My serger jelly roll quilt is finished

Quick and simple jelly roll quilt, made with a single jelly roll plus a solid for sashing.  Love the modern look.My jelly roll quilt top was the first thing I sewed with my new serger.  It was fun to just run strips of fabric quickly through the machine at varying widths, to get used to using the new serger – putting in the mileage on it.  A nice and easy way to get comfortable.

You can read about how I started out with the serger and made up my large fabric piece I used for the quilt here – 1034d Licenced to Serge.

Not sure where to start? Feeling the fear? Check out these tips to get started with your new serger.

Then I turned my jelly roll strips into a jelly roll quilt top.  I cut large squares on the diagonal and serged them together in opposing directions, with sashing strips in between, to get this result.  Truly the simplest way to make a quilt top and I was able to use almost the whole piece of serged fabric without any waste.  Jelly roll quilt pattern – my serged quilt top.

I wanted something modern looking, and after a lot of debate and advice from the members in our sewing chat group, I went with the high contrast black for the sashing and border. This was my finished quilt top.

jelly roll quilt

While I enjoyed making up the top, the quilting part is not a favorite of mine I've decided.  It's too darned hot here for that, and Oliver just tries to fall asleep on my quilty-sandwich all the time, even as I'm trying to get it through the machine.  So I decided to send it over to the US, to my friend Lucy who owns her own long-arm quilting machine at Granny Sassy Designs. She brought it back to me all ready-quilted on her latest trip to Cayman this month.

jelly roll quilt delivery

I asked her to add batting and a backing fabric, do the quilting for me (her choice of design), and I would do the binding.  I quite enjoy the binding part and then at least I get to feel like I finished it rather than take delivery of it all completed.

We decided on a light and plain fabric for the back as a contrast to the bold, bright and busy going on at the front.  It really shows up the details of the quilting design nicely, which can be a little bit hidden in that busy front.  Darn though, it's hard to get a good picture of that lovely quilting.  I love how each design is centered and scaled to fit perfectly into my blocks – Lucy is a quilting star!

The fabric design was called Avant Garden and had some floral so Lucy created a floral motif inside each of the main squares of the quilt, leaving the sashing and borders unquilted.  It's just perfect!  I think you can see I'm delighted with it.


She also gave me some great tips for binding which I didn't know and it made my job a lot easier, and I was able to get a great join in the binding, something I'd not been too good at before.  She should probably write a blog article on the Granny Sassy site with her binding tips.  I do get a strange satisfaction from sewing on the binding.  Mmmm, look at those lovely stitches and corners – am I am bit mad?  All that even-ness makes my heart sing.


Here is my bright and bold quilt top finished.  I gave it a quick wash, because I just love the way the quilts go all snuggly and get that wonderful texture after their first wash.  Now if I can just keep Oliver off it long enough, I have to decide what to do with it.  I might donate it to our local Humane Society.

Jelly roll quilt top, made with a single jelly roll and a serger!

Of course the minute I put it down to tidy up, Oliver was on it.  I might have to make him a quilt of his own, they make him so happy.

Coming up soon – how did she do with the ‘evil' quilt top I sent her as a quilting challenge!

What do you all do with your quilts?  Do you have more quilts than you ever know what to do with?  Do you store them, gift them, give them to charity, sell them or display them?

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Is there a pattern for serging this quilt, my Pfaff is in the shop and I can’t live without quilting do I figure I would use my serger. Let me know great quilt thanks

Mayra Cecilia
Noble Member
Reply to  Ca4

Hello Ca4, hope your Pfaff get back home soon. In this article, you will find exactly how to make the pattern with a jelly roll using your serger. Enjoy!

Reply to  Mayra Cecilia

Your the best, also I’m going to break the bank and buy the book on amazon by Baaker for the black n white quilt. I think this hobby will surely be grounds for a divorce LOL
Totally addicted

Emily Thompson
Emily Thompson

this turned out perfect!! Love how easy it looks too! If I ever quilt again ;o)


I have 3 Avant Garden jelly rolls and love them…but the men in the house weren’t “feeling the love”. Making it “modern” with the black sashing and borders also makes it a little more “masculine”, which is what I needed to get going on this one…great job. Thanks Deby.

nancy in IN
nancy in IN

I will try serging a quilt. I serge other things and it is time for a quilt. Thanks

Pam @Threading My Way

Looks great, Deby. I get a lot of satisfaction when my corners are even and neat. So far I haven’t made a quilt for myself. They’ve all been for family members. I really should rectify that.


Looks fantastic! My son wants me to make him a quilt too. He also wants a box in box design, so I’m going to with your design.