Small Crossbody Wallet – When You Need An Extra Pocket

small crossbody wallet

I'm happy to share this new simple project and free pattern for the Small Crossbody Wallet.  It can be made using fabric, leather or vinyl and is suitable for intermediate sewists or advanced beginners.

First, let me share with you the backstory for the design.  I had a disagreeable little incident a couple of days ago, so I thought I'd take the experience, learn some lessons, and make the best of it.

I was at the supermarket buying a few things for the house.  I was standing in line for the cash register, and the person behind me bumped into me.  She kept creeping so close to me that I felt like asking if she wanted to pay my bill.

small crossbody wallet

I was with my daughter and she was telling me about her day, which only occurs right after I pick her up, so I have learned to drop everything and pay attention because once we get to the house she'll run off like a rabbit into her room and only surface for dinner.

Instead of returning my card and bill back into my pocket I kept it in my hand along with bags of groceries.  That is when it happened.  Another bump from the lady behind me and the card was gone.  However, I did not realize it until we had arrived back home.

I returned immediately to the store to retrieve the card thinking I had left it somewhere or dropped it on the floor.  I checked with security and customer service.  It couldn't be found and fearing the worst I called American Express to block the card and report it stolen.  “Do you remember your last charge?” the service person asked, yes I quoted the amount, the card was blocked and I was to receive a new one within 5 working days.  Thank you American Express, it only took 17 minutes and considering the card is from Australia and I am currently in South America, that is pretty impressive.

small crossbody wallet

A day or so later, we went back to the mall –me to buy some placemats and my daughter to drink some tea with her friends.  I decided to pop back to the customer service counter at the store and inquire if anyone had handed back my card.  The girl at the counter said, “yes, I remember this card, please go to security”.  It turns out the woman who had “found the card” tried to use it, but because it was reported stolen she had some explaining to do with the police.  There was a police report and everything.

I learned a valuable lesson here, to take my time to put my card back in my wallet and to keep my money in a secure place.  The real key is to take my time.  If I had taken an extra 30 seconds to secure my card, I would not have made myself a target.  However, my outfit had very shallow pockets which did not give much protection, so that may not have even helped much.  What I really needed was a secure, extra pocket.

Well, this project fixes that problem.  My solution is a small crossbody wallet and it is both easy and fast to make.

Skill Level: Advanced beginners to intermediate.  Suits people who love to experiment with different techniques and approaches to sewing.

small crossbody wallet

Materials for Your Small Crossbody Wallet


  • Snap tool
  • Hammer
  • Sharp scissors
  • Sewing machine that can handle 8 layers of fabric
  • Walking foot

Pattern Download

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Download the Free Pattern

You can download the pattern for The Small Crossbody Wallet from our account at Payhip.

For help downloading and printing PDF patterns, please CLICK HERE.

Recommended Fabrics

Pattern Layout

small crossbody wallet

Finished Measurements

The wallet is 7″ X  5.25″ X 1.5″ (18.7cm X 13cm X 3.8cm).

This small crossbody wallet is big enough for a card holder and a large mobile phone.

Printing Instructions

Use the latest version of Adobe Reader, this is the only program you will need and we are not asking you to download any other program nor pay for additional programs.

Print the small crossbody wallet pattern on Actual Size and on a Landscape format.

Note:  I have enclosed zipper tabs with the pattern but I will not get into it.  I will on another occasion show you how to add a zipper to this wallet.

Sewing Instructions

I have to make a note here, the following sewing instructions are for machines capable of handling thick fabrics.  I am testing the capabilities of a sewing machine and I am not sure that it will handle the eight layers of fabric when it is time to close the sides of the crossbody wallet. If that does not work for you either I recommend you to sew the outside layer separate from the lining and leave a space on the lining to be able to turn the wallet around or try to follow the instructions below using a walking foot.

Step One

Fuse the interfacing to the fabric and lining before you cut the pattern.  This is a requirement when you are using natural fibers since I am using fusible woven interfacing and cotton quilting the chances of the fabric shrinking are high.

The interfacing is woven you will have to follow the grain linen when applying it the outer fabric.

