This sale may be just too good to pass up.. today only.

Get any one Craftsy Class for $14.99 or less

If you've been waiting to buy one of those really expensive Craftsy courses like Suzy Furrer's Designing Your Wardrobe: Drafting Tops which normally sells for $69.99.  Well, today you can get it for only $14.99 or almost 80% off!!

craftsy spring sale

Save almost 80% NOW

We don't often promote sales from other companies unless they can save our readers a lot of money on something they might be buying anyway.  This is certainly the case here and I'm definitely taking advantage of the sale as well.

When we mentioned a Buy One, Get One sale to our readers last month and so many people came back and thanked us for bringing it to their attention, we feel compelled to mention this great deal to everyone.

Here's another great bargain and a chance to save 75%

craftsy spring sale

Save 75% NOW

This sale is particularly attractive for anyone waiting to buy any of the more expensive Craftsy classes  –so it's probably worth acting now since the offer expires April 25, 2017 at 11:59PM Mountain Time.

At the moment, you can get pretty much any Craftsy class for $14.99 or less but only for a day.  This means you can get as much as 80% off their most expensive classes that you've been waiting to buy.  Just keep in mind that this sale is not valid for classes from our special Startup Library series or The Great Courses.

craftsy spring sale

This link should automatically add the sale coupon to your shopping cart, but in case it doesn't, please check out using the coupon code: APRILSHOWERS2017

Spring Sale

Terms:  Get any one Craftsy class for $14.99. Not valid for classes from our special Startup Library series or classes from our partner, The Great Courses. Limit one class per customer and cannot be combined with other coupons. Offer price is in US Dollars. Expires April 25, 2017 at 11:59PM Mountain Time.

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Hey, thanks a lot for informing us about this deal! I have already ordered and I’m so happy. Can’t wait to tell my husband about the deal I have made. He usually gets mad over me spending too much, but when it’s cheap it’s worth, right?

Peggy Vargo
Peggy Vargo

I just got this popup an d when I went to Craftsy, the class was not on sale,, The message read that the coupon expired. Waah!


Thanks for telling me about this class deal. I love Craftsy classes and had some on my wish list. I promised that I would not get another class until I reviewed all my paid for classes. I broke my promise. The Craftsy email said $19.99 but going through your link I did get the $14.99. Thanks again.

Mayra Cecilia
Noble Member
Reply to  Ruth

So happy you got what you wanted. Let me know how you found them.

Marion Mueller
Marion Mueller

Thank you so much for making this offer available. I have been viewing your website for a while now, and have downloaded one of your free patterns. Now I feel since I’ve benefited and learned a lot from your site, that it’s time I properly thanked you for your work and your content. Thank You! I really enjoy visiting and learning from your site.


How do people find out about these? I double checked my Craftsy email preferences, and I’m opted in to all promotional emails, but I never receive any. Thank you so much for telling us about it!