takes what it can before trashing it forever more. The original developers of Craftsy would be so very sad, because I expect they signed a contract preventing them from starting up anything remotely similar for years to come. What can be done? Boycotting simply signed the death knell. I too have paid for programs. But refuse to visit the Bluprint site. A free economy no longer exists because small ‘cottage’ industries are overwhelmed by bullying and promises of gallons of money. The only way I think of to try to beat them is to support small websites who publish their own patterns – sometimes for free – thank-you: and who go the enormous trouble to put their ideas and videos on You tube. This is where I go now, and where I will always go, to support the global network of individuals who are trying to help us and make an honest living for themselves. What happened to draining the swamp? that didn’t happen, it just stinks even worse than before.

    • Jo Ann Kugle says:

      What does “draining the swamp” have to do with this.. Getting political will not be overlooked by me!

  7. d says:

    I never did join that craft site, and so happy I didn’t. Never really liked their style, so not really much of a loss. Don’t know if they did anything well or not… suspect there are other sites that can do it better. Of course, the American Way is to make a profit of everything they do… so shall see.

    Won’t miss them at all!

  8. Kelsey says:

    I really get frustrated with the “corporate” take overs of small businesses…grrrrr…
    I’m now sold on American Made only, china can suck it.
    I liked craftsy, I didn’t use it often but when I did I really appreciated it!
    thanks for being here!!!

  9. Francine Epstein says:

    NBC needs to communicate more with their customers. With more than three-million customers world wide, you would think NBC would like to keep those customers happy. I received one email from Bluprint the day after they closed their shop; I checked my junk files and I did not receive any other notice from them. Many users have stated they did not recieve any notices at all. I had purchased 273 classes, 169 patterns, & two class kits via Craftsy & two Great Courses via Bluprint [note: Great Courses are apparently excluded forever classes]; I believed I would own those classes forever; many of the classes I purchased, I purchased on sale and have not even viewed them yet,

    I was never happy with Bluprint in agreement with, most original Craftsy customers, after they bought Craftsy out; however, I did subscribe to Bluprint for more than a year and a half, in hopes Bluprint would go back to the original model. Perhaps, NBC only purchased Craftsy in order to eliminate the three-million-three-thousand-seventy-one Craftsy Viewers from their competition.

    Moreover, I just wasted $53.00 by purchasing a piece of software that is supposed to allow you download video streams; did not work for me…

    Unless, NBC-Bluprint follows through in some manner of permitting their customers to preserve & download the class & class material’s their customers purchased as agreed upon FOREVER; this user will never view or purchase another item from another NBC affiliate again! Furthermore, I expect many original Craftsy/Bluprint Consumers feel just the same…

    Well, it’s finally happened. First, it was Craftsy, now Bluprint. Formally known as Craftsy, Bluprint has closed its doors forever. My husband told me this would likely happen and he’s often right about these sorts of things. Back in 2017, our beloved Craftsy was bought by media behemoth, NBC Univer…

    • Marie Harriman says:

      If you have a PC, you can use Internet download manager (www.internetdownloadmanager.com), which has a free 30-day trial, so you don’t even have to purchase it. I downloaded all 40+ of my classes, even the free ones that I had. It is easy to use once you’ve installed it. Just start the first video playing, pause it after a second or two, and press the on-screen menu to download. Select download all, and it will download all of the segments of that class. And, you are done! It takes about a minute to download a class. Don’t forget to download all the resources associated with that class!

    • GloriaAnn Curwin says:

      Need a class action suit. We were scammed pure and simple

  10. Gene says:

    If so many of us would like to see another platform like craftsy, and I am one of them, why don’t a group of us get together and just do it? Any web developers out there reading this? Let’s go for it!

  11. Mikketrien says:

    For those of you who have too many classes to download to your phone or tablet, I recommend buying a video editing software that has a screen recording option. I bought “Filmora 9” for $44 incl tax (not sponsored). This allows you to record your videos while you are playing them on screen and to download the recordings onto your computer. The screen recording itself is very easy to do. This youtube video explains it well: https://youtu.be/yjlyvvCOaMc (also not sponsored).

    There are a couple of downsides to this method 1) you have to pay $44 to download the videos you technically already own 2) the software records what is on your screen at any given moment so you can only record classes when you don’t need your computer for work or personal use 3) the recording picks up background noises from your household (TV, radio, kids, etc.) 4) depending on your internet speed, downloading the video onto your computer takes about 30-50% of the length of the recording but at least you can do this while using your computer for other purposes.

