The Stack and Store Bobbin tower

Look at the features of the Stack n Store Bobbin Tower - makes sewing storage more fun

It arrived at last! I've been waiting on this for ages, ever since I started writing that series about sewing tools – budget/quality. We talked about bobbin storage in a couple of articles recently:

I decided to upgrade my shabby bobbin storage for something more space-age and nice to look at and here she is.  ‘Babs' the bobbin tower. (Am I the only one that names my favorite things?) Let's take a look at her and how she makes me happy.

Stack and store 1

Stack and Store Bobbin Tower

That's how the tower arrives and as you can see it has 6 levels.  What I wasn't expecting is that these all come apart and what's more they aren't hard and stiff plastic, they are far more flexible and rubbery, with some flex and bend in them.

So basically you can take the layers apart, fill them any way you like and then stack them back together in any order.  This is really useful.  You can put similar threads all on the same layer for example, sorting them by color, or by thread type and weight perhaps.

Bobbins 2

Then stack them back together how you like.  Working on a project with several different thread colors?  Put all the bobbins in one layer and maybe move that layer to the top.  Easy access.

Of course, you can also pop the bobbins in and out easily without having to take it apart as well.  With it being flexible and rubbery they slide in and out easily, but stay stuck in there nice and firmly too so none of the threads are going to come unraveled. When it's all filled it holds 30 bobbins in total, and it looks so pretty.  You can spin the sections about if you want to.

Bobbins 3

If you have a lot more bobbins, you could also buy another one and stack more of these rings on top as well.  Or just make a matching pair.

Melissa, says on the Facebook page “I've had one for about a year and I love it! It comes apart, so I can take one or two of the stacks with me to sew retreats or classes.” I didn't even think of that, but yes, great idea to be able to carry your bobbins safely without the thread getting everywhere.

So that's all for today, just sharing my latest sewing gizmo.  Have a great week.

Buy the bobbin tower at:


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My mom bought me one of these 4-5 years ago! I love it! Mine is personalized because our cat gave it a couple chomps, thanks to its appealing rubbery texture. But it doesn’t explode all over the floor, which is sooooo nice!

Robin in Kansas
Robin in Kansas

I love my bobbin tower, it’s one of the most convenient sewing toys I’ve ever had. I thought it was just a self-indulgent splurge when I bought it, because I had a perfectly good little box for my bobbins, but now I’m fierce about keeping the tower close on my sewing table. It doesn’t take up much space but it’s still big enough that it doesn’t get lost in the clutter of a project in progress, like the box did. The flexible arms really hug bobbins and keep the threads from unwinding and tangling. But best of all, when this gets knocked off the table it doesn’t explode open and fling bobbins everywhere, which was the biggest gripe I had about the box.