Trace the pattern on the fusible interfacing side of both outer layer (fashion fabric) and lining.

Trace the placement of the fasteners and the dots provide in your pattern.


Step Two

Make the ring holder by tracing the two rectangles provided in your pattern.

This small rectangle will only need interfacing on one side, otherwise, it will be nearly impossible to turn the piece inside out.

Print sides together, sew on three sides and leave one of the smallest side open to be able to turn the rectangle inside out.

Iron and fold the raw edge of the rectangle inside by 3/8″.

Put this little rectangle to one side.  We will use it when the time comes to add the snap fastener.

Step Three

Sew the lining and the outer layer print facing each other at 1/4″ seam allowance.

Repeat a second stitching to reinforce the bag.  Cut off the seam allowance leaving 1/8″.   Leave a space at the bottom marked in your pattern) to be able to turn the fabric inside out.

Iron folding the seam allowance at the bottom.

Step Four

Place the snap fastener on the front and back of the small crossbody bag wallet.

The fasteners have two pieces for the front and two pieces for the back.

Following your pattern mark the placement of the pieces.

Open a hole with the punch holder that comes with your kit.  You will need the use of a hammer for this step.Open a hole in the little rectangle you sewed previously on the side that is closed. See picture below.

Insert the cap from the right side of the fabric so the post of the cap shows.

And yes! before you mentioned it I nearly forgot about the little rectangle.

Place the socket on the back and using the rivet piece hammer so the post is flattened.  

You have placed the front snap on the wallet now you need to repeat the procedure with the back of the snap fastener. 

Step Five

Sew the sides of the wallet at 3/8″.  Use your walking foot if you need to.

My machine does not have a walking foot nor can handle the many layers of fabric when it was time to sew the sides of the wallets. I had broken needles and the machine refused to sew.

I used a speedy stitcher to sew one side and then the other.

I am not going to go into any detail on the speedy stitcher because I love this little gadget and I think it deserved a special post on its possibilities. Especially for those of you who would like to use thick materials for bags, hats, and shoemaking.

Squeeze the corners together and sew also at 3/8″ to square the bottom of the wallet.

Turn the wallet around and iron.  Open the flap and place the ring on top of the rectangle. Thread the rectangle through the ring and stitch the rectangle down.

I will be making a tassel to hang on the ring.  Follow this tutorial to make your own.

Step Six

Cut the nylon webbing strap the length you want. I do not want my wallet too long but I do want to use it across my body for more security.

Using matches seal the edges of the strap.  Fold the edge by 3/4″ so the end does not show and sew the straps down on both sides.  

There, in six easy steps, we have made ourselves an extra pocket for the times when a handbag is too much and you don't want to be a target.

Please share pictures of your projects with me and the other readers in the comments section below.  It is honestly my favorite part of the day when I get to see what everyone has made.

Until next time and happy sewing!

small crossbody wallet

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102 Responses to Small Crossbody Wallet – When You Need An Extra Pocket

  1. Margaret says:

    Thank you, I made something similar recently, using different “strap”. I used small diameter nylon rope. I really like the pattern of your fabric and this design better than the one I did. Thank you

  2. Hazel Kirman says:

    I love this pattern I made it with some fabric I had left over from another project and used a magnetic snap as I didn’t have any others left but its turned out great and I’m very pleased with it.

  3. Karen says:

    Very cute pattern. Thanks for sharing your story. We need to keep physical distance to be safe during this pandemic. Looking forward to making this crossbody wallet.

  4. Marie says:

    Brilliant little handy pocket, planning to make these for the homeless women for next year, where they will be very much appreciated I’m sure. This years gift is a vinyl zippered pouch. Many thanks to you.

  5. Deb says:

    I’m going to make a couple of these for gifts and one for myself of course! Thank you for sharing!

  6. Gail Burk says:

    This is a great idea as I’ve taken to just bringing Visa, store card and keys as I grocery shop. Not every outfit has a pocket but I like the idea of not having to keep an eye on my purse every minute.

