Show Some Flare A-Line Skirt Pattern – POTM

A-line skirt pattern. Great pockets and very clear step by step video with lots of tips to get a great fit on this skirt.

I've had a request for a skirt with pockets, and something that doesn't need stretch fabrics because I know some are still a little reluctant to sew with knits. So I'm happy to oblige this month with a practical A-line skirt pattern, including set-in pockets.


  • Flattering A-line shape
  • Easy to sew – no darts!
  • Lowered waist
  • Set-in pockets – the easy way
  • At the top of the knee as standard, lengthen or shorten as needed.
  • In sizes 34-50 inch hip
  • Video tutorial

Great news – this pattern is easy. So long as you can sew a zipper, you can get a great result with this skirt.

A-line skirt pattern. Great pockets and very clear step by step video with lots of tips to get a great fit on this skirt.

As usual, there's a video as well as the step by step photo instruction and I'll give you all my tips on how to get a good result with the minimum of fuss, including:

  • how to fit before adding the pockets (can save trouble later!)
  • a new easier way to sew set-in pockets
  • how to get a nice square edge at the top of your zipper and waistband with no trimming and poking

A-line skirt pattern. Great pockets and very clear step by step video with lots of tips to get a great fit on this skirt.

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Buy the Show Some Flare skirt pattern

Take a look at the Show Some Flare a-line skirt pattern.  Lowered waist skirt with center back zipper and easy to sew pockets.  Make it light and floaty for summer or add a little length and a thicker fabric for winter-warm.

Buy the pattern from Payhip and keep it safely in your pattern library there until you are ready to sew.


Pattern Rating – The pattern testers were split 50/50 on whether this should be a beginner or intermediate pattern.  Take a look at the video and decide if this is for you.

Watch me sew the Show Some Flare A-line skirt pattern

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The Pattern Testing Team show some flare!

Judy at Stoney Lonesome Sew Works – Really enjoyed this pattern. Very easy, clear instructions both in print and on the video. I thought of a lot of pattern hacks while sewing the skirt.  [Judy will be showing us a tutorial soon about how to add a lining to this skirt to make it winter-warm for those of you in cold weather.]


Diya at the Hobby Harbor – The pockets are nice. This is good for beginners. But if you are an advanced beginner like me(I hope I really am). Then it is good to refresh your skirt making skills. I enjoyed making it.  I added a simple bodice to mine to make an easy dress – worked great.


Theresa from the DIY Page – Easy skirt, very versatile. Love how the pockets came out. The video was great. I will be doing my pockets this way from now on!

A-line skirt pattern

Jane – I was very excited to sew this skirt. I love the look of an A-line skirt. This skirt was very different. I hadn't seen this type of pocket before. I thought it looked very cute. I liked that there were only a few basic pattern pieces to work with. The skirt seemed like it was going to be fun and easy to sew. (and it was!)  I will admit, I really dislike putting in waistbands. They make me nervous. I just have a really tough time with them. This pattern was easy to follow and the waistband went in with a minimum of stress and trouble for me.

I think showing a version of the skirt with the pockets a contrasting color to the skirt would be nice. It would be so cute with another color peeking out of the skirt. Of course, I thought of this AFTER I had already sewn up my sample skirt.  I really enjoyed the pockets on this skirt. I love the look as well. I think this skirt could easily become a staple pattern in a wardrobe.

A-line skirt pattern

Emma – Very simple and straightforward – elegant and timeless. Will work as casual or smart.  Pattern went together easily – as usual. [Emma teamed her skirt with the Give Me A Shrug top for work.]

A-line skirt pattern

Becky –  Very cute. Love the pockets. I think the pattern instructions were very clear. I went back and forth between the PDF instructions and the video.

A-line skirt pattern

Linda  – I love skirt for summer! or to wear to the office with a blazer or cardigan. I think they are very versatile. I love the A-line skirt I think it's the most flattering one to most body shape. I was not sure about the pockets as they usually don't sit right. I usually don't make them but I was very surprised how these one stay in place and don't add any puckers to the skirt. I love the way the waistband is made so it gives you a chance to adjust your skirt even after the waistband is on if you are not sure about your size or shape. For my body shape because of sway back, a low waistband is usually not a good fit but I was willing to try it and I was able to adjust it very easily to make it fit very well.

Thanks for the nice pattern. That will be a pattern that I go to very often as it can be made with so many type of fabric.

A-line skirt pattern

Robin at The Pattern Tester – I like the style of the skirt, and the addition of the pockets. It's a flattering skirt, and makes for a great staple piece for anyone's wardrobe. I wanted the pockets to be noticed more, so I used a contrasting colour so they are more noticeable. The instructions are very straight forward, and the video is very helpful.

A-line skirt pattern

Diane C at Two Chicklets Sew Shop – This is such a cute skirt with unique pockets! I haven't made this type of pocket before now. It was so easy to do and ended up nice and neat. I love my new skirt!

