Coin Purse Free Pattern, Full Tutorial – A Perfect Beginner Project

coin purse pattern

This coin purse pattern and tutorial are a follow-up to the Leather and Fabric Handbag tutorial we posted recently.  While you certainly don't need to make this coin purse pattern from leather –you can use vinyl or almost any fabric– it makes a good first project for those who have never sewn with leather before.

I had originally designed this pattern as an ornament on our Christmas tree if you can believe it, but I found that my teenage daughter was carrying it everywhere because it made such a good addition to a handbag.  I also found the concept made for wonderful small gifts as well.

coin purse pattern

This tutorial is especially for those of you who are taking the challenge with me to learn more about sewing with leather.  I think it will be a great addition to our skills.  Leather is a great material to use to make more attractive gifts as well as items that would be terrific additions to a market stall.  We will certainly be adding this project to our very popular list about Sewing for profit. Projects that are great to make to sell.

If you bought a whole skin last week, this project will take care of the edges of the skin that might not be big enough for a whole handbag.  But as I said before, you can certainly make this coin purse pattern with vinyl, fabric, canvas, or with leather as I have done in this tutorial.  It is a terrific little purse for any age and it will look very good hanging inside or outside your handbag as well.

coin purse pattern

Key Features

  • small enough to hang on the outside of the purse or handbag
  • big enough for some coins, a couple of credit cards and a lipstick
  • can be used as a Christmas Tree decoration
  • good gift, with or without money inside
  • can be made with a normal sewing machine

coin purse pattern


  • leather, 1 to 2 ounces average, can use vinyl or fabric 13″ x 8 1/2″.  (See recommendations below.)
  • one rectangle of quilting fabric 17″ x 8 1/2″ for the lining and strap
  • two rectangles of quilting fabric 5″ x 1″
  • water-based leather glue.  I used Leather Weld.
  • 5″ zipper
  • polyester thread for leather (Do not use cotton.)
  • 1/4″ double-sided tape
  • one tassel (optional)


  • teflon sewing machine foot
  • sewing machine leather needle
  • grading or quilting ruler
  • craft knife

Video Tutorial

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Pattern Download

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Download the Free Pattern

You can download the pattern for this Coin Purse from our account at Payhip.

For help downloading and printing PDF patterns, please CLICK HERE.

Finished Measurements

coin purse pattern

Step One:  Cutting the pattern pieces for your leather coin purse

The best practice for making this or any other coin purse is to transfer the pattern pieces to a piece of cardboard thick enough so you can reuse it anytime you want.  I strongly recommend this practice because in the future we will be using this pattern for other projects.  This will save you time and paper.

Trace the pattern directly onto the back of the leather or the right side of the fabric using a Frixion heat erasable pen.  Using very sharp scissors or a craft knife cut along the lines.  I am using a Fiskars Fingertip Craft Knife which is fantastic and I am fond of the quality of their products.  Sometimes a bit more expensive but definitely worth the money.  Remember the mark will disappear with heat from your iron.

Trace the rectangle, as you see in the pattern.  The lines must be as straight as you can manage, so use a transparent grading ruler or quilting ruler for this job.

Step Two: Placing the zipper

Cut the rectangle on the leather.  Make sure you use a very sharp cutting knife and a heavy ruler like a quilting or a metal ruler.  Your line must be as straight as possible. 

Cut out the rectangle.  I have drawn the middle lines and the small triangles inside the rectangle out of habit but you do not need to do that.

Cut two rectangles of quilting fabric 5″ x 1″.  This must be fabric as leather would be too thick.

Fold them lengthwise and iron. 

coin purse pattern

Place your 4″ zipper right side up and place double sided tape right at the edges of the zipper tape.

coin purse pattern

Pull the waxy paper protector off the tape.

Place the two strips of fabric with the folded edge to the center.

coin purse pattern

Apply double-sided tape to the rectangle opening of the leather piece.

Peel the waxy paper backing of the double-sided tape off and very carefully place the leather piece on top of the zipper.

Open the zipper to about the middle. 

Step Three:  Making the lining of the stela coin purse pattern

To make the lining, we need to cut the same size star pieces from the rectangle of quilting fabric 18″ x 9″.  This is basically a repeat of Step One.

Mark the rectangle on the lining fabric using the pattern as you have done with Step Two.  You can add interfacing if the fabric you are using isn't heavy enough

Sew around the rectangle as carefully as you can.  

coin purse pattern

coin purse pattern

Cut to the corners, but not through.

Iron the lining fabric using the stitching line as a guide and turn the fabric to the wrong side.  Make a very neat rectangle.

Place double-sided tape on the back of the lining and line up the rectangles.  We're going to be attaching the lining to the leather or fabric you're using for the outer layer of the purse.  

Using your zipper foot align the edge of the leather with the edge of the foot and sew.  You must follow the edge of the leather.  Pay special attention to the corner pivoting as the step above.

coin purse pattern

Step Four: Making the strap.

Cut a piece of leather or fabric 7″ x 1″ and make a mark in the middle.

coin purse pattern

Add double-sided tape on the edges of the leather.

purse pattern

Fold the edge to the center line and stitch it close to the middle.

Place this strap over the zipper side of the star.

Place the other side of the star right side down and clip all around the edges.  Leave the zipper halfway open so you are able to turn the purse inside out.

coin purse pattern

I found it hard to keep all these layers together so I zigzagged all around the star first to hold the layers together.  Sew at 1/4″ of an inch.

coin purse

Turn the coin purse inside out.

coin purse pattern

coin purse pattern

I have added a tassel I made and folded the strap.  Glue a little strap of leather around to hide the knot from the tassel.  This baby is now ready to hang.  I'm going to make a few more for some late holiday presents.  What girl doesn't like a little leather coin purse?

Working with leather is not difficult at all and you can use a domestic sewing machine.  Everything depends on the pattern you are using.  In our next project with leather, we will be exploring the possibility of recycling an old sweater and using leather to make a fabulous handbag that will not require a pattern.  Sounds interesting, doesn't it?

I hope you enjoyed the Stela coin purse pattern.  Don't forget it makes a very cute decoration as well as an attractive accessory for you or your loved ones.


coin purse

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thank you

Nina Paul

Thanks for sharing this. My decoration will look great with this.


[…] If you are familiar with the fabric covered beaded necklace then this step is known to you.  If not, it might be useful to go back and review this tutorial.  I made this necklace out of scraps of fabric, likewise, I have covered the ball in this tutorial from the leftover fabric from Stela the coin purse. […]


I love the star changepurse, and am planning on making for my granddaughter, its adorable and I enjoyed the tutorial, but I am having a hard time finding the tassel to make for it,


This looks like a lot of fun to make and give. =)

Sherry Scribner
Sherry Scribner

Great idea! Easy to understand video. Thanks for sharing!


Cute! Anxious to download the pattern and make some for the granddaughters!


Saw your Youtube tutorial of this and loved it! Thanks for taking the time to create it.

Katherine Asch
Katherine Asch

It looks so nice. I love it. Can I have the Pattern to make it please? Big Greatings from Germany.


I like this. Will try to make.


This pattern is very cute! Cannot wait to make it!