    • Mayra Cecilia says:

      Yes me too, I have given this one to my mom, she takes her house keys, a few treats for the dog and her phone on her morning walks.

  7. Speattle says:

    Great pattern, and Thank you for Sharing. Cross-body is the safest way to carry a purse these days.

    When I go to the grocery store or a place like Target, I unload my things on the conveyor belt and then pull my card in behind me, keeping it between me and the next person in line. I really hate having someone stand near me as I pay.

  8. jpuckett3 says:

    LOVE this little bag. Doesn’t the tutorial print with the pattern? Am I missing something. All I’m getting with the download is instruction about downloading and the pattern. Is there a way to also print the tutorial?

    • Mayra Cecilia says:

      I can only upload a certain amount for you to use for free, any bigger the file and it can not be free anymore.

  9. michelle chastain says:

    I am sorry totally not seeing zipper instructions :). This is perfect for diabetic pump pouch but really need a zip. Can you point me to what I’m Missing: ty

  10. Maxine R. Horton says:

    Hello Mayra, In your instructions you mentioned adding instruction for adding a zipper to the bag. I was wondering if you have updated your pattern to include the option of adding a zipper? Thanks. PS You little bag has inspired me to sew! Also what size webbing do you use for the bag’s cross body strap? I was thinking maybe 1′ or 1/2″ wide?

  11. Kim says:

    I have cut out the pattern pieces and would like to put in the zipper, are the instructions available please?

  12. Ashley Roland says:

    Here’s my reason for wanting to make this project: My husband and I go to amusement parks 1-2 times a month and I wanted something that I could throw our passes, a few dollars, our phones and his vape/e-cig in. It had to be light weight and not look too much like a lady’s purse! I used what I had already: magnet snaps instead of plastic, batting instead of stabilizer, some hidem for the strap and some outdoor upholstery fabric. I made a mini bildfold last week that I just didn’t like on it’s own, but I sewed it into the inside of this one to hold our passes. If I make another one, I will skip the gusset too. Other than that, a great little project! Thanks!

  13. John Jordan says:

    Mayra – my wife fell in love with the material you used on your bag, the black background with colorful circles. Could you post the fabric origin info so we can procure some?

    • Mayra at So Sew Easy says:

      HI John, please check the recommended fabric section above, got them on Amazon, it has both fabrics I used for the lining and the outside. it is available in many quilts shops.

  14. Marty C says:

    Here’s a picture of the front and back of one of the Crossbody Wallets that I made using your very versatile pattern. As you can see, I put a pocket in the back (RFID blocker lined) and used lobster snaps and D rings on the strap. I also made it a little deeper to fit my phone. It’s a very fun and quick pattern to sew up. Thank you for all the patterns you make available to us, your fans!

  15. Ruth Hurley says:

    Just made the bag with heavy weight denim for the outer and a heavy cotton for the lining. I fused a mid weight lining to each fabric. Next time I would add a zipper pocket inside. I used my Juki 2010Q so no problem with many layers as it can even sew through 8 to 12 layers.

    • So Sew Easy says:

      Fantastic, Ruth. Love your work. Thanks so much for sharing the pic and glad to hear the Juki could get through it.

  16. Kmac says:

    Love it! But had to increase the difficulty factor by lining it w/RFID and made strap adjustable. Also don’t like exposed seams inside so sewed the sides first then them together leaving opening to turn.

    • Mayra at So Sew Easy says:

      Thank you for loading the picture, I love your Beautiful Bag! Love the fabric also! yes, you did it the way it should be done if you are using fabric only.

  17. Janis says:

    Hi Mayra, Thanks for all your tutorials and patterns! What thread are you using in the speedy stitcher? I love this bag and may make one for my friend’s daughter to take to Coachella this weekend.

    • Mayra at So Sew Easy says:

      HI Janis, I am using the waxed thread the speedy stitcher came with, Tandy Leather Waxed Nylon Thread 25 yds. (22.9 m) Black 1227-01 I have it black and twine color.

