Sewing Ideas With Buttons: 125+ FREE Projects

sewing ideas with buttonsDo you have a huge stash of buttons too?

I have a huge stash of buttons that I've been collecting for years and years now.  I just can't seem to throw away a garment or old piece of clothing without recovering the buttons to add even more to my stash.

We moved house a few months ago and it took a fair bit of effort to pack up my buttons.  When I was unpacking, I came to the realization that it might be hard to use all these buttons unless I really put my mind to it.  Since we paid to move them, I feel obligated to come up with a really good use for as many buttons as I can.

Obviously, most of our free sewing patterns use buttons, but it would take many, many projects to put a dent in my stash.  So I decided to look around for some projects that purposely used a lot of buttons.

I was really surprised at how many sewing ideas with buttons I could find out there online.  As I often do, I wanted to share the list of patterns and projects that I was able to find.  Please enjoy and happy sewing!

Learn some more about choosing the right buttons

If you want to learn some more about choosing the right buttons for a sewing project, please check out the post below. 
choose the right buttons

Check It Out

Sewing Ideas With Buttons Patterns Roundup

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Someone gave me a straw wreath just covered with buttons. Eventually some of the buttons fell off. I ended up removing all of them and added the buttons to my stash.

Catherine Zinna
Catherine Zinna

Great projects! I always enjoy seeing this blog in my inbox.

Tracy Cummins
Tracy Cummins

Not a sewing idea, but I was recently at a restaurant outside of Denver that had a room with lamp shades covered in buttons. It was a really pretty look.


Love the ideas…I may have to break out my button stash