Are You Ready for Valentine’s Day? Here’s a Free Sexy Dress Pattern

valentines day dress

This Valentine's Day, we have something special for you –something sweet or something racy– with a free sexy dress pattern and tutorial.  This dress comes with a warning!  Be careful.  You may struggle to keep your lover's hands off you when wearing this..

This is an intermediate-level project.  It will take some time to make, but once it's done, you'll be happy to spend time in it!  It is comfortable, but sexy and is a very flattering design.  I have designed it on a bias and simplified the construction as much as possible.  I have made it especially for the curvy girl in mind.  The smallest size will accommodate a bust and hips between 43″ and 45″.  I have not used fusible interfacing because I did not want any more support, and my fabric did not need it.  You are welcome to use fusible interfacing if your fabric allows it.

sexy dress pattern

If you have something sweet in mind, I recommend the use of a very soft cotton voile or silk chiffon.  If racy is what you want, then try to find the same fabric I am using.  It is a satin/silk back crepe or lace.  Other fabrics you can use are Charmeuse satin or silk damask.  I'll give you a few good suggestions from below.

valentines day dress

This pattern and tutorial are completely free to you.  The design and pattern are entirely original and, as you can imagine, has taken some time to put together.  I really hope that you enjoy it and that it adds some spice to your Valentine's Day!

Here are the materials we will be using:

Finished Garment Measurements:

This pattern is designed with the curvy girls in mind.

Small Medium Large
Bust 42″ 44″ 46″
Waist 38″ 40″ 42″
Hips 44″ 46″ 48″

Suggestions from

Pattern Download

Print the pattern using Adobe Reader in Landscape mode, and actual size.

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Download the Free Sexy Dress Pattern

You can download the pattern pieces and instructions for the Free Sexy Dress Pattern from Payhip.  Save to your computer or pattern library and sew at your leisure.

For help downloading and printing PDF patterns, please CLICK HERE.

Pattern Layoutsexy dress pattern

 Step One: Download, print and assemble your sexy dress pattern

Print the pattern and tape it following the numbers.  You will have 23 pages to print in total.  Please match the black circles.  There are small numbers on each side of the circle to guide you.  If you need further guidance on how to do these, please read our post on:  How to download and print PDF sewing patterns

sexy dress pattern

Take the front pattern and retrace it to make one big pattern piece.  The front will be cut from the fabric as a single whole piece.  There are two pieces to the bottom back of the dress that are stitched together in a later step.

Step Two: True the fabric

Iron the fabric, true it and find the grain of your fabric.  We won't go into this much right now since we did a recent post on how to do this.  If you don't recall how, please read review our post on: Top 5 Mistakes to Avoid When Cutting Fabric

sexy dress pattern

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Step Three: Cut pieces and begin assembly

For the top, you will need to cut two sets of each cup piece because we are self-lining.  By this, we mean that one set will be the outside and one set the inside of the garment.  This will add support without making it stiff.  If you are using fusible interfacing this is the time to cut it and iron it into the fabric.

sexy dress pattern

sexy dress pattern

Sew the four pieces together and press the seams open to create one half of the top.  Sew another set of four pieces to create the other half.  Later these will be joined together with the seams all facing inside to create a soft yet supportive top.

Notice there is no interfacing in my garment.  This is because I wanted to keep the softness in the fabric.  Since I have self-lined the top, interfacing will not be required to have any more bulk.  If you are planning to wear this garment as a cocktail dress then perhaps you want to use a very delicate fusible interfacing.

Step four: Topstitch

sexy dress pattern

Topstitch the cups 1/8″ on either side of the center seam, this will help the seams lay flat once when the garment is completed and will add a decorative stitch if you are using a solid color.

Step Five: Attach cups to bodice

sexy dress pattern

Attach one set of the cups to the bodice and trim the seam allowance by half, iron the seam upwards.