    I need my laptop for work so here is what I do: I’ve made a list of all classes that I absolutely want to have forever. I wrote down the length of each class and then determined which ones I want to record each night. Now you can just record one per night but if you’re crazy like me, you can record several per night. In that case, you have to set your alarm so you can stop the previous recording and start a new one. If you do record one per night, the software allows you to cut off the part where you were just recording a black screen (https://youtu.be/h8crO4O-Nf8). Bear in mind that you have to keep your volume on (I have it on 12 out of 100) otherwise the recording will not pick up any sound.

    One note: I THINK it’s legally ok to record the class that you own (like recording a movie or a song for personal use) but you definitely are not allowed to sell your recordings (Copyright Infringement).

    Tip: No matter what, I encourage you to download all class materials as soon as possible because at least those you can save to your computer.

  12. Amy says:

    As soon as I heard that Bluprint was closing, I went and downloaded all the patterns I had purchased, a lesson I learned the hard way when some online publishers went under with no notice to their customers. I had only purchased one class from Craftsy, and while I do not want to lose it, I’m fortunate not to have a lot of money invested. I feel so bad for those of you who have hundreds of dollars tied up in their videos. I hope Bluprint’s promise to give access holds true. When Craftsy morphed to Bluprint and then to a subscription service, I said “no way” and walked away. Unfortunately, this debacle will probably discourage quilters/sewers from using other online resources that charge for their services.

  13. Sharon says:

    It was never the same after Bluprint took over. Like so many of you, I have classes and patterns that were to be there FOREVER. When announcing they were going to be closing, they SHOULD HAVE given enough notice and instructed on how we could download and preserve the classes and patterns we had in our library. Another example where the consumer is the loser and the big corporation takes…

  14. Paty M. says:

    The only way I come to download my “keep forever classes” on PC was:

    – (1) INSTALL OBS (open broadcast software FREE),
    – (2) LEARN to use it with some youtube video, PRACTICE RECORDING anything,
    – (3) make space available on your PC or Mac and navigate with your webbrowser until your Bluprint Library.
    – (4) Start RECORDING your screen with OBS and WHILE PLAYing your video class. STOP the recording after each class or each chapter, as desired.
    – DONT FORGET to download the class resources.

    Notes: You could adjust the playing speed to 2x and mute your pc sound so it would not annoy you and you could finish faster. Just remember to STOP the recording :p when done.
    When you watch them later just adjust the speed at 0.5x 🙂

    CHECK your FREE SPACE, you could save your recorded classes on DVD or to a external drive.

    Hope it helps.

  15. Kathy Zawacki says:

    Don’t wait for Bluprint to send you a dvd of your classes. They won’t. That would be so labor intensive. Start searching “Saving my craftsy/bluprint classes” or similar topic. I did figure out how to use their convoluted method using my phone. There is a trick to this method. You must close the bluprint app on your phone as soon as the download starts. This interupts the code that encrypts the file when it finishes. That is why people can’t see the file in the download folder of their phone. I also had an issue that I could only do one lesson then I had to transfer it to my computer. It was overwriting the file. Now different operating systems on your phone and different models may work differently.

    But I switched over to a chrome extension method and could (if I wanted to) download every class whether I owned it or not.

  16. pattywagn says:

    I am sure this has been asked but I paid for a lot of expensive classes, are these going to be placed on a DVD for us? It would seem that if some company had bought out Craftsy and Bluprint they would have to do this.

  17. Janice Briese says:

    Its so sad that a big company takes everything from the little guy and then viewers in return. but, the good people will prevail. I will support you when ever I can. Thank you

  18. Cindy says:

    I am hoping they can talk to Annie’s or iQuilt and have our own forever classes moved to their platform

  19. m schwenck says:

    It was definitely a case of people who have no familiarity with people who craft & create taking over and trying to shoehorn Craftsy into a model that works for other types of businesses.. If they had gone with the subscription model, and left *everything* else alone as much as possible it would probably be OK.
    When I saw the big FREE push during the pandemic, I thought it was a last gasp because they were going under.

