R2D2 Inspired Apron Pattern – Sew Your Own Droid!

Squeal! A chance to show my geeky side and my love of Sci-Fi with this free apron pattern. Running to the fabric shop right now!

So there are probably two scenarios.  Either you have seen this and are squealing and jumping around with glee, or you just don't get it and think I've lost my senses at last. Probably the latter. It's not exactly my usual style.

For those of you excited and already running to your stash for the right fabrics – May the Force Be With You. The rest of you need a Jedi mind-trick – these ARE the droids you are looking for! Or I guarantee that someone you know wants one of these, you just might not know about their secret Star Wars obsession.

Did you notice I'm a secret Sci-Fan fan?  Yup, ever since I was a little girl.  The original Star Wars film came out in 1977, when I was 8 years old so I basically grew up with the Star Wars original trilogy.  Then for Sunday tea-time there was Dr Who, and I would hide behind my cushion when the Cybermen or the Daleks came to take over the world. I might just have given it away recently when I sewed this Dr Who bag. And I've hinted in the past at my love of Star Trek too – who will ever forget the tribble!

Pattern from the Just for You Selfish sewing book. This is the Painters Clutch Bag.

Celebrate your inner geek with this awesome R2D2 inspired droid apron.  Unisex style, good for guys and gals and not difficult to make.  Check out the video below and I'll show you how to make one.

Squeal! A chance to show my geeky side and my love of Sci-Fi with this free apron pattern. Running to the fabric shop right now!

Disclaimer: Obviously this apron design is not an official design and is neither endorsed or licensed by any of the companies associated with the Stars Wars films.  I am not affiliated with or sponsored by any of the Star Wars companies. This pattern is intended for your own enjoyment and is my personal interpretation only.

If you like this one, you'll probably also like the Darth Vader apron too – check that out here.

OMG, my guy is going to LOVE this Darth Vader apron. Unisex pattern, for gals too or scale down for the kids. Check out the R2D2 one on this site too.

Materials list:

  • White fabric for the apron base – cotton twill, canvas etc,
  • Optional – you can use a grey fabric for the top section or leave it white
  • Small scraps of black and red cottons
  • Silver fabric if you have it, if not use a light grey
  • Mid-blue fabric – 1/4 yard
  • Twill tape for the ties – length according to your size (or make your own)
  • Heat N Bond Ultrahold fusible web recommended, or Lite if that's all you have
  • Black thread

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Download the free Sci-Fi apron pattern

You can download the pattern from Payhip and choose your price.

You can decide what to donate for this pattern, anywhere from zero upwards.  Decide what it's worth to you.

Thanks so much for your generosity. 

Squeal! A chance to show my geeky side and my love of Sci-Fi with this free apron pattern. Running to the fabric shop right now!

Benefits of sewing this apron?

  • Lots of geeky fun for you and your friends
  • Show off your sci-fi side
  • Be the envy of the kids
  • Unique!  None of your friends can get one unless they pay you millions of space dollars to make one for them.
  • The Force will be strong with you when you cook
  • Good for guys and gals too

Squeal! A chance to show my geeky side and my love of Sci-Fi with this free apron pattern. Running to the fabric shop right now!

How to sew a R2D2 apron

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Step by step how to sew a R2D2 apron – see video for detail

  1. Assemble your pattern and cut out around the outside. The dotted line is the finished size after turning in the edges.
  2. If you are using an all-white base, use the pattern to cut out your fabric.  If using a grey at the top and white below, split the pattern at the dotted line, add a seam allowance and join grey for the top and white for the bottom part of the apron.  Trim and neaten the seam and top stitch neatly.
  3. Decide on the length of twill tape you need for your ties at the neck and waist depending on your size.  You can also create your own ties using 2.5 inch wide strips of fabric – I used a navy blue.  Sew into a tube with a 1/4 inch seam and turn before pressing and top stitching to create the ties.  Hard to turn a tube of fabric? – check out this trick!
    I'd heard of this but never seen it actually done. Must give it a try - how to easily turn a tube of fabric the right side out.
  4. Baste the twill tape to the top of the apron, 1 inch in from the sides. Baste the tape at the waist of the apron.
  5. Turn 1/2 inch to the wrong side around all edges and press. Turn in another 1/2 inch and press.
  6. Sew the hems in place, folding the twill tape to the outside as you go.  Sew over the tape at the seam to secure it
  7. Transfer all of the grey, black, blue and red pieces to Heat N Bond, following the abbreviations on the pattern.  There is also a color diagram in the pattern download to help you.
    star wars r2d2 apron pattern
  8. Fuse the Heat N Bond fusible web to the reverse of your fabric
  9. Cut out all of the pieces carefully. Lay out the pieces on your fabric according to the diagram.  There are a few pieces that need to be reversed in the top section and are fused on the other way around. The rest can be fused according to the template.
  10. Remove the backing paper from the pieces and fuse them all in place.
  11. Stitching around each of the pieces is optional, but recommended if using the Ultrahold, and essential if using the Lite version of the fusible web
  12. Cut out the white areas marked on the pattern. Use the pattern as a template to mark out the black stitching lines. Use a black thread and a thick stitch or go over the lines several times to make them show up clearly.
  13. Done – enjoy your geeky Star Wars inspired apron.  Remember to take it off before answering the door or your secret might be out!

