New Roundup of Summer Sewing Ideas for 4th of July 2018!

summer sewing ideasHappy 4th of July!  Here are some fun summer sewing ideas!

The US Independence Day holiday on the 4th of July every year is nearly here.  The holiday is one of the most anticipated celebrations of the year in the United States.  If you're from the US or even if you've only been there on a holiday, you'll know that American's take their Independence Day holiday very seriously with fireworks displays, summer picnics, and long days at the beach.

To help you prepare for the celebrations this year, we've put together a huge, new roundup of FREE 4th of July 2018 Summer Sewing Ideas.

The list includes simple projects for beginners and even kids as well as more complex projects like American flag quilts.  I'm sure you'll find something you'll like.

Need Another Idea?

If you're still not satisfied with this selection of 4th of July sewing ideas, here's a fun project we posted recently to make a table mat out of cord and fabric scraps.

table mat

Check It Out

summer sewing ideas

4th of July Sewing Roundup

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Still looking for more 4th of July Summer Sewing Ideas?

Check out our 4th of July Sewing Roundup from last year.

New 4th of July Sewing Roundup! Great projects for summer.

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Gretchen Thompson
Gretchen Thompson

Love your ideas. Thanks so much for putting this fun list together. Now I know what to sew this week!