Step Six: Make the straps

sexy dress pattern

Cut a strip of fabric  1.5″ by 25″ to 27″ long depending on the size you are working on.  Fold the strips in half and stitch them right in the middle.  If you want more support, you can make the straps wider and add fusible interfacing to make them stiffer.  I have chosen not to use fusible interfacing because I want to preserve the overall soft feeling of the garment.  You can use interfacing if you prefer but you need to trim the seam allowance because it will become difficult to turn.

sexy dress pattern

Turn the straps inside out using a loop turner and set aside.

Step Seven: Attach straps and assemble the cups

sexy dress pattern

Please follow these steps carefully.  It will save you time with the seam ripper.

Take the front of your garment and place it on the table right side up (print on top and towards you).  Pin your straps at the tip of the cups so they essentially hang down the front. See picture above.  This might seem to be counter-intuitive but you'll see how this all comes together later.

sexy dress pattern

Take the lining set of cups and front set with the skirt attached line them up with the straps in the middle like a sandwich.

Step Eight: Sew together the front, lining, and straps

sexy dress pattern

Sew only the top along the top edge of the garment where the straps are located.  Please take particular care in the two places where the straps are attached and the middle of the chest where the center seam is located.  At these three points you most pivot the corners taking care to always respect the seam allowance.

sexy dress pattern

Trim half of the seam allowance along the inside of the top edge. Turn and iron the top.

sexy dress pattern

Step Nine: Sew together two back pieces

sexy dress pattern

Sew the back pieces using a french seam.  If you need additional guidance with this, please see our tutorial:  How to sew a French Seam

How to sew a French Seam. Ideal for light weight or sheer fabrics.

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sexy dress pattern

sexy dress pattern

Here is how to do it:  Place the wrong sides (non-print side) together and then sew on the right side (print side) of your garment a 1/4″ seam allowance.  I am using white thread on a sample so you can see the stitching clearly.

Cut less than half off the seam allowance and iron to the side.

sexy dress pattern

Fold the fabric on the seam and iron flat.

sexy dress pattern

Sew another 3/8″ seam once again.  The raw edge will completely be covered.  This will be the inside of your garment and outside will be smooth and neat.

Step Ten: Finish the skirt lining

sexy dress pattern

Attach the top and the skirt, right sides together.  Seam allowance will be on the wrong side of the fabric.  Iron the seam upwards.  You can either use pins as in the photo or hand basting.

sexy dress pattern

Fold the raw edge of the lining 5/8″ inward and sew either by hand or by machine being guided by the gap between the top and skirt.  This seam will hardly be noticed.

sexy dress pattern

sexy dress pattern

Step Eleven:  Finish the back

Zigzag the top of the skirt and fold it 1/2″.

sexy dress pattern

sexy dress pattern

Baste the seam and set aside.

Step Twelve: Sew the straps to the back and join everything together

Very simply join the front and the back at the sides, the wrong side together.

sexy dress pattern

sexy dress pattern

Baste the garment on the sides, this step might look unnecessary, but when working with delicate fabric pinning is not always ideal because the pins fall down. Silk is a slippery fabric and when cut on a bias has the tendency to lose the shape, that is why it is better to baste the garment all along the sides.

I have used the French seam again which is my preferred seam when working with silk because it protects the fabric from unraveling and prolongs the life of your garment. This is the time to try the dress on and find the place where you want to sew the straps.  I have sewn them 5″ from the center back line, however, this is entirely up to you. Twist the straps as if you were going to tie your shoes and attach the straps to the back, 5″ from the center seam.  This measurement depends on your taste and of course your measurements.  You will have to make the fitting according to your body measurements. Check your back, is it too wide for you?  By how much? On the small size, the back measures 23 inches, if the back is 2″ too wide for you, cut your stretch lace 22″.

sexy dress pattern

As an option for the more advanced sewists, you can add lingerie adjuster sliders and rings to allow for more adjustment options but I won't be covering this in the tutorial.

valentines day dress

At this point, you are almost finished.  Make sure both sides seam allowances are facing to the front.  Press them with the steam iron and pin them.  Take your lace and

sexy dress pattern

Match the middle of your elastic to the middle of the back.