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Download the free Sci-Fi apron pattern

You can download the pattern from Payhip and choose your price.

You can decide what to donate for this pattern, anywhere from zero upwards.  Decide what it's worth to you.

Thanks so much for your generosity. 

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43 Responses to R2D2 Inspired Apron Pattern – Sew Your Own Droid!

  1. Saz says:

    I love that I discovered this pattern on 4th of May. May the fourth be with you!! 😀

  2. luba kruz says:

    Always wear aprons,

  3. Janet S says:

    Hi. I love this pattern and the Darth Vader one also. My adult son’s birthday is mid-July and since he’s a huge Star Wars fan as well as an avid bbq-er, decided he needed one of these aprons for his birthday. However I cannot find either of the patterns on Bluprint. Is there any other way to get them? Thanks for any help… Jan

  4. Umm Hudhayfah says:

    This is amazing!! I stumbled across this today and I am already planning to make this for one of my close friends who LOVES Star Wars; her favorite droid is R2D2! I like BB-8 but I may have some fun with the Darth Vader one. Thanks SOOO much!

  5. jane pitts says:

    Love this pattern made it for my son in Australia.

  6. Loving this project SO MUCH! Hope you don’t mind us featuring it on a quirky sewing projects post 🙂 Thanks for sharing! x

  7. Brenda Melahn says:

    Wow!! I wanted to make my daughter-in-law one of these before Christmas but didn’t get to it. It sure took a lot of time — but she is going to love it and I’m making my son a matching one. Thank you so much for your inspiration and your creativity. I enjoy every thing you do!! Was going to post a pick, but not sure I can do that here.

  8. Robyn Miller says:

    Thanks for this awesome design! What material did you use for the silver? I might end up running to a big box store for the canvas (even though it pains the quilter in me to shop there), but I am not sure if they will have the metallic material, which means I might need to order some… and if I am ordering it, I might as well order whatever you used 🙂 I am guessing 1.5yards of the white canvas should be more than enough if I am topping it with the grey?

    I saw this come up in my SewCanShe newsletter today, and immediately had to check it out. I am a recovered Star Wars fangirl (Lucas destroyed it for me), but my husband is still utterly in love with it. And now that the new movie is coming out he might be a wee bit obsessed. Okay, a lot obsessed. He pulled out every single Star Wars ornament he has collected over the years and insisted they be the focal point of our tree this year. And then requested more ornaments as presents.

    We are both at work now, so I sent him this link. his response was simply, “!” .. he rarely cares about anything sewing related, so that was a rare response. I asked if he wanted me to make him one, he said, “Who wouldn’t?” … so I guess I had better scramble to find material for this and whip one up before Christmas.

    • Mayra says:

      Anything foil or shinny fabric will do, search in your remnants, I am sure you will find something you can use.

    • I found this small piece in the novelty fabrics section. It feels a little bit like that cheap skirt lining fabric you can get and is very thin, almost see-thru, but when backed by the fusible web and white fabric it created this nice bright shiny silver. If I was closer I’d be happy to send you a piece but it would take weeks from here. Sorry I don’t have a specific name for it, but I did a search here for silver metallic fabrics and think you can find something perfect on this page – http://goo.gl/nQNAK7
      Hope that helps and I really hope you’ll share a picture in the sewing chat group of the end result.

  9. Melissa Shultz says:

    This is freakin’ awesome! I am a total sci fi geek and my favorite character is R2. So this is on my must make for myself list. Thanks for the pattern and tutorial.
    PS. found you through SewCanShe’s blog.

