The Hoodie Pattern and Tutorial

hoodie pattern

This is the easiest hoodie pattern and tutorial I could come up with.  I have tried my best to simplify the method, but still, I believe it is for the intermediate to the advanced seamstress.  As promised, we are going to slowly work our way into comfortable workout clothing.  This is the first pattern on our “Sew Fit” storyboard.

Hoodies are super popular these days.  They are very functional and can be worn not only as work-out wear but also on any trip to the store or just around the house.

hoodie pattern

This hoodie is a zippered and slightly fitted but is not supposed to be tight, so please pay attention to the finished garment measurements.  It is meant to be worn with a tank top and sweatpants which we will be making later.

By far, the best fabric that you can use if you live in a cold place is a fleece like this one, but do not limit yourself to that option alone.  There are many other possibilities.  I have provided some additional suggestions below.

hoodie pattern

For my project, I am using jersey knit with this hoodie pattern because I live in the tropics and can't use fleece which would be way too hot.  However, if you are mixing textiles for a hip look (which I encourage you to do) make sure you use the heavier fabric on the body and lighter fabric on the sleeves.

hoodie pattern


  • cotton fleece (anti-pill) 60″ wide (1  1/4  to 1  3/4 yards)
  • Jersey knit 60″ wide X 22″ (56cm) for pockets and hood and for contrast
  • thread to match
  • cotton tape 1/2″ (reinforced neck seam) 1/2 yard
  • shoe lace, nylon or cotton cord 1 1/2 yards
  • one (1) open ended zipper 22″, 23″ or 24″ long depending on the size you are making


Recommended fabrics from

Finished measurements

Size Chest Hips 
6 36 1/2  36 1/2
8  38  38
10  39 1/2  39 1/2
12  41  41
14  42 1/2  42 1/2
16  44   44
18  45 1/2  45 1/2
20  47  47
22  49 1/2  49 1/2
24 52 52

Printing your Hoodie Pattern

Before you print your hoodie pattern, there are three things you need to do:

  1. Wash, iron, and true the fabric.  For a more extensive description of truing have a look at this article about Mistakes to Avoid When Cutting Fabric.  You need a pre-shrunk fabric because this hoodie pattern is a semi-fitted pattern.  If your fabric ravels, sew the edges with your serger before washing to prevent it from getting ruined in the washing machine and place it a large laundry bag.  If it does not ravel, but just turn to one side after washing and drying.  Your fabric is a candidate for the “raw edge look” and does not require a serger to neaten the seams.  You can use a normal sewing machine to finish the entire hoodie.
  2. The second thing you need to do is to have a look at the finished measurements and print the size you want on landscape setting.
  3. Add the seam allowance to the pattern.  If you are using a serger or overlocker use a 3/8″ seam allowance.

I will be showing you a way to sew the facing and the zipper jacket at the same time

Pattern pieces not included in the pattern

  • Facing (trace and draw two (2)) from the pattern
  • Hem Ribbing one (1)
  • Wrists ribbing two (2)

Pattern layout

Where to find the Hoodie Pattern download and further instructions

To keep page load times fast, we divide long tutorials like this one into multiple pages.  You can find the page numbers below the sharing buttons at the bottom of this and subsequent pages.  Just click the next page to progress through the tutorial.

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Hooded cardigan

Charlotte Hampe
Charlotte Hampe

Love it bit in Sweden se idé om in sted of inch somtime its hard to change it

Tina M Hobert
Tina M Hobert

Love this pattern. So many different combinations of color and fabric to consider!!
Although, I won’t be attempting this real soon, it’s definitely on my top list for the year. Need to get back into making garments with a few simpler patterns first.
One of the main reasons I used to make a lot of my clothes, is because of my size. I’ve always had a difficult time finding clothes “off the rack” that fit, so I either had to pay to have them altered or do it myself. That can add up quickly. I learned early on, it’s not only less expensive, but much more satisfying to know I’ve done it myself!
The only request I would like to suggest, is to see more patterns which include smaller sizes. I’m 5’3″, and 100-104 pounds. So a size 4 is best, and sometimes a 2, depending on the garment-2’s are next to impossible to find though.
Just something to keep in mind for the future, if you could?
I still do a lot in knitting, and in that particular maker’s community, there’s been a huge increase these past few years for size inclusivity. This should include from the smallest to the largest, in order to cover the greatest number. Would love to see this move forward in sewing as well.
Thank you for all your helpful tips and techniques, as well as the free patterns you so graciously provide. ????????????
(Apologies for the lengthy comment.)


Thank u for this perfect pattern. May I ask where the fabric is from? It’s perfect weight for So Florida.

Janie Smith
Janie Smith

Retired but love to sew


Great pattern – and fabulous fabric – where did you find that fabric?

Cindy N
Cindy N

I am loving this hoodie. Finally a hoodie that fits!! The raglan sleeve is just what my narrow shoulders needed, yet my bigger parts fit too. I plan to make more of these. The one small thing I might alter on the next one is to sew the pocket into the zipper and band seam instead of topstitching it all around. Excellent patter – thanks for making it available. I look forward to making more garments from your patterns.


Hi, I lovr this hootie!!! Where can I find that fabric????

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