A-line skirt pattern

Jemma – I really like the pattern. Pretty and simple. The pockets are a great addition. 


Thank you ladies – your skirts look fabulous.

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Buy the Show Some Flare skirt pattern

Take a look at the Show Some Flare a-line skirt pattern.  Lowered waist skirt with center back zipper and easy to sew pockets.  Make it light and floaty for summer or add a little length and a thicker fabric for winter-warm.

Buy the pattern from Payhip and keep it safely in your pattern library there until you are ready to sew.


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31 Responses to Show Some Flare A-Line Skirt Pattern – POTM

  1. Jennifer says:

    Could this pattern work with a border fabric? I have a chambray fabric with an embroidered floral borer I want to make a skirt of, but not sure what style/cut will work best.

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  3. Keli Dean says:

    Does this skirt have enough flare to ride a bike in? And could you make it our of a knit?

    • Mayra at So Sew Easy says:

      Hi Keli, I think you can but can not promise that your thigh will show, have you ridden a bike with wearing A-Line skirt? I would be slightly wider this one.

      • kelsimad says:

        😀 I always wear leggings under my skirts when I bike so it’s more about how much room the flare gives so you can sit on the saddle. I have one mid length A-line skirt but it’s knit so it has some stretch. And then I have a slightly tiered mid length that works as well. I think I could probably use your pattern compare it to those two skirts and alter a little if needed. I just really need a few more skirts to be able to ride in, especially with warmer weather on its way.

        • Mayra at So Sew Easy says:

          Then this would be a great addition to your wardrobe. And kudos for riding your bike instead of driving!

  4. Nqobile says:

    i need help. how do i sew a 6 piece knee length skirt. what i dont know is how i divide to get the big centre pieces and the smaller side ones

  5. Kathleen Shumate says:

    I’m excited about this pattern because I’ve been looking for a very basic a-line zipper skirt for a long time! I have two questions:

    1) I’m looking at the line where it says to lengthen or shorten here. Should I add in the length at that line, and then make a smooth curve from the top to the bottom? In other words keep the same width at the bottom? That would decrease the overall flare. Or should I just continue the curve from the bottom, leading it to be more flared as it gets longer?

    2) Should I add in some extra seam allowance on each side of the back seam where the zipper/seam will go? As it is, the back panel when sewed together will end up being about an inch less wide than the front, because the front has no seams. Does that matter?

    Thank you so much!

  6. Jean1 Berghauser says:

    I am looking forward to trying this pattern, it looks like a great golf skirt.

  7. Connie Turner says:

    I finished my skirt today and it fits but I did have to take it in quite a bit. I made it according to my measurements but maybe there is a lot of ease in the skirt? Anyway it turned out fine after adjustments and next time I will make the smaller size. One item it turned out I didn’t like is the low waist, it just isn’t flattering or comfortable for a person with hardly any waist or hips. So I stitched some elastic in the back waist band (inside) and now it fits at my actual waist which looks much better on me.

  8. Connie Turner says:

    I really think this design is just great, it is simple and user friendly for making changes. I like the way it looks and I like the pocket installation method and waist band method. Brilliant design.

  9. Sian says:

    It seems I have a gap at the top of my zipper. If I increase the seam on the waistband would that work?

    • Mayra at So Sew Easy says:

      Hi Sian, it could work but it seams you are using a short zipper or you did not sew all the way to the beginning of the zipper. Is it possible you send me a photo to so I can help you better? kind regards,

  10. Maryke says:

    Looking for a golf skirt, this will work for me. Will buy the pattern later as I’m in a move to Spain.

  11. solocello1 says:

    How full could you go with this pattern? I want to make it below the knee and more flary – what kind of width at hem should I be aiming for? Thanks x

    • Mayra at So Sew Easy says:

      I would just extend the sides keeping the angle, this is flared but can not go too flared or it is going to look funny on the sides.

    • Mayra at So Sew Easy says:

      I would only extend the sides about 5″ keeping at the same angle, any wider and it will make the sides look funny.

  12. Ann Wright says:

    Is the waistband for this skirt contoured or straight? It appears it sits just below the waist. Is that true?

  13. Debbeg says:

    This is definitely next on my to do list. What’s the right material to look for? Is it a light weight cotton or a rayon? I guess both would work? What did you use? Thanks!

  14. Rachael Anderson says:

    Really enjoyed watching your video tutorial for this skirt. Even though I have been sewing on and off for about 35 years I learned some new techniques to make things even simpler. Thanks Deby for showing an old dog some new tricks!

    • I’m delighted you found some useful info. Apart from my online classes I’m all self-taught by muddling through on my own, so sometimes I come up with new ways of doing things. Sometimes they work, sometimes they don’t!

  15. Paula says:

    your patterns are always a joy to do and they are easy, and I love them and being a potm member. look forward to potm if you do it again. Thanks!!

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