Pin the elastic on either side.  The elastic should be 2 ” smaller than the measurement of the top of the skirt.  Attach the elastic to the top of the skirt on the wrong side of the skirt allowing the top of the elastic to show as a decorative motif.

sexy dress pattern

Tuck the ends of the elastic under the french seam.

sexy dress pattern

sexy dress pattern

Sew the elastic, at this point you could use a twin needle or just make to rows of stitches.

sexy dress pattern

sexy dress pattern

Iron the dress and press all seams flat.  Make sure all the seams face the same way from the join of the top and the skirt to the hem. 

Step Thirteen:  Hem the dress

sexy dress pattern

The best way to make the hem in a delicate fabric such as silk or satin is to stitch all around the hem at 1/4″.  Fold and iron using this stitch line as a guide.

sexy dress pattern

Fold one more time and sew very close to the edge.  Your hem will have a very professional and delicate look.  Iron the hem and voila!!!!

Step Fourteen: Try it out with your lover;)

You are done!  Because I have used silk in a very bold color, I can't really decide if the end result is something sweet something racy.  What do you think?  Why don't you try and share with me your take on this pattern?  It would be great to hear how you go with this project.  Please post your comments, questions, and pics (not too racy pls..) below.

sexy dress pattern

sexy dress pattern

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91 Responses to Are You Ready for Valentine’s Day? Here’s a Free Sexy Dress Pattern

  1. Sew Chillin says:

    i so want to make this dress, but the bust size on the small is way too big. The hips are good since I don’t like tight fitting dresses around my hips. Any tips on how to make the top smaller?

  2. Barbara Hilow says:

    I’ve actually been looking for a full slip pattern and this is perfect! Going to get me something slippery in nude and something a bit fancier, put in those sliders, and be ready for a couple of more sheer dresses I’ve been putting off. Rockin’ it old style! Garter belt anybody?

  3. Jayne Ward says:

    Hi I love the pattern but there doesn’t seem to be a 1” or 5cm square to check the printing size. I also can’t tell whether the skirt is cut on the cross – it may be easier to tell once I print it out. Thanks Jayne

  4. MicKay says:

    OK, I have spent the last 6 months losing 35 pounds, still overweight, have another 12 or so to go. I am a L-XL in patterns. But I’m too small for this one!!! so can’t try it. But funny for a small to be too big for me!!!

  5. Please advise on how to make smaller. I wear size 4-6 and do not have full hips.

  6. Nikki says:

    Love this! Thank you for the pattern and thank you for the tutorial!
    I have some jersey nightgowns that are VERY similar that I’ve been contemplating trying to copy to make a dress fit for wearing in public.
    And then I open my email today and viola, wishes do come true, lol.

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  8. ZATANA KING says:

    Can I get better directions on how the bra pieces fit together?

    • Mayra Cecilia says:

      If you are having trouble it is because you cut the fabric and did not assemble right after taking it off the pattern you need to repined the fabric to the pattern, making sure you know which one is right and left them pin it back together. Let me know if this helps, Kind Regards,

  9. Kristen says:

    does this include seam allowance or no?

  10. Reagan Williams says:

    Is there a smaller pattern, preferably one to fit a 34, 26, 35 person? I’ve seen it mentioned in the comments but can’t find it. Thanks!

  11. Todd says:

    The border between sweet and racy can be pretty narrow sometimes! Thanks for the pattern…it has a few similarities to a prom dress I designed and am making for my daughter (the spaghetti straps primarily). This tutorial will come in handy! Cheers!

  12. Cielo says:

    Gorgeous! How can I make it smaller? I am xxs

  13. Rachel says:

    This looks fabulous! Any suggestions for those of us whose “girls” are bigger? I fit into the large, with the exception of the bust. Depending on the bra maker, I’m usually a G cup or bigger, so I clearly can’t wear the dress with the cups as is. Trial and error to add extra fabric to the cups? Or keep it as is for truly private moments?! Any suggestions welcome!

    • Mayra at So Sew Easy says:

      This is dress is for private moments. I suggest you to go ahead and make a muslin in your size and work from there.

  14. Vicki O'NEILL says:

    Can’t wait to stitch this one!

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