100+ Ways to Upcycle and Recycle Old T-Shirts

Recycle Old T-ShirtsWhat to do with all those old t-shirts?

We did a post a while ago that was very popular and featured over 15 ideas about how you can upcycle and recycle old t-shirts. Did you know that well over 2 billion new t-shirts are made each and every year?

I don't know about you, but between my closet, my husbands, and our two teenage kids, our house is awash in old t-shirts.  I thought our first article had some pretty good ideas but feedback from our readers told us that they still want more ideas on how to upcycle, re-use, re-purpose and ultimately recycle old t-shirts.

recycle old t-shirts

So I decided to put together the ultimate list of t-shirt upcycle and recycle ideas.  And as usual, I'd like to share that list with you.  I really hope you enjoy it and find some good ideas!

100+ Ideas to Upcycle or Recycle Old T-shirts

Another popular clothing recycling idea is how to recycle denim jeans.  Here are 101 Creative Ideas to Recycle Denim Jeans:

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8 Responses to 100+ Ways to Upcycle and Recycle Old T-Shirts

  1. Charleen DiSante says:

    Thank you, again and again!! for all the info in your posts. I’m sitting here in central North Carolina, USA waiting for all the rain that is to come and hoping I can get started on some sewing. You inspire my creativity.

  2. Jan Hamman says:

    I’ve read that T-shirts make good masks. Since we have to wear masks I think that knit cotton fabric would make comfortable ones.

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  4. Marbea Kenne says:

    My 30 y-o daughter cuts T-shirts into strips, the crochets the strips making throw pillow covers or fabric baskets

  5. LoAnn Trowbridge says:

    You can also make “chemo hats” out of t-shirts. You can make them in small, medium, and large. There are a lot more patterns out there than there used to be. “Comfort Quilters” (old Fairbanks School in Fairbanks, IN 47849) make to donate to local hospitals, as well as the Wabash Valley Sewing Connection, Terre Haute, IN. CC also makes fleece blankets and quilts which are usually donated to disaster areas, or other charity causes.

  6. donna adams says:

    I go to our local Goodwill Outlet , they sell clothes by the POUND ( about a $1.47) lol, my fave “fabric” store. remake into rugs , potholders etc. this year I’m getting sweaters and stuff to remake into hats and scarves, mittens to donate to homeless shelter.

  7. Tina Sheppard says:

    I also use them to make dog beds for our local no kill shelter. Kitty tested of course.

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