Santa Tote Bag Pattern

Hello!! This is Amber from Crazy Little Projects here to share a very fun Christmas project with you today for this great Seasonal Sewing Series! This is kind of the combination of two projects on my site-the simple tote bag and the Santa hand towels. Combine the two and you get…a Santa Tote Bag!

Santa Tote Bag Tutorial by Crazy Little Projects

And the best part? It's really easy to make!

Santa Tote Bag Tutorial:

Supplies Needed:

  • About 1/2 yard of red fabric (mine is canvas and was 60″ wide. If you get 45″ wide you may need a little more than 1/2 yard.)
  • 1 yard of fusible fleece
  • Wide, black ribbon (3 inches wide or so)
  • Narrow silver ribbon (about 1/2 inch wide)
  • White fur (small amount)


For the basic construction of this bag, I am going to refer you to my Simple Tote Bag Pattern. In this tutorial, I will teach you to make it look like a Santa suit!

Once you have your pieces cut out (following the cutting guidelines from the tote bag pattern), cut your black ribbon the width of your main bag pieces. Pin it in place right across the middle:


Sew that along the top edge of the ribbon and the bottom. (Don't worry about the sides.)

Then, add a strip of the white fur to the bottom of the bag. Make it about 3-4 inches wide:


Pin that and sew it in place as well, along the top and the bottom.

Now, cut 4 pieces of the silver ribbon. You want them to be about 1/2 inch longer than your black ribbon is wide so that they can overlap like this:


Line up all 4 in a square and sew around the outside of the square AND the inside.

I did all the same steps to the other side of the bag EXCEPT the silver, so that it looks like Santa from the back.

Now construct the bag according to this tutorial and you are done and have got a festive bag for the holidays!

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108 Responses to Santa Tote Bag Pattern

  1. Linda Bedel says:

    Make as a wine carrier for your hostess gift

  2. Temple says:

    Project seems simple enough but my sewing skills are lacking

  3. Gianna says:

    For Christmas shopping and get togethers.

  4. lmurley2000 says:

    I would use it as a purse threw the month of december

  5. Buddy Garrett says:

    My wife would use it during the holidays when she visits family and friends.

  6. Melissa S says:

    Cute bag, it would be easy to sew up a bunch of them to use as gift bags. I think it would be great to take Christmas shopping too,

  7. Lean S says:

    I’d use it as a gift bag for toys for my youngest cousins.

  8. JenniferB says:

    I would use for gift bags instead of paper ones

  9. Carla S says:

    I would use it to carry my wallet keys.I would take it with me shopping and when I go to the gym.

  10. Michelle Hz says:

    I’d wear it to a Christmas party to carry my presents for friends 🙂

  11. Jessica P. says:

    Cute. I still have to carry a small diaper bag around. I would use this for the month of December.

  12. Jill says:

    I would use it for a friend’s gift. Would put a little something special inside.

  13. Linda Webster says:

    I think the Santa tote is adorable!

  14. connandvansmom says:

    I would give the tote to my daughter to use. She is into all things whimsical. And her friends would love it. conn_and_vans_mom atyahoodotcom

  15. molli vandehey says:

    this one would be for my tween!

  16. Mom C says:

    Great gift for 4 DILs. They would all love one. And a great neighbor gift bag. Thanks.

  17. Jennifer says:

    It’d make a great gift bag for a Secret Santa. And a smaller version would be cute to hang on a doorknob and keep that year’s Christmas cards in.

  18. Carey Miller says:

    I think I’d use it as a tote for the entire month of December. There is no place this baby wouldn’t go!

  19. Diane says:

    I would use it as a gift bag for a friend.

  20. Tabitha Klucking says:

    I think this would be cute for two little girls my daughter babysits.

  21. Marsha Kestner says:

    I would use the bag for a gift for my daughter! She would love it! Thanks for the series of sewing ideas!

  22. shawn says:

    I would use it all thru the holiday season.

  23. HennaLadyKim says:

    Love, Love Love this bag for the holidays! Thanks so much for sharing 🙂

  24. DonnaRae says:

    I have been wanting to try their fabric out for a long time now. And what a cute santa bag. I need to make a few for my nieces. Am sure they would enjoy them!

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