Tech and tablet cases – the best free patterns

iPod iPad iPhone case tutorials. All the best free patterns for storing, carrying and protecting your tech and tablets.

So can you believe that on the 23rd of October it's 20 years since the first iPod was sold! Whether you have one or not, they have certainly changed the face of technology, and what with iPods, iPhones, iPads, and all the other variations of tablets and smart technology it's been a busy 14 years, and I think they need some appreciation.

If you do have an ‘i' something… one thing's for sure… you'll want to look after it, and so in celebration of their arrival, I've brought you over 30 things you can sew for your ipod/iphone/tablet/kindle. Many of them can be adjusted to fit all devices so there's something for everyone.  The best patterns can be found below for cases, covers, and wallets for all of your e-gadgets.

If tech is not your thing, this article is still very much for you, because I must remind you, the Holidays are just around the corner, and these make great things to sew for gifts for family members of all ages. It's a useful way to use up smaller pieces of fabric, and most of them are quick to make. They all have helpful picture tutorials to follow too, so even beginners can have a go.

Free patterns for tech and tablet cases

If you'd like to splash out, then also check out the So Sew Easy Tech or Tablet Tote bag pattern with a video tutorial here. These make great holiday gifts.

Love this tablet bag pattern.. Nice and padded, separate pocket for the tablet, stylish, and a big zipper pocket in back for charger, wallet, etc. This is going everywhere with me!

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Chica and Jo
Chica and Jo

Hi there! You’ve got our tablet tutorial listed above with a link that needs to be updated. Please change this to this Thanks so much!


Thank you for posting all of the links to these wonderful projects!