  20. Carole says:

    I am so frustrated. I have 199 classes in my library, most of them I had paid for and a few were free classes added to my Craftsy library during the good old days.I don’t know what’s going to happen with this. I feel I’ve been had and I am losing around 4000$ of my hard earned money. I saw on their website that we can download classes with the Bluprint app but I really don’t want to download all my classes lesson by lesson. This is crazy. There should be a lawsuit from all the members. I think Bluprint should be the ones sending us our classes on DVD; maybe not the free classes but surely the ones we paid for.

    • Paulette Kirkey says:

      See my comment below about downloading Craftsy libraries. I think patterns still must be downloaded individually.

    • thread50 says:

      I also have over 20 paid for “forever” class videos and Bluprint says they will get back to us on how to save them, but so far, no help from them. I also agree that they should be held accountable for selling things and then taking them away after they have received payment.

    • Agree! I have way too many to do this piece by piece.

    • Lise Duclos says:

      I’m with you. I am still waiting to hear from them on how our paid for forever classes are suppose to be able to be accessed any time we want. Big rip off.

    • Gwen McGinnis says:

      I had no problem googling bluprint, logging in and finding my 98 classes I have paid for forever

    • Sara says:

      I totally agree!
      I paid for a lot of classes, and I don’t want to lose them.
      I’d at least like to have them downloaded on my computer.

      • Sara says:

        Also since reviving the notice that they’re closing, I have not been able to download or play any of my classes

    • Stella says:

      I’ve been thinking the same thing! I paid for classes that were supposed to be available to us “FOREVER”, which is why i paid for them . . . they should provide a DVD

  21. MmsyWmsy says:

    Thank you for taking the time to explain what is going on – nicely done.

  22. Beryl Dennett Stannard says:

    Really disappointed that Bluprint fails to respond to my email as I had just paid my yearly subscription! Somehow, I doubt a refund will happen.

    • Sue says:

      I did too! I have sent 2 emails to them thus far. I haven’t had any response at all. We All May have to file a lawsuit against them to have our classes back. I got on the other day & I can still see my classes & instructors. I Was viewing one of them!

    • fibervicki says:

      I paid with my Discover card right before their announcement. So I called Discover and am now disputing the charge since I didn’t get any classes yet. I also cancelled my membership. If you paid by credit card, call that company.

    • Daryl 'Deedee' Reese says:

      did you pay by credit card? If so you might be able to get that pulled back, due to failure to receive services. Try your card.

    • Janice Sprague says:

      Beryl Dennett Stannard did you pay with credit card? I too, had just paid my yearly fee. I contacted Discover and they immediately removed from my billing and they will check it out. This is something most credit card companies do, free of charge. They ask a couple of questions and they go from there. It will be easy enough to see what happened to us as it is on media. Paypal also provides this service.

  23. Nausheen says:

    I also heard that Blueprint paid designers horribly for online classes so there wasn’t much incentive for them to continue producing new content. I noticed that people like Susan Khalje posted new videos on their own site but did not produce for Blueprint anymore. This really made me mad, and I stopped going to the Blueprint site altogether. I hope someone will start a new platform where designers are compensated properly for their work and there is more respect for the sewing community. And the site should be owned independently not given to corporate greed.

    • Pamela J. Hilty says:

      For the lady that just paid for her yearly access, how about putting your payment in Dispute with the Credit Card Company? Just a thought. I wanted to join so many times but something in the back of my head said “no” don’t. I liked Craftsy. Wishing you all Happy Sewing.

  24. Kelly says:

    I’ve always said cooperate is not the way to go. Yes they have big bucks but, anything priceless that’s already built don’t need help from them. As a consumer I would have helped by buying more classes and telling more ppl about Craftsy. Again cooperate touches they will destroy. I hope Craftsy roses to the top again.

  25. B says:

    I knew since the very beginning that it was going to fail. The business model was awful from the get go as it really in its presentation form was downright uninviting/uninspiring. Whenever I read here that they were not allowing you to do the usual things you as creators used to do with your patterns, I knew it was going to bomb. I felt sad for you guys because the way of operating basically meant that you as content creators were curtailed from doing anything new. I felt they were just taking advantage of you guys who are so awesome and the same for other content creators. I am glad that you have moved to another platform. I am not sure about it but I have heard of other content creators who have moved to Patreon another platform. Many things in there seem to work more fairly than elsewhere. Check it out and see if in the foreseeable future, this might also work too for you guys. It would be great if you could make live videos and teach at the same time. Is just an idea. I am glad I will not have anymore Bluprint advertisement and pushing their model in my junk mail folder (giggles).

