The Return of Nonchalant Retro Dress

retro dress

Stop! Before you embark on your next sewing project, you might learn a thing or two from this article…

Retro fashion is regularly making a comeback in the fashion cycle and many people are showing a preference for wearing garments from the past. ‘Retro' refers to a look that is consciously imitative of a 15– 50-year-old fashion style. This preference has prompted some fashion designers to make a habit of drawing inspiration from fashion styles of bygone days for the next season’s trend.

Also known as the nostalgic look, this is a fashion trend inspired by the 1930s to the 1990s and it is perhaps one way of cherishing fond fashion memories. It can also be a lot of fun to go decades back from time to time, by wearing the fashion of the era.  So what retro styles are reappearing and how are they being reinterpreted this year?

Retro Look is Back as Fashion Cycle Brings Us Down Memory Lane:

According to Lisa Armstrong in her blog, Women's fashion trends, the retro style has definitely earned its stripes… probably because it is regularly making its appearance in the fashion cycle. What's more, her fashion projection for the future is the return of the 70's and 90's look but with a personal spin.

So, expect the appearance of floral dresses, midi skirts, flares, and dungarees from the '70s as well as the crushed velvet, floral, slip dresses, army fatigues, and trainers of the '90s this fashion season.

retro dress

Remember, if you decide to sew a retro dress soon, aside from looking back at these decades for inspiration, you should also find ways to make your creation relevant and fresh.

That Comfortable and Nonchalant Look:

Also, while you’re at it, you should stay away from retro designs that are stretchy and tight.  The idea here is to wear something that makes you look cool, calm, and relaxed… like a chiffon floral dress or finely embroidered jeans.

This summer, delicate cotton shirts with long sleeves and dangling cuffs will be chic. Think loose and large designs and avoid restrictive garments if you want to be in fashion this year. You can also play with interesting shapes like mixing narrow shoulders, high waist, and tailored culottes. Jumpers and oversized tunics are also perfect wears in making an easy fashion statement. Slip dresses under stylish knits can also create beautiful and comfy office wear.

A Touch of Personal Style

Don't forget, however, that fashion is more about having your own personal style than just following fashion trends. While you may want to return to the retro dresses of the 70's and the 90's, you can make a change in fabric or details to suit your personal style. In this way, your retro dress will come out unique and personal.

Nostalgia is a beautiful thing, so let your memories transport you to the fashion styles of the past and go ahead, sew that elegant retro dress for yourself or for your loved ones.

For our take on something like a retro dress, have a look at this summer dress free pattern:

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11 Responses to The Return of Nonchalant Retro Dress

  1. Jeanette Lucas says:

    Is there a pattern for this dress? I love this style and nostalgic clothing. My 20 year old niece also loves retro.

  2. robyne says:

    I love all 30-40-50 styles of clothing. I remember my elder sisters wearing the full skirts with poodles on them. Dresses that looked so elegant

  3. Charleen Adams says:

    Is it possible to purchase this pattern in the usual manner?it is a charming style.

  4. Virginia Cohn says:

    Reminds me of watching my mother ready herself for the day.

  5. Karen says:

    Where is the pattern for dress in main picture? I love it and want to make it!

  6. Ursula Leach says:

    I especially love the dress shown it is so flattering to women

  7. Donna Corley says:

    I love the retro style of the 50s. They were cool and comfy. I think it is wonderful they are coming back in style.

  8. Carolyne says:

    Thank you for the reminder to keep a personal touch to our fashion choices. From retro inspiration to fresh of the runway, sewing fashion is about making it mine! And, Please share the link for Lisa Armstrong’s blog post☺

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