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It's all got to go!  I've sewn far more than I can ever use while designinging my patterns and tutorials.  Please take some off my hands.

So I'm collapsing under the weight of all of my home-sewn goodies, or at least the shelf in the top of my wardrobe is.  When I make a project and share it on the site, I usually never make one.  I make two or even three exactly the same so that I can make sure I get things right, and get all the photos and videos that I need throughout the process.

You can read more about the pattern designing process from start to finish in this article – How a Sewing Pattern is Born.

The process of designing and publishing a sewing pattern from concept to release.

So that means I end up with lots of things all exactly the same.  There is only so many bags and table runners etc I can use, so all the spares, the samples I made during the designing and recording process sit on the shelf at the top of my closet.  Then I came in the room last week to find there had been a huge landslide and it was all over the floor.  I've got too much stuff!

Much of it goes to my friends, or to the local Humane Society here in Cayman that need a lot of support, but I thought that maybe you'd all enjoy having some pieces too, or stash them away as gifts for later in the year.  So I've listed my ‘spares' and design samples in my Etsy store, Print or Plain.

This section below ‘should‘ show what items are left at the time you are visiting, if everything here is working properly.  In the event something is sold out, at least you know that you'll find the pattern or tutorial somewhere here on So Sew Easy so that you can make your own.

Sample sale in the So Sew Easy Etsy Store

[etsy-shop shop_name=”printorplain” section_id=”17184191″]

Sample sale rules apply to all of these items, sold as seen, imperfect stitching and all!  Sorry no returns.  Due to the cost of postage from my little island, I can only send to the USA.  Items can be sent to other countries but postage would be at least double.  Contact me if you are interested for a quote.

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I was sitting watching one of your videos just now thinking how your home must be filled to the brim with all the lovely sewn items.. NOW we know your secret. Nice of you to support animals. They always seem to need us!

ps- My toddler still LOVES to watch your videos. She asks for them in fact. I really hope she sews when she is old enough. She certainly sees me do it enough!