  26. VickieP says:

    Does anyone know the name of a video downloader that actually works with the BluPrint website? I’ve added several different extensions to my Chrome browser and none of them can find the videos or the download is nothing but the code in text format. Like many of you, I have a good number of classes (40+) I have purchased or collected by Own Forever Credits and I would love to keep them but not sure that the giant corporation is truly going to make that happen. Would love some help from the techies out there! 🙂

    • Paulette Kirkey says:

      I got this on Facebook from Susan Guagliumi, my favourite Craftsy instructor. I can’t yet attest to its efficacy nor ease of use but some people have reported success at downloading their library. There does not appear to be a quick and easy fix. I have around 100 classes to deal with at the height of gardening season. I am not happy about this. You would think the smart guys at NBC would have been able to come up with a better solution other than leaving us to fend for ourselves. Regardless, I’m giving this a whirl.

    • Kathy Zawacki says:

      I used VideoDownloadHelper. This is a chrome extension. There are many. I asked a trusted computer professional for a recommendation and VideoDownloadHelper is what he recommended. You still have to download lesson by lesson but you can do it on your computer. You start a video and then click an icon on your google tool bar. It notifies you when it finishes. I went back and prefixed each name with a L1, L2 etc then moved them to a folder I created along with any resource materials. The free chrome extension only allows 1 download every 2 hours. for .99 you can purchase a month with unlimited downloads. I finally did that. Just make sure to cancel after you are done or you will get changed 99 cents each month. There are also extensions for FireFox if that is your browser.

      The only drawback to using chrome is you can’t use it for Youtube videos. You can you Firefox and an appropriate extension though.

    • Joanne Maner says:

      I use Internet download manager. It links to your browser and works with Bluprint as well as many others. I use it for youtube as well. It is a stand alone program. I use Firefox but it probably works with Chrome as well. Hope this helps. 🙂

    • sewsable says:

      I used Internet Download Manager’s free trial which you get for 30 days. It does have a very annoying pop up that turns up regularly to try to get you to buy it, but it worked and I now have my 144 classes downloaded onto a removable HDD for just in case they don’t come through with their promises of a way to keep all our paid for forever classes. I’m now working out how to convert the files into a format that I can play on my blu-ray. It was a bit of a pain to do, all the files in each class wanted to use the same name so I had to do them individually and I did them at highest quality so I took more time than necessary, but it was worth it as we have a decent connection with unlimited data. I was using Chrome and downloaded it via the Cnet download site, being careful to make sure that no other programs were downloaded with it (they’re notorious for having little tick boxes for extra downloads that you don’t actually want).

    • Charlene says:

      You need video capture software. Here are several options.

      1. Desktop or gaming laptop – You have 2 options, Radeon or NVIDIA video cards. Video on motherboard will not work except on gaming laptop. I know separate cards have a “Game” mode as some gamers like to record their sessions. You will choose this option from the video card software menu and follow the instructions.

      I checked my laptop and the built in video did not give me the option to record, only play back unless using the Xbox Game Bar and this is only on Windows 10.

      2. Windows 10 – Has a built in video recorder named Xbox Game Bar. Here are the instructions. https://www.laptopmag.com/articles/how-to-video-screen-capture-windows-10

      You can adjust capture settings under Settings–>Gaming–>Captures

      Make sure to turn the microphone as it will pick up background noise and cause an echo.

      Tried the Xbox option and it worked great. It is simple to use and would record each episode in its entirety. You may want to practice first.

      Not sure how much room this will take on your hard drive so you may want to get an external drive to store them.

      Hope this helps.

      • Adloona says:

        Thanks a million for your excellent information! Number 2 worked great for me. What a load of my mind, knowing I have some of this valuable information again at my finger tips. My laptop has plenty of ram memory and a NIVIDIA card.

    • VickieP says:

      Thank you Ladies!!! I put IDM in my extensions but it didn’t want to work so I did
      some checking and had to “Allow Access to URLs”. Once I did that it worked like a charm. One class down – 46 to go. 🙂

    • Charlene says:

      If you have Windows 10 use the built in Xbox Game Bar.