      • Janis says:

        I ended up doing the exterior and lining separate so I could hide the D ring loop for an adjustable strap. I had a weird pleat in the bottom panel after boxing the corner so next time I will sew straight down without the notch. It’s so cute! I also added a lined pocket to the back exterior to hold a credit card and cash (won’t need to open the purse for money but great place for phone and lipstick.) Thank you for this wonderful pattern!

  18. Edith says:

    I love what you did with this! I have been making little phone pouches, unlined, and with ribbon straps, but I think it’s time to raise the bar. Thanks for the ideas! I especially like the idea of adding the ring, because it will make the flap easier to raise for my friend, who has Parkinson’s.

    • Mayra at So Sew Easy says:

      You are most welcome! Yes, you are right it would be easier for your friend to raise the flap. How thoughtful you are 🙂

  19. Kristin Haugen says:

    I used RFDI fabric on the inside, to prevent scanning ID’s credit cards and or phone.

  20. Bonnie sibert says:

    I downloaded the pattern for the small crossbody wallet. but it did not give directions on putting it together. Said to go to your web site, I went there but the directions will not print out. Why didn’t the directions come with the pattern? Can you sent the print of the directions to me please?
    Thank You
    Bonnie Sibert

    • Mayra at So Sew Easy says:

      HI Bonnie, the pattern is free and instructions are also free, if you want the combo all together you can pop into my Etsy shop and pay between 5 and 30 dollars for patterns with everything included. Kind Regards 🙂

    • Marlene says:

      My directions wouldn’t print either, so I copied the whole thing and pasted it into a WORD document. After that, I reduced the size of the illustrations to save a few pages. After I saved the document, it printed just fine. I have found this to be helpful when I’m unsuccessful in printing something directly from the internet.

  21. gloria says:

    Just finished mine. Not having done a cut out bottom before I messed up and had to redo. I like it. I added an extra ring to the strap so I can hang my hand sanitizer bottle. I will make more. Thanks for sharing.

    • Mayra at So Sew Easy says:

      Ah, Gloria, you know what they say, a picture tells a thousand word, share your wallet with us, would you? Love to see it 😉

  22. Patricia A says:

    I have been wearing a small bag like this for a couple of years. Time for a replacement. Mine has the zip on the side near the top and I wear it with the zip against my body.
    Showed it to some folks on the weekend and they all loved it. Had to explain how to make it a zillion times over (not quite, but it felt like it after the last person asked me to explain the construction) On showing folk my bag, I discovered that the stitching for the long strap was coming away. Easy enough repair job, but I would like a new one too. Will try this one out. It will only be the third such bag – different designs that I have made to date.

  23. Jane says:

    Thank you for this bag pattern, perfect timing as I’m making myself a dress to wear whilst on the stand at a busy exhibition and was wondering how to keep my phone with me – you certainly daren’t leave them unattended there!
    I shall make one of these in fabric to match my dress.

  24. Susan Sicard says:

    I really love this wallet. I have been looking for a pattern that would hold my IPHONE 6plus and possibly some bills and/or credit card. I think this will just be the right size . I always wear my crossbody wallet when I go shopping and leave my purse in the car but my phone does not fit in it so with this wallet, I could carry all I need. Thank you so much. I love all your patterns.

  25. Bijoux Ward says:

    Thank you, this is perfect and better than a fanny pack. I sometimes just need something to hold my phone, ID/Drivers license credit cards & cash.

    You are always so kind to share these nice things with us. I for one, appreciate it very much.

    • Mayra at So Sew Easy says:

      You are most welcome! It is actually my pleasure, I love what I do and sharing it with you makes it all the more enjoyable.

      • Matti says:

        Mayra, I also love your wonderful freebies. I have been a lurker so far, but will make some of them eventually, I’m sure. Thank you for your generosity and positive spirit!

        • Mayra at So Sew Easy says:

          Hi Matti, thank you for taking the time to comment if you have any suggestions I am all ears. Keep in touch and when you do make something, load a picture love to see what tickles your creative juices. Kind Regards,

  26. Marta says:

    wow, this wallet is what I just thought about! my old phone often unblocks itself in my jeans’ pocket so I think I need something like that for it. again, in summer I usually have a problem with dresses without pockets and my phone and wallet. so thank you, it’s perfectly on time!

