Altering and Sewing the Cape Pattern- Part Two

Hello Lovelies! We will continue altering and sewing the cape pattern from last week.  The cape pattern as it is will fit an 11-year-old boy/girl to a 2XL person but is rather short it falls above the knees if you want it longer follow the few steps below.

Vampire Cape Pattern – Unisex Easy Halloween Costume: Part 1


  • 1.2 to 1.5 yards of  two-way stretch black knit fabric
  • 12″ X 6″ red knit
  • 12″ X 6″ stretchable fusible interfacing
  • Thread to match
  • 12″ of velcro or plastic snaps
  •  Strip of bias made from a contrasting fabric OR the same as the cape made to the length of your collar
  • Last weekend's pattern (Part 1)

Altering the cape pattern

making the cape pattern longer is very easy.  Extend the pattern line in the direction of the arrows.  Increase the length of this line by the same amount on the right as on the left. Then re-trace the bottom and just like that you have a longer cape. cape pattern

Sewing the Cape

Apply stretchable fusible interfacing to the wrong sides of the fabric.  We want to make the collar a little stiff so when it is fastened with the velcro it will stand up. cape pattern

Right sides together join the collars using a 3/8″ seam allowance.cape pattern

Before we can proceed we are going to sew the cape.  Join the two fronts and back right side together. Sew at 3/8″.cape pattern

Attach the collar to the neckline.  Align the red side of the collar with the inside of the cape at the neckline.  This means the seam allowance will be visible from the outside. Yes, this is not normal but we will be adding bias tape to conceal the raw edges or seam allowance. cape patternMake sure before you sew that the red side of the collar is visible around the face as in the picture below. cape pattern

Finally, you need to open the cape and sew the fake tuxedo at the shoulders to the cape using the seam allowances. cape pattern

Apply velcro on the spots illustrated in the picture below.cape pattern

As you can see, having a chic and cool Halloween is possible in just a couple of hours.  Hope you have a happy afternoon, don't forget to check our latest giveaway of a Bernina Bernette we will be announcing the winner on November 23.

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Happy Halloween and Happy sewing.

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