  27. desidear says:

    I differ and actually liked the monthly subscription idea. I am not a video “hoarder” and often once watched all the way through and maybe a re-run or two of a technique is sufficient. I also found the opportunity to view before purchase was helpful. There were some great ideas; but, the instructors were, to put it diplomatically, not video material. The first clarion call to the reality of the new ownership’s outlook from most quilters was how they attempted to change the format of the Midnight Quilter show. Angela Walters is LOVED and her style is both unique and very engaging. Her fans objected . . . loudly and by boycotting the show. When a attempt to fix something that ‘aint’ broke” this is indicative of something very much amiss at the management level. The next mis-step was screwing over their Craftsy subscribers by raising the monthly rate and then offering sweetheart deals to bring in new subscribers. Even when the original Craftsy subscribers complained, Bluprint wouldn’t deal. The subscribes left in droves. You are right about them “finding” a way to give free access to “owners” of “forever classes.” Even I, with limited video knowledge could tell them how to easily do it.

    • Alison Toni says:

      I agree, I liked the subscription model too. I took up hand embroidery as a result!
      I will miss Craftsy/Bluprint. It was my Netflix!

    • CJax says:

      Hi Desidear, Could you or anyone else who has actually downloaded their “forever classes” please explain to those of us who are not as computer knowledgeable? It would be most appreciated. Thanks in advance, CJax

  28. Susan Ellis says:

    I’m sorry this has happened to you and other wonderful creators and artists just like you. I too saw it coming when Craftsy disappearsed. But you have taught me so much and I am so grateful for your wisdom, newsletters and tidbits. The patterns I will willingly pay for as needed. Carry on, sweet leader!❤️

  29. Michelle says:

    I missed Craftsy when Bluprint took over, I had computer issues with Bluprint and had to finally break down and go buy a new computer to watch my forever classes. I have 139 classes and will be truly disappointed if I lose access to them. I cannot download the classes from a normal pc and when I try to download them on my phone it takes up way to much space. I pray they will come up with something, I stay home 90% of the time and this has allowed me to keep my mind and hands busy. If anyone hears if they have found a way for us to download or access our classes please let me know. Thank you!

  30. Sherry says:

    I was one who took the annual subscription when it first cam out. I never got to use 8 coupons. I loved Craftsy and used it a lot but when the format changed I found it very awkward to find my way around the site. Craftsy was very user friendly and will have missed it while trying to maneuver Bluprint. I am sorry to have lost my classes as I did use many of them frequently and was just starting with embroidery ones.
    Lesson learned..

  31. DebV says:

    I know what Wanda is saying. I had just paid the $99 fee and was having trouble finding classes I wanted to keep. There was only 2 days of notice on buying courses so I crammed and found all but 1. So disappointed. Now how to I get them? Plus the ones that I had from Craftsy. Shouldn’t they had this figured out before they decided to shut down? So many of the “new” courses were boring and after 1 watch I had what I wanted from them. I hope someone will start up a Craftsy-like site again. I am having trouble understanding Payhip seems more dedicated to the stores than the shoppers. Hopefully after all have moved there it will become easier to use.

  32. fran renzi says:

    how do we downloads the classes we already bought?

    • Paty M. says:

      The only way I come to download my “keep forever classes” on PC was
      – (1) INSTALL OBS (open broadcast software FREE),
      – (2) LEARN to use it with some youtube video, PRACTICE RECORDING anything,
      – (3) make space available on your PC or Mac and navigate with your webbrowser until your Bluprint Library.
      – (4) Start RECORDING your screen with OBS and WHILE PLAYing your video class. STOP the recording after each class or each chapter, as desired.
      – DONT FORGET to download the class resources.

      Notes: You could adjust the playing speed to 2x and mute your pc sound so it would not annoy you and you could finish faster. Just remember to STOP the recording :p when done.
      When you watch them later just adjust the speed at 0.5x 🙂

      CHECK your FREE SPACE, you could save your recorded classes on DVD or to a external drive.

      Hope it helps.

  33. kittst says:

    I am disgusted with this company that bought out Craftsy! I had 75 online classes in the forever class and just like that! They are gone! Just go to show, NOTHING is forever! The only long term is however long the company lasts. When they sell out it, all the money you paid for these classes are gone. Some of them I hadn’t even watched yet because I didn’t have time. It was hard enough for us seasoned sewing craft to get the younger generation into this, now you have taken that away too. Corporate giants stink!!!

