Sew a Scissors Pouch pattern

Scissors pouch pattern.  Ideal to hold your sewing supplies.

Towards the end of last year, Marina from Frocks and Frolics offered readers a chance to download her Country Apron pattern for free and I know a lot of you took her up on that offer.  Well you know how it is when you get a couple of sewing enthusiasts ‘in the same room' and Marina and I have been chatting and collaborating for a while.

She loved the Boxy Bag (more on that in a later post) and wanted to use it as the pattern for a sewing bag in the sewing lessons she runs in the UK.  I was delighted of course and her students have been producing some really varied work, and some beautiful examples of the bag – you can see some examples on the courses page.

To go along with the sewing bag, she also instructs on how to make a pin cushion, and today's project – the Scissors Pouch pattern, the pattern for which I am sharing with you today.  It's a perfect quickie project, easy to sew, decorative and useful too.  I'm delighted with mine – in the salt air of my beach front sewing room this is going to protect my fabric scissors and keep everything to hand next to the machine.

Download the pattern from Frocks and Frolics.

Sewing the Scissors Pouch Pattern

Marina has made a fun video on how to sew the scissors pouch so I'm not going to go into any great detail.  If you aren't from the UK, hers is another example of a British accent although very different from mine.  You should enjoy her down-to-earth tutorial.

I added on some fusible fleece to the suggested areas of my pattern on the reverse of the lining fabric.  I also used interfacing on the entire outside fabric, although it wasn't really needed.

Scissors pouch pattern.  Ideal to hold your sewing supplies.

A quick bit of stitching and turning, another few quick lines of stitching and it was done!  Mine is slightly different to Marina's – I folded mine the other way, plus I didn't have any buttons for closures so I folded the top flap down a little further and added a snap fastening.  Works beautifully.

Scissors pouch pattern.  Ideal to hold your sewing supplies.

The perfect size to keep my most used tools right there next to the machine.  I really enjoyed making this project and think you will too.  So drop on over to the scissors pouch page at Frocks and Frolics to get the pattern, watch the video and see some examples her students have sewn of the boxy bag.

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26 Responses to Sew a Scissors Pouch pattern

  1. Emma Carpenter says:

    Really handy. Thanks. Will save many, many steps!

  2. shirley says:

    where is the pattern for the scissors sewing pouch?

  3. Raajia Houcine says:

    love this idea!!!! Thanks for the tute!

  4. lynn says:

    love this idea. my 6 yr old has started sewing lessons and this would be easy for her to make and usefull to take her things back and forth to class. Also need one for myself for vacation time for my quilting supplies

  5. Ira says:

    Thank you so much! I’m going to travel and need to collect my things accurately, so this pouch is just great for me! thanks)))

  6. Sue says:

    I downloaded the pattern and made this scissor pouch in a couple of hours this morning. Next time I make it (as I know I will) I am going to omit the wadding and just use interfacing, as I found the wadding made it a bit bulky when stitching it together. Great easy to follow tutorial though, thanks!

  7. jennifer winters says:

    i can’t download the free patttern for the scissors pouch! i think that would be great gifts.i need the pattern.

    • Deby Coles says:

      I just tried it here and it works just perfectly from my end. Must be something at your end not allowing the download. Usually PDF documents are very straightforward. Are you using a mobile device such as smart phone, Ipad etc. If so, its usually not a good idea to try to download using these devices, best to try on a regular desktop or laptop computer because these have different browsers and software and are designed more for downloading. If you still have difficulties, drop an email to Marina and let her know and I’m sure she will be able to help you out.

  8. Ana Perna says:

    LIKE IT! Thanks for the tute!

  9. Joyce says:

    When I click on the Download button, a black screen appears, with no pattern. Any suggestions? Thanks.

  10. Marti says:

    What a cute sewing pouch, I love all the pockets! Thanks for sharing it with us! Pinned to the party board!


  11. Betsy {} says:

    This is a cute little pouch. Would make a great gift!

  12. Phyllis Calvert says:

    How do I get the templates for the hearts

  13. Kate Rigby says:

    This is a very cute and handy scissors pouch, lovely! Stopping over from the SDC linky, when I have some more time later I will take a proper look around as your blog looks very interesting.

    Kate 🙂

  14. Karen says:

    This is a wonderful way to keep sewing things together when you travel or when you don’t have a designated space in your home for your sewing tools. I am pinning this to make for my college daughter and her friends! Thank you.

  15. Jessica says:

    Wow this is very handy. I just love Deby´s choice of fabric.
    I will give it a try as soon as I have time again for sewing.
    Thank you both Deby and Marina!

  16. Christie says:

    Love this! Everything you need all kept nice and organized!

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