To Subscribe or Not To Subscribe, That Is the Question: Craftsy Unlimited

craftsy unlimited

I've borrowed a bit from Shakespeare's Hamlet for the title from the famous soliloquy “to be or not to be“.  But that is indeed the question I've received from many, many readers regarding the new Craftsy Unlimited subscription product.

Craftsy is by far the favorite video tutorial site for the majority of our readers.  In past articles, we've compared Craftsy to other providers like Creativebug and the consensus amongst our readers was always a strong preference for Craftsy.  The videos are extremely high quality and readers really liked the buy-it-once, own-it-forever model that Craftsy has stuck with longer than most of its competitors.

A few weeks ago, however, Craftsy launched a new, all-you-can-eat or I guess better said, all-you-can-view, subscription package where for one monthly price, you can get unlimited access to their entire video tutorial catalog.  This includes not only sewing and quilting but also all the other topics like knitting, crochet, painting, cooking, baking, etc.

Love them or hate them, subscriptions are here to stay.  Whether it's traditional products like mobile phones and cable TV or recently revived services like diaper delivery.  Subscriptions are only going to become more and more common.

Still, I struggled to provide readers with a specific and definitive recommendation on this important question.  There are arguments for both why you may want to subscribe as well as why you may not want to subscribe.  Here's my thinking:

Why Not To Subscribe To Craftsy Unlimited

You may have already purchased the key classes you’re interested in and according to Craftsy's policy, you’ll be able to keep and use them forever.  You can still purchase new, individual classes specifically on the topics you like.

And perhaps you’re not interested in learning other creative skills and only have time for what you've bought already.  Afterall, you don’t have all the time in the world to spend on hobbies.  

If you do actually subscribe, you won’t really own any of the individual videos that you don't own already, so when you stop subscribing, you’ll lose access to everything.  You can of course still buy those later to keep access to your favorites forever.  Some subscriptions like Creativebug mentioned above let you keep one class forever for each month you maintain your subscription, but not Craftsy Unlimited, unfortunately.  

craftsy unlimited

Why Subscribe To Craftsy Unlimited

Subscribing to Craftsy Unlimited will give you 24/7 unlimited access to thousands of hours of high-quality video tutorials in crafting categories including sewing, quilting, knitting, crochet, baking, cooking and more.  The Craftsy Unlimited library includes over 1,300 video tutorials, which is quite a lot.

You'll have the chance to explore all kinds of new crafting subjects like jewelry making or photography in addition to all those listed above.  You may find that some of these creative topics really click with you and you'll discover something new about your creative side.  Without a subscription, you're unlikely to pay the $20-60+ to explore these new topics, are you?

Craftsy charges $14.99/month or only $120/year for this subscription.  If you bought only two or three of the more expensive classes per year, like Startup Library: Sewing which retails for $69.99 or Full Bust Adjustment for any Pattern which sells for $40.00, you’d easily pay for the annual subscription.  And you have access to hundreds of more videos to boot.

Conclusion, at Least Try the FREE Trial

On balance, I think it’s definitely worth considering Craftsy Unlimited, especially because you can start with a 7 Day FREE trial.  You can cancel anytime before the trial ends and you can even cancel within 24 hours of the first time they charge you and they’ll give you a free refund. 

If you go with the month-to-month subscription option, you can cancel at any time in the future and pay only the current month.  At $14.99, if you only view one class per month, it is still cheaper than buying any one class outright.  

If you want to give it a try, please follow the link below to start your FREE trial.

craftsy unlimited

Get 7 Day FREE Trial

So what do you think?  Is it worth giving Craftsy Unlimited a try?  Please let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

craftsy unlimited

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149 Responses to To Subscribe or Not To Subscribe, That Is the Question: Craftsy Unlimited

  1. Gillian BC says:

    I subscribed to the unlimited and I’ve been hooked for weeks. I’ve watched all sorts of things that I didn’t know I’d be interested in. I’ve let go of my Netflix subscription! For me, it’s been very good value considering the hours and hours that I’ve watched so far. I like that I can cancel any time as that suits my nature – I get obsessed with crafts for a few months, then do something else and then get inspired again, so this subscription model suits me just fine.

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