Sewing Mistakes That Make Your Clothes Look Homemade

Other articles have been written about mistakes to avoid when cutting fabric and I hope that helped you in avoiding them. Keep in mind though, that there are still a lot of challenges you will be facing as you continue to enhance your sewing skills. That being said, here is another list of mistakes. LOL, please don’t think that we like pointing out errors, we only do so in the hope of continuous learning for everyone. Take a look at these sewing mistakes that make your clothes look homemade.

Top 5 Mistakes to Avoid When Cutting Fabric

mistakes that make your clothes look homemade

Using Unsuitable Fabric

So you bought this pattern for a flowing maxi skirt and the manual that came with it recommends the type of fabric that is most suitable for that design. If you are an experienced seamstress or are very knowledgeable about fabrics, you probably know which textiles have similarities and which ones can be used as an alternative to the other. However, if you are not that cultivated to the wide textile world yet, it is better to follow what’s recommended as it will surely be the most suitable to fit the design you are aiming for.

Incorrect Pattern Direction

Especially when using “napped” fabrics, you need to be very careful when laying out your pattern before cutting out the fabric. Popular examples of fabrics with naps are velvet, satin, and corduroy. These fabric’s front side varies in texture and sometimes shades from their backside.

mistakes that make your clothes look homemade

Crooked Pattern Pieces

Make sure that the pattern pieces are straight. You have to make sure to measure the pattern grain from the selvage and not just “eyeball” it.

Using An Incorrect Interfacing Or Not Using One At All

Interfacing is important to ensure that the clothes you are wearing maintain their intended form. It also adds a professional look to your garment so to speak.

mistakes that make your clothes look homemade

Disregarding Pattern Markings

Pattern markings are there for a reason so don’t go disregarding them. The markings are to ensure that you cut your textiles correctly and know exactly where to sew. Incorrect cut and/ or stitches is definitely one of many mistakes that will make your clothes look homemade.

Not Pressing Garments When Needed

Seams and hems or necklines usually requires pressing before sewing. Do not undermine how pressing these parts will make your life so much easier and again look more professionally made.

mistakes that make your clothes look homemade

Not Using A Facing Or Bias Binding

Nothing says homemade more than folding under an armhole or a neckline and top-stitching it. Though using a facing or bias binding might seem an additional work hence also taking additional time invested, it is well worth it.

Use Bias Tape for a Neckline or Arm Hole Facing

Is Looking Homemade Really All That Bad?

I guess the ultimate question on this topic is whether or not looking homemade is really all that bad.

A while bad we wrote a fun article on this subject, but the many comments and opinions from our readers were even more fun to read.  I won't re-cover the topic here but will leave the link.  Please check it out and leave your opinion for others to read.

Did you make that? Compliment or not?

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15 Responses to Sewing Mistakes That Make Your Clothes Look Homemade

  1. Jo Ann Kugle says:

    Homemade and Handmade are two different connotations! It is difficult for me to always interpret what people mean when they say,
    “Oh cute top! Did you make that?”

  2. Jessica says:

    I made a silver velvet top with the nap going the wrong way once. Whoops. BUT. I did the WHOLE thing upside down. So I’m just going with “I meant to do that because it makes the light hit differently” LOL

    • Mayra Cecilia says:

      Well it does look different than the rest and give the fabric and interesting texture. I would not necessarily call this a mistake but rather an interesting development..

  3. Vlierbloesem says:

    What makes clothes feel self-made is the perfect fit and the absence of itchy clothing labels.

  4. pamela says:

    These are wonderful reminders. Thank you, and keep it coming! Many of us are new or inexperienced sewers and need your insights. It is so discouraging to work hard and have poor results.

  5. cat says:

    Great reminders here! I’ve probably learned each one of these THE HARD WAY, some a number of times LOLOLOL. I still have a lot of trouble selecting suitable fabric for the patterns; even though the pattern makers may suggest knits with a certain amount of stretch, for example, the weight of the fabric, the drape and the opacity may not work. And I always find out way too late! grrrr. Of course, it’s risky when one buys fabric online as well.
    And then, you know, the fabric and the weave just may not look that good when it’s all put together.
    OH! Another tip you might explore: Make a muslin!!!

  6. Judy A. Lukers says:

    Great refresher info.

  7. Bakul Paul says:

    Of course complement! I even got many requests for similar items and made and sold to my great delight.

  8. Evon Long says:

    Great explanations

  9. Ellen Rittgers says:

    I would have been grateful for all this information when I was learning to sew!

  10. Gwen says:

    You know your clothes are handmade because the plaids line up!!!! Not always true when you buy.

  11. Yvonne Larson says:

    Would you addresschoosing, matching, cutting and sewiing plaid fabric?
    Plenty of mistakes to be made there!

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