Sewing the Anti Pickpocket Bag: Final Video Released

anti pickpocket bag video

Hi Everyone, here's the final video in the the Sewing the Anti Pickpocket Bag tutorial series.  In this video we assemble the body of the bag and do all the finishing.  You can refer back to the original project by clicking HERE or on the image below.

anti pickpocket bag

Due to a large number of reader comments on the tutorial on our website regarding the emerging threat of electronic pickpocketing, I have included some instructions on how to use anti-RFID shielding fabric to line the bag.  This should help prevent someone from being able to read your credit card, passport or other vital data by using an RFID scanner.  We've got a lot more coming out on this important topic so please stay tuned.

If you're looking for a good source of the anti-RFID fabric, we've put a good option in our sewing shop which you can check out HERE or copy this link:

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We hope you've all enjoyed this project and the accompanying videos.

See the entire sewing tutorial series here:

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  • Sewing the Anti Pickpocket Bag: Part 2, Sewing the Lining
  • Sewing the Anti Pickpocket Bag: Part 1, Making the Handles
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Where can I get the fabric?

brenda may
brenda may

loved watching this video wonderful bag will be making it and will feel much safer when out shopping with this bag


Great bag… i like it…. Thank you for instruction…