Sew the Perfect Fit Review, the final dress and GIVEAWAY

I've been taking the Sew the Perfect Fit class from Craftsy.  I decided that I was not going to allow 2013 to close without me tackling my biggest sewing challenge – picking the correct pattern size to start with and then getting it to fit correctly.  I know from my sewing survey earlier this year that its something most sewists struggle with.

If you missed them, here are the earlier posts that tell you all about the course and show my muslin and pattern alterations.


Sew the Perfect Fit - class details, review and finished dress


The Class Over 10 Lessons

Transferring muslin changes onto the paper pattern, sewing the perfect fit from So Sew Easy

Just to recap if you've not seen the previous posts, these are the lessons:

  1. Introduction – a short lesson about Lynda Maynard, our instructor, and what we are going to learn in the course.
  2. Getting started.  Where and how to measure yourself and how to pick your pattern size.
  3.  The Muslin Test Garment, why, how, marking, construction
  4. Fitting Standards, Assessing proper fit and what it should look like, fitting patterns
  5. Neck and shoulders, narrow or wide shoulders, rounded shoulders and more
  6. Upper body, full bust adjustment, lengthening, etc.  How to transfer all of those adjustments to the paper pattern.
  7. The Lower Body, Making a Skirt Muslin
  8. Altering Sleeves
  9. Armholes
  10. Truing the pattern and final check.


Sew the Perfect Fit Review

In a nutshell…. after following along with Lynda and her three very different fitting models in the class, I made and adjusted my first real muslin.  It didn't take anywhere near as long as I thought it was going to.  Although I was trying to fit myself without anyone to help me pin, I did a pretty good job for my first effort.  I imagine all the awesome experienced sewists out there will still be wringing their hands and wailing that this is not the perfect fit – but for me, it's an amazing fit and I'm delighted with it.  You can see more examples of the muslin in the earlier posts linked in above.

Bodice and full bust adjustment, part of Sew the Perfect Fit from So Sew Easy

Once the full muslin was adjusted, then I transferred my alterations over to the paper pattern.  Again, it was far easier than I expected simply because of all that I had learned from the course.

SSew the Perfect Fit review.  Start to finish process of measuring, making and adjusting a muslin and transferring the alterations to the paper pattern.  Includes the final dress.  What do you think - a good fit?  From So Sew Easy.

Then I used my revised pattern to cut my fashion fabric and lining.  And because all of the alterations had already been made, I sewed up this dress in super quick time and really took the effort to give it a lovely finish.

Ta dah – the finished dress.

Sew the Perfect Fit - class details, review and finished dress

(The fabric is a beautiful silky butterfly print in black with turquoise and pale blue butterflies and covered in little sparkles that really catch the light.  You can find it here.  The lining is a light blue pongee that matches the butterflies.)

Sew the Perfect Fit - class details, review and finished dress

So I did say at the start of the course that this style of dress pattern was not one I would have chosen.  I still feel that way.  I have such a rectangular figure with no real waist that this kind of shift-style dress doesn't flatter my figure.  I normally pick a lower neckline, an empire line rather than have a straight line across the non-existent waist. BUT, the fit is very very nice and it feels just right – you know?

Sew the Perfect Fit - class details, review and finished dress

Even if the style is not great for me, the best thing about it – I now have my basic pattern and I know it fits.  The bust darts are where I want them.  The shoulders and chest fit as I like it.  The shoulder straps are the right width and placement.  The waist is in the right place.  The back length is now correct.  The skirt fits nicely.

I can now use this well fitting pattern to compare against other patterns I decide to make up so I can decide what size to cut, know where to lengthen/shorten, know where the neckline will fall.  It's going to save me such a lot of trouble, fussing, fitting problems and wasted time and fabric going forward.

Sew the Perfect Fit - class details, review and finished dress

So do I recommend the course?  Absolutely!  If you have fitting issues, or aren't sure which pattern size to pick, or everything is always too big, or you need lots of fitting adjustments, often need a full-bust adjustment or just want to end up with a basic pattern you can use as a template for the future – take this course!  It will really change the way you sew and results you get.

Sew the Perfect Fit - class details, review and finished dress

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Free Class Giveaway

And now the moment you have all been waiting for – the GIVEAWAY.  In return for my class review, the Craftsy Team have kindly given me a course to giveaway to one lucky reader.   It's easy to enter, just click the link below.  Good luck everyone.

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Disclosure – I bought the course myself and am not being compensated in any way from Craftsy for this course review. I really love the Craftsy classes and negotiated this special rate and the giveaway for your benefit.  I am an affiliate so will receive a commission if you buy this course using my special discount link.

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Eryn @

I’d been deciding between this class and Joi Mahon’s class. I chose Joi’s class and enjoyed it as well as her book. I use her techniques for adjustments on my patterns. You make a great point in that I should invest the time in doing this on a basic pattern so I can save even more time each time I sew. I’m tall so I always have to make adjustments to just about everything pattern piece. It’s a pain sometimes, but totally worth it to get the right fit! Your fit looks perfect!


