Sewing the Glenda Clutch Bag from Swoon Patterns

Video tutorial for how to sew the GLENDS Convertible Clutch bag from Swoon Patterns.

I gave myself a break from pattern drafting and sewed up someone else's pattern this week. Makes a nice change to not have to make 3 or 4 draft versions while I make changes here and there until I'm happy with the final version. Pattern drafting is a long process – I did an article some time back now about the Carry All Bag and what goes on behind the scenes to get a bag from idea to published pattern. Hint- its a lot of work!

Plus, by sewing other people's patterns, I can often pick up new tips and tricks, discover new materials or new ways of doing things that I'd not considered before. This can only help in the development of my own patterns.

Image courtesy of Swoon Patterns

Image courtesy of Swoon Patterns

This week I sewed the Glenda Convertible Clutch Bag from Swoon Patterns.  This pattern is described as:

” This versatile clutch converts quickly into a shoulder bag with its removable strap. The interior offers just enough room for your important items and includes a zippered divider compartment for the smaller things. A relatively quick and easy sew, Glenda is the perfect gift!”

Video tutorial for how to sew the GLENDS Convertible Clutch bag from Swoon Patterns.

Alicia is the lovely lady over at Swoon Patterns and when I told her I was interested in sewing the Glenda Clutch, I asked her if she could use a video tutorial and she said Yes, she's always being asked for a video. So while I sewed up my Glenda, I made a video along the way, referring to the step by step instructions for the Glenda Bag and adding my own tips.  But honestly, Alicia does such a great job with her instructions, there is really very little needed to add.

Video tutorial for how to sew the GLENDS Convertible Clutch bag from Swoon Patterns.

{This video is intended as a supplement to the written instructions only, not intended to replace them and you should still follow the written instructions and refer to the video for further clarification.}

Follow along as I sew the Glenda Convertible Clutch Bag

{Once the video starts to play, click the little gear icon to increase the resolution and make it more clear}

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The bag is great and if you are looking for a pattern for a clutch bag with a shoulder strap, this is a really good one.  You can get the Glenda Bag here but Swoon also has lots of other great bag patterns and you can find the whole range of bags on this page.

Video tutorial for how to sew the GLENDS Convertible Clutch bag from Swoon Patterns.

Giveaway time! – Sorry giveaway now closed…

Just a small prize this time, but perfect for sewing the Glenda Convertible Clutch Bag.  Up on offer is a prize for the hardware you need for the bag.  You will need:

I get all of my bag hardware from 3D Hardware on Etsy because not only does Dan there have a huge range, but the prices are great AND he sends it all around the world for a very reasonable postage price, even here to me in Cayman.  I recommend 3D Hardware for your bag supplies.

Video tutorial for how to sew the GLENDS Convertible Clutch bag from Swoon Patterns.

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30 Responses to Sewing the Glenda Clutch Bag from Swoon Patterns

  1. Linda says:

    I enjoyed the video so much. It takes the mystery out of assembling Glenda. I have the pattern and can’t wait to start it now that I have seen you helpful video.

  2. chelsea says:

    can you tell me a list of everything needed to make this bag

    • Mayra at So Sew Easy says:

      Hi Chelsea, you need to get to the list using the links in the article, everything is in there. Thank you!

  3. Meccala Draper says:

    Thank you for the tutorial!!! I always enjoy yours. Very detailed and as always very helpful. 🙂

  4. sylvia fadries says:

    Love the Glenda bag, it will be so useful and I know the perfect fabric, already in my stash surprise. sureprise! Until I saw this bag the Vivien Handbag was my favourite. If I won the hardweaer I could start on the Glenda bag now yayh!

  5. Genelle says:

    Love this clutch! The size is ideal. Love the Vivian Handbag too!

  6. Phyllis Godschall says:

    LovE it

  7. Becky M says:

    Excellent!! You made this look so fast and easy. Great job!! I can’t wait to make one myself.

  8. Betsy says:

    So glad i found you. Love your videos. I would try my hand at making the purse you just made the Glenda.

  9. Valorie Fischer says:

    Thank you so much! Glenda is on my “to do” list, but I think some of the items from this will definitely be added to my other bags. I could listen to you for hours… Lovely voice! EXCELLENT tutorial

  10. claudia says:

    Thank you so much. I always wanted to know how to put a zipper divider to a purse plus sewing with heavy interface. I went to play the video it ran a few minutes, them stopped. I got an “!” sign. Do you what could be wrong with the video? I’ll try later.

  11. lucilledupuis says:

    I just finished this bag, and plan to make it again and again. Thanks for the tute!

  12. janette says:

    wow! i really love the tutorial you make it so easy. I’m a visual learner and this is perfect;. Do you think you can make a tutorial for Stella Weekender Swoon Patterns too. THANKS SO MUCH !!!

    • I wasn’t planning on doing that one because its so similar to my own Carry All Bag. How about the Della Wallet? I understand some people are having trouble with the lining so I may tackle that one next.

      • hime says:

        Wow! ! That will be awesome! I have to check you’re carry all 🙂 your video tutorials are awesome you have the gift of explaining the pattern in so simple way, also showing each step in THANK YOU SO MUCH! !!!

      • Alicia says:

        Poor Stella would take ages, she takes so long to make! That’d easily be a 4 hour video haha.

  13. Karen says:

    This looks like a great purse for running to the store, shopping, a great hands free shopping bag. And it is so darn cute!

  14. Linda says:

    Thank you for the excellent tutorial. You make it so easy! The clutch is such a nice design. I often wondered how a zippered bag divider was put in. All the videos and written tutorials made it seem so difficult, but not yours. Thank you for all you give to all of us!

  15. What a great little clutch! All of the patterns look like fun! Thanks for adding a little giveaway to the pattern!

  16. Janneke Anderson , Campbell River, British Columbia says:

    I absolutely love the pattern and the material. Not too big and not too tiny. Fabulous!

  17. Anke says:

    Love your version! I already love the Glenda and it’s one of my bucket list patterns. I have time until May, then I need to have it finished, as I want to take it to my brothers wedding!

    • Anke says:

      I watched the video now, thanks for this nice tutorial! It’s so helpful to see the consistency and structure of the interfacings, especially when you have to replace it with a product that is available in your country. Thanks!

  18. Gay Ferland says:

    I love the video and now I want to make th is bag for myself!!! Long time since I made something for me….lol!
    Thanks for the inspiration as well as the give a way!!!

  19. carlafinley says:

    Great video. Pretty bag. I would love to know the fabric.

  20. Lisa Clark says:

    It’s so cute. Good size for me. Thanks for the giveaway!!

  21. Lori Smansk says:

    These are so pretty, thanks for the give a way. After our son is married in May making my first bag is on my list of to-do things.

  22. Deby, very cute! I love small bags like this that you can put across your shoulder. Great job!

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