Looking to improve your sewing techniques? Offer!

Exclusive offer on So Sew Easy for great savings on all these 'techniques' classes on Craftsy.  Limited time offer.

Here is our third (and last) in the series of special offers I've negotiated for you from Craftsy.  We previously had the Pattern Drafting Classes and the Sewing with Knits Classes on special offer. [You can still click through to check these out, as although the offers have now expired, some might still be on special from time to time.]

Today, a broad range of subjects that should hopefully appeal to a lot of you and maybe you already have some or many of these classes in your wishlist.  From bags, to beginners skills to couture and more, there is always a reason to take a class and improve on your sewing techniques.  All and any of these classes can help with that and turn your sewing from meh to yeah!

Learn new sewing techniques with these special offers

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Grab those sewing techniques classes at 50% off or more

Exclusive offer for So Sew Easy readers - all or any of these Sewing Techniques classes at 50% off or more.  Deal only valid until 20th August 2015.  Get them now!

You can read the descriptions of each of the 6 classes included in the special offer this time, below the images here, to see which class or classes might be best for you.  Each class also has a full history of reviews too, so read what other Craftsy users think before picking the classes which are right for your level of experience. And you can check out past student projects too.

Down at the bottom is the link through to the custom So Sew Easy landing page where you can find the special pricing with all at least 40% off – but ONLY until 20th August.  So don't delay if you think these are right for you.

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Learn to read between the lines of any sewing pattern as instructor Gail Yellen teaches you 40 essential techniques that every sewer should know!

The secret is in the details! Join instructor Gail Yellen as she shares her best tips and tricks to refine your sewing skills. With Gail's key finishing techniques, you will make garments that drape and lay beautifully. Learn to sew more efficiently, successfully and creatively as you create professional stitches, gorgeous bindings and tailored-looking buttonholes and zippers that will transform your garments from homemade to stylish. You’ll learn insider's tips for making set-in and flat-constructed sleeves that fit beautifully and add an elegant line to the shoulder.

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Bring greater style and structure to all of your handbags! Learn how to easily install linings, zippers, pockets, handles and more in any bag project.

Get the results you deserve out of every handbag you sew! Join designer and founder of U-handbag.com, Lisa Lam, and learn how to make a bag project more beautiful and durable using a bevy of essential techniques. During class, Lisa will teach you about the pros and cons of different interfacings, interlinings and linings, and she'll show you two handy methods for sewing lining into your bag. Then, you'll conquer skills for zipper installation — from choosing the right zipper to creating pretty end-tabs — and find out how to create two functional, polished pocket styles. Wondering how to create sturdy yet chic bag handles? Lisa will demonstrate how to sew custom handles, before laying out how you can use closures to create a classier bag. Plus, you'll learn how to add fabulous rivets and eyelets that add visual intrigue to any handbag!

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Learn essential techniques every new sewer should know! Create the projects you want with confidence and polish.

Add to your bank of basic sewing skills so you can conquer more complex projects with confidence! Join designer and instructor Angela Wolf and build the bridge of essential techniques that will take you beyond beginner sewing. During class, you'll learn how to work with patterns, choose fabrics and achieve perfect seams with consistency. Once you're seaming with success, Angela will guide you step by step through some fabulous finishing techniques that will keep your projects from fraying, and show you how to use understitching, topstitching and staystitching for extra polish. You'll even find out how to shape your projects for a flattering fit, add beautiful buttons and confidently install invisible zippers

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Speed up your sewing with 20+ efficient techniques for staystitching, seams, darts, facings, waistbands, zippers and more.

Master a collection of sewing shortcuts alongside beloved instructor Sue Hausmann, and achieve the results you want in the time you have. You'll discover a variety of methods for swiftly stabilizing curved edges and making basting a breeze. Next, bring your garments together quickly and beautifully as you stitch seams without pins, create fast, finished seams with a serger and more. Move on to shaping as you find out how to create accurate darts in a snap. Ready to finish your garment edges swiftly and beautifully? Learn how with Sue's methods for applying facings and finishing edges. Then, make quick work of waistbands with three techniques you'll use again and again. You'll even discover how to zip through perfectly placed zipper insertions.

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Elevate the beauty and longevity of any garment you sew. Learn couture dressmaking fundamentals with School of Sewing founder Alison Smith.

Create couture garments with a flawless look that lasts. Underline bodices to give them stability, structure and shape. Stabilize neck edges and shoulder seams so they never stretch. Create lovely shaping using slashed, balanced and contoured darts. Stitch crease-free princess seams and luxurious hand-finished necklines. Discover couture boning techniques for bodices that fit like a dream. Use sleeve heads and ribbon stays to sew gorgeous set-in sleeves with a touch of fullness and no wrinkles. Choose and insert impeccable linings by hand. Keep dresses from riding up or dragging with a waist stay. Harness couture dressmaking techniques to create special-occasion attire and everyday garments that eclipse high-end ready-to-wear.


Step up your sewing savvy with professional techniques and expert guidance. Tame challenging fabrics and tricky sewing to create your most sophisticated garments yet.

Learn advanced construction and finishing techniques with sewing expert Katrina Walker. Use easy tests to understand how fabrics will perform and respond to pressing. Sew perfect curved and fisheye darts. Breeze through garments with lots of gathers without pulling threads. Simplify sewing intricate curves and corners. Cut and sew to match up complex fabric patterns precisely. Install professional facings, lapped zippers and truly invisible zippers. Tame specialty fabrics and sheers with seaming skills. Plus, hem slippery fabrics, sheers and even open lace knits. Upgrade your garments with advanced techniques for sewing complex projects, finicky fabrics and professional finishes with finesse.

Each class page to check the reviews and projects

Special offer pricing

All of these classes are on So Sew Easy exclusive special with at least 50% off until 20th August 2015.

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Grab those sewing techniques classes at 50% off or more

Exclusive offer for So Sew Easy readers - all or any of these Sewing Techniques classes at 50% off or more.  Deal only valid until 20th August 2015.  Get them now!

Enjoy everyone!  I hope these savings help you out in learning all the new sewing skills you are hoping for this year.  Remember you can buy now, save these classes in your library and then watch them any time.

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