I can’t get the patterns to download. Any ideas?

Reply to  Suzanne

I am looking for the Wear Anywhere Dress. I found it on Pinterest an went to your web site ,then clicked on download pattern and a new blank tab appears.

Angela Howse
Angela Howse

Hi Deby This dress is so flattering on you. It might not be island casual, but certainly looks fabulous. It lead me to thinking about acquiring a dressmakers mannequin. How essential would it be for a beginner dressmaker? Which one would you recommend?Thanks


I think the dress is really gorgious!!! Not classic, but classy!!
Hope you get a lot of wear from it.


First, let me say thank you for taking the time to do the a review of the class, it was extremely helpful. I signed up for the class last year and I finally started watching the videos last week. Linda’s method of pattern alteration is different, It is a bit of work but the end result is priceless. I’m using Linda’s tutorial to work out the fit on a jacket, one I am done with the jacket, I will use your review along with the tutorial to work on the dress. Thanks again.


I have to agree with everyone else here: you look gorgeous in that dress and it does flatter you!! I also believe my waist is too wide for this style of dress but when I see the result on you, I might actually try this style myself. We are our own worst judges, you know. Thanks for the inspirational series!


You’re Final Dress looks perfect – in every way! Although you might not like the style, it is very becoming on you and shows a great silhouette. I am taking the Perfect Fit Class and it has been such an eye opener for me re fitting. LOTS of info and work but the end result will be worth it, I’m sure.


I loved reading your fitting posts. It’s a topic I’ve struggled with a lot and I still do. I’ve taken the class and I have yet to utilise all the knowledge from it but I think it will be really valuable as I go. Your dress looks wonderful, and I really admire your courage in putting your fitting photos out there. WELL DONE!! Looks amazing! 🙂


Looks great! Love the color, too 🙂


I think your dress looks so classy! It might not be something you would have chosen on your own, but it really is quite flattering. Sometimes it’s good to do something a little out of your comfort zone, and it seems to have paid off here. Your dress looks wonderful on you!


Your dress is so pretty! My mom also stitches dresses and tops. It might be able to help her! Thank you!


So glad I found your blog as I am trying to talk myself into trying sewing again.

Like the others, I think the dress looks lovely on you , but if you find you don’t like the fitted waist, I think it would also look lovely with a nice jacket or wrap as a topper.

Maria @

The dress looks wonderful and it looks lovely on YOU! Thank you for sharing!


Deborah Holland
Deborah Holland

I just think you are entirely wrong about your style. Your dress is so pretty on you!

Christina in Cleveland
Christina in Cleveland

Hello Deby, Thank you for such a great review! I know what you mean about sewing something which “isn’t your style”, yet the dress looks lovely on you. I do have issues with “snug” clothing not being something I would ever EVER wear (snug/tight fitting clothes make me want to rip them to pieces as I take them off never to be worn again) so I am wondering if such a class would be helpful to me.


This is so helpful! I usually wing it but will def take a closer look at this post and possibly take the class. You are indeed a teacher and take sewing beyond mere inspiration, continue to love your blog!


It does not look at all frumpy, Deby! Although I can relate, I feel frumpy in almost everything I wear, LOL. The dress is beautiful, and a perfect fit! Nicely done!


could you put/make a belt that may help define your waist area, that would make you feel more comfy in the dress. Because it does look very nice on you

Alisha @ Crafty Brooklyn Army Wife

TFS Sandy!! I haven’t yet tried a muslin before sewing an outfit. I am going to try doing this with my next clothes pattern.


Its lovely, you did such a great job on it, the fitting is sooooo good! The dress looks very nice on you. But I understand we all have our own likes and dislikes for what we wear, but it truly looks lovely on you.


It really fits well, and not flattering??? Why not?? I think it’s a lovely dress and suits you well!! neck line ok…, I also should lower it, don’t know if you can but I also would iron the waistline, so that’s more neat and straight.
I also love the fabric!!


This dress may not be your style but it looks GREAT on you! Maybe you should rethink it 🙂 I am like you and so many others that sew garments for themselves….frustrated….Thank you so much for your step by step review, you have inspire me.

Theresa Diaz Gray

That dress looks great on you, of course, much of the credit goes to the fabulous job you did on the fitting.

You are being too hard on yourself. You may have a bigger waist than you would like but you are far from pillar shaped. I bet few people have the ideal 10 inch difference between waist.

When I took a draping class, one of the things the instructor stressed is that even if our measurements are the same, we may not look the same. I have very narrow shoulders. I carry all my weight in my bust, tummy, and rear. According to my measurements I am a figure 8 or a X but in reality I am a definite pear shape with a large bust.

She had us create this contraption using two L shaped rulers to compare our bodies to our mannequins. The results were interesting.



I think this a very flattering dress for you … perhaps it’s out of your comfort zone. Good job!


Oh my! This is indeed perfect!