Reindeer Sewing Patterns Roundup: 45+ FREE Projects for Christmas

reindeer sewing patterns

Christmas is a great time to sew!

Last week, in the post linked below featuring Santa Sewing Patterns, I wrote about how Santa a.k.a. Saint Nicholas is an important part of Christmas traditional and legend.

As the legend goes, reindeer pull Santa's sleigh of toys around the world all in one night delivering presents to all the well-behaved little children.

If you're a kid, this is a pretty important part of the legend.  I remember how prominently reindeer featured in the Christmas experience for my little ones.

Here's a whole collection of reindeer sewing patterns that will help you find something to sew if your kids or grandkids love reindeer too!

FYI, real reindeer are found in cold, arctic countries like Finland (home of Marimekko), northern Sweden, and Norway.

reindeer sewing patterns
Reindeer in the wild

Here's one of our fun Christmas sewing projects:

A Christmas Apron is a must have if you've got a lot to do in the kitchen over the holidays.  

Christmas apron pattern

Check It Out

Reindeer Sewing Patterns Roundup

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