  10. Deby,

    a hilarious idea!! I’m telling my non-sewing friends about the apron (And I can imagine two scenarios: either they will start sewing, or I’ll get another task to do 😉 Hope you are doing great!

  11. AWESOME, Deby!!! My husband would LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your apron.

  12. Eppu says:

    Oh, that’s fantastic! I love how you included all of the panels and access ports and whatnot. Thanks for sharing!

  13. blueturtle19 says:

    This is FABULOUS!! I know what I’m making for my peeps for Christmas this year! Thank you so much for sharing this Deby!!

  14. Melissa says:

    My geek flag shot up and started waving wildly the second I saw the first picture of the post! Geeks, unite! (Have you heard of Firefly? It’s on Netflix and is also awesomely geeky.) Great job!

    Have you noticed a difference between the Heat ‘n Bond vs the Pellon double sided fusible interfacing? Seems like the Pellon has been a little disapointing but I am not sure if it was just the fleece fabric I used…

    • I’ve used both, but the Wonder Under I’ve used for a different type of product, not for applique, so I really can’t say. The Ultrahold is specifically designed to be no-sew so that seemed the ideal product for this apron. Good to see you waving your geek flag 🙂

  15. Lisa says:

    OMG Thank you for this! Not only do I love it for me, but I have a very hard to shop for friend who buys everything Star Wars (she usually has it before I can buy it). I’m making this for Christmas for her. It’s amazing.

  16. This is awesome!! I’ve got a Craft Gossip post scheduled for tomorrow morning that features your apron: –Anne

  17. VickiT says:

    DEBY!!!!!!! You’ve done it again! I’m excited for this and don’t hate me, but not for me. I have to admit I’m not one that’s ever been excited about Star Wars (don’t kick me out please LOL) I’m almost afraid to admit I feel the same about all the Bond movies too even. BUT…..my husband, and two, if not all three of my sons are so you have them as super fans now, or will be if I can get these aprons made for them all by Christmas. I just printed the pattern and scooted out to the printer quick and grabbed it from there before my husband could. He normally brings things I print to my sewing room for me so it’s odd that I grabbed it like that with him sitting about five feet from the printer. He even looked at me strangely and said, “what was that?” I said A SECRET so keep your eyes off and then walked away. LOL

    Thank you SO much.

  18. Mary Stewart says:

    I really love your patterns! I’ve purchased a few and I have to say, it really helps to have a video tutorial to walk me through the process.So, when will be getting a Dr Who Tardis apron?

  19. Renee Martin says:

    My inner geek is screaming want it.

  20. Leslie says:

    This is perfect! Thank you so much – my son will love it!

  21. Julie says:

    Awesome! I was 7 when the first film came out and still remember how exciting it was to see it at the cinema. I too hid behind the settee (for real) back in the days when Tom Baker was the Doctor!
    I would love to make myself one of these fabby aprons one day. It’s looks great on you by the way, how much you love it shows in your photos!

  22. Mira says:

    how technical :-)) what are you going to cook – canned food? just joking ;-))

  23. irene says:

    this is wonderful! thanks so much for sharing and caring!

  24. Vernagrace says:

    Awesome! My son, his wife, 9 year old son, and 4 1/2 daughter are all going to love this!! You are one talented lady!

  25. I loved you before, for how you share your love of sewing with free and low cost patterns and great tutorials and refrences. Your sense of fun and adventure with each new pattern or blog post has made me love sewing again. Now you tell me you are a sci-fi geek! You are my new virtual bff. May the sewing force always be with you.

  26. Jennifer says:

    SciFi Love!

  27. Susan Ellis says:


  28. Vicky Ginn says:

    My daughter is a sci fi fan and will love this!!!

  29. Becky H says:

    Oh my gosh! So, so cute! I know a few people who would love this! Thanks!

  30. Wendy says:

    Wow! Fantastic job on R2D2! It looks great! I think this will be making an appearance at my next BBQ.

    I sewed a hoodie out of Star Wars fleece and have been really surprised how often I get compliments on it.

    Now I have someone to share this amazing Tardis/Marie Antoinette dress link with! 🙂 http://www.kelldar.com/portfolio/marie-antoinette/

    Thanks so much! 🙂

    • Oh Wow, thanks for the link, that is just stunning. I don’t think my skills are quite up to such a thing (yet), but a Tardis dress is a great idea for a future project. Thanks for the inspiration.

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