    • Mayra at So Sew Easy says:

      Looking forward to a picture of you with your dress and this wallet, will you post it, please 🙂

  27. Cherryn Ellison says:

    Great Idea, I had my wallet stolen when on holiday. I was travelling on a bus and although I had a cross body bag it had a zipper that was zipped open by the person who stole my wallet while I was hanging on to the handles above my head which exposed by bag. So do not use a zipper as it is to easy for people to steal from you when you are looking.

    • Mayra at So Sew Easy says:

      Now Cherryn, you give a good reason to come up with an even more secure wallet, stay tuned to see what I can make to answer this particular problem. Wouldnt be nice to be able to place an electrical zapper in there to torture slippery finger? But how would you turn it off for your own fingers?

  28. Mary Eggleston says:

    Don’t know if I can prevent it, but it is very frustrating to read through your pages. I’ll get to a certain place then it pops back up to where the ad it. I couldn’t even scroll to the Download spot without quickly hitting the Download button for fear it would take me back to the ad spot. It has also taken me 6 times to scroll down to this comment section . Very frustrating!!

  29. Emma Carpenter says:

    Right on time. I just recently forgot to put card back in wallet before leaving cash register and left it at the cash register; I never do this!!! Fortunately, it was turned in immediately to clerk, who remembered me and returned card to me. Could have been disastrous. I would not have missed it until ready to use next time. With this scw, at least one step of putting away card would have been eliminated. Thanks for sharing.

  30. Nancy DeRodeff says:

    So sorry that happened to you. I hope that lady learned something from the encounter, too. We are all in such a hurry and so trusting. Thank you for this pattern and I am really glad that nothing worse happened to you! Take care.

  31. Pegg says:

    Great little bag! And there aren’t enough pockets in clothing these days to hold all the things that we need to carry! I need this for an upcoming trip! Thanks!

  32. Andrea says:

    Hi Mayra! Sorry to hear about your experience, but I’m glad you could get something as positive as this adorable design out of it, and share it with all of us. I love the design, and am etranced by your exterior fabric choice. Do you happen to remember what the name of it is, or where you got it? I think I need to add some of it to my stash!

  33. Leilani Abbott says:

    Love the wallet and will make it for gifts.

  34. alison alison says:

    I am loaded with questions about the “speedy stitcher” now. :-). You used it to sew the sides and the corners? And it is an awl used in leather work? Did you use special thread (waxed I believe). Very cool.

    I SEW enjoy your emails/posts/patterns. Thank you!

  35. Lydia says:

    Very nice. How about a zippered top to make it more secure. The flap can be a mock flap — just a thought.

  36. Susan says:

    Thank you for the cute bag. I love bags like this in crowded venues. Phone, keys, cash and a card. I actually wear it in the front.

    I recently had my card stolen online. Why are people such creeps?

  37. Carol Reiter says:

    Wanting to know how is Deby doing. So sorry to hear about her stroke.

  38. Rachel V in Florida says:

    What a horrible experience! As soon as I started reading that the lady behind you kept “bumping” into you, I knew how it would end. I am thankful that you were able to get that straightened out with your credit card company!

    Cute design and lovely fabric choice! I was wondering if the wallet can be turned sideways instead of wearing it long? Could you post an alternative pattern for that design?

  39. Debbie says:

    Neat project. For even more security, you could line the bag with RFID fabric.

  40. Edith Richards says:

    Love it, love it. What a neat choice of fabrics. I too often find myself needing an extra pocket from time to time. I’ll definitely give this one a try. I’m not too sure how to share a picture but I’ll give it a try when I’m done. Thanks for these wonderful and free patterns. I really enjoy reading about how you come up with ideas for your designs.

    • Mayra at So Sew Easy says:

      Hi Edith, so nice to hear from you! It is easy to load a picture, when you are done with your project, go to the comment side of the page and you will see a “Leave a Reply” at the bottom it will say “Choose file” then it will give you a chance to take a picture with your phone and load it up to the site. Looking forward to your project 🙂

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