Teacher Appreciation Gifts to sew

More than 25 ideas for gifts to sew for Teacher Appreciation Day.  From quick and simple to most impressive that need a bit more work.


Around this time last year, a reader, (whose name I have forgotten, sorry) wrote and asked if I had any ideas for Teacher Apreciation Gifts.  It was only then that I really becamse aware of the custom in the USA for a Teacher Appreciation Day/Week.  It's not something formal that we have in the UK or here in Cayman.

I felt bad I wasn't able to help out with anything then, but put a note in my diary for this year.  I admit, I'm not totally sure what teachers would want to receive, but in all of my searching on the subject, it seems that handmade goods are specially valued – as they should be!

So here are a few ideas I've put together for some things you could sew as ideal Teacher Appreciation Gifts


Teacher Appreciation Gifts to Sew

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Nobu Murakawa

These are the great idea of giving a hand made gift to a favorite teacher. I like glasses case and plan to sew and gift to my teacher 🙂

Pam @Threading My Way

As a former teacher, I always appreciated handmade gifts. Thanks for including my drawstring basket, Deby. We don’t have Teacher Appreciation Day in Australia, either.

Cheryle Maybury
Cheryle Maybury

I’m a retired teacher in Australia and every year towards the end of term 4 I would receive lots of lovely gifts of mugs, candles and chocolates. I would have loved to get some handmade gifts. I wear glasses so glasses case, little tote bags, aprons, bookmarks etc any of these would have been great. I always appreciated every gift but it would have been nice to have something more lasting.

Long-time Teacher
Long-time Teacher

As a teacher, these look wonderful! Tote bags are always appreciated (can you ever have too many?). One of my favorite totes has the children’s handprints on it. I also have a terra-cotta pot with the children’s handprints that I cherish. If your early childhood teacher does not have an apron at school for messy projects, he or she would probably love one.

Every gift is appreciated, but most teachers get tons of Christmas ornaments, mugs, and candles.


Hey Deb,

Here in our area of the US our students are beginning their last 6 week semester before summer break. This is an excellent time to get the kids involved in creating an awesome gift for their teachers. One thing I learned is that the t eachers here in NW Florida aren’t allowed to recieve expensive gifts, so these handmade items will really do great as gifts.

Thanks for the reminder, it’s much appreciated.