  34. Dolores Kaeser says:

    Unfortunately, it’s all about money! I, too, am hoping that a sewing company of some sort can pick up and continue on. There are so many of us that love and benefit from what Craftsy offered. I am grateful to “Megan” for letting us know about the add-on. I use Firefox and was able to find and add the add-on very quickly. It’s nice that all of us can share here on your site, Mayra. I love what you offer, and I will continue to buy you a Ko-Fi now and then. Small price to pay for all you do.

  35. sunsetlinda says:

    The changes in culture of the site were apparent immediately and I did not like it. Plus they had little new to offer in the way of classes or supplies and became more interested in pushing their TV series of shows. I was disgusted with it and did not plan to renew again (I had an annual membership). I have requested a refund…guess we’ll see!

  36. James says:

    I succumbed to Bluprint’s hype and became a premium annual member this past year, I really haven’t realized that much value from that effort. I’m sorry to see it go away, but I mucy preferred Craftsy. Corporate bosses tend to ruin most good things. Maybe someone else will step up and create another vehicle for our use. Thank you for making your works available for us.

  37. IJ says:

    I left craftsy/bluprint never to return when they closed my seller account … didnt even buy or download off them after that. I’ve even closed my Etsy as well as I dont like the now advertising thing. Admittedly I always did way better or Ravelry because knit/crochet has always been more my thing … Lovecrafts is quite good, you can sell on there too, closest to the way craftsy was in the early days … Folksy is like Etsy, but UK makers based, less footfall but that means a better chance of your items being seen.

  38. Allison says:

    I recently bought an annual subscription at a reduced price. I am just going through all of the classes that I like and downloading the resource files that I can to my computer, so at least I have the patterns and that info to keep. It looks as if we will have access at least until mid-July, and possibly longer. I am just learning how to spin and am trying to go through all of the spinning-related classes and taking notes. My next step will be the sewing classes!

    • Connie says:

      I have been a subscriber since the change and bought many classes from Craftsy as well as DVD’s of classes before bluprint. When bluprint offered a subscription that allowed you to view any class in their library I was thrilled and have viewed many and selected favorites to own forever? It was heartbreaking when they decided to close. The quality of their courses is superb. My internet is not the best so I do not believe I will be able to download my forever classes when made available to do so. DVD’s would be the best, but would probably cost them too much. In the mean time I will be accessing and collecting all the resources that interest me.

  39. Petro Lubbe says:

    I am so sorry to see you have to go… The big companies are bullies and especially in this times they make it very difficult. I just want to say thank you THANK YOU for all the beautiful embroidery designs that you offered. Please know that we are with you and I will buy you a coffee… just indicate how much a coffee cost, because I am in South Africa …..keep your head up…

  40. Wanda in NC says:

    The idea that this giant telecom company is ‘trying to figure out’ how to let people download the classes they paid for is ludicrous. They are probably trying to figure out how to make more money from them. I found Bluprint to be uninspiring, heartless and money-grubbing. My hope is that somebody will come up with another company just like Craftsy, which was loved by many.

    • Denise says:

      I totally agree. I quit buying classes when it became Bluprint – I didn’t like it then and liked less as time went by.

    • Louise Daoust says:

      They will not compensate the classes that we purchased. So all the money wasted to make rich people even more richer. They don’t care as long as they made money what to they care about customers. I never purchased from Blueprint. I did not like their policies. Why should I pay for classes that I don’t like. Because that monthly payment was to force crafters to pay for other classes. Well one thing of sure, even if they don’t care about us, we sure make them a good living don’t we?

      Louise , Canada

    • Linda says:

      I’ll second both of theses thoughts!

    • Max says:

      So true, what a load of hogwash! How stupid does this company think Craftsy people are? Like many of us I too saw the switch to Bluprint as the likely death knell for Craftsy – R.I.P. What a disappointment! I loved the flexibility of owning my classes and watching when and how often I wanted. Sometimes checking one in the middle of sewing to make sure I remembered something correctly. I am ‘trying to figure it out’ myself…not waiting or trusting this giant company to do the right thing by us. Good luck fellow Craftsy lovers, maybe we will see one another on a new platform…fingers crossed!

What do you think?