The Summer Drape Top hits the web…

I am delighted today to share a version of the Summer Drape Top from Hannah at Hugs and Kisses.  Hannah was quick off the mark and this is the first one I've seen published.

Summer Drape Top by Hugs and Kisses


Love that pretty butterfly fabric and I'm so glad she gave it a try despite being a little reluctant to use knit fabrics.  Thank you so much for the positive review and for posting your creation online – its a great success.

Summer Drape Top review

Not only is it really easy and very enjoyable to sew up, but it is also SUPER cute and makes the perfect top for wearing with summery shorts. I certainly have plans to make this up a few more times.

Hannah sews some really great dresses and I love her style, do check out her creations page if you have a minute.

And if you have an hour, download and sew the Summer Drape Top – it could become a favorite for this year.

Summer Drape Top. Free sewing pattern and step by step photo tutorial from So Sew Easy.

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Diane Ortman
Diane Ortman

Im a beginner sewer and im.really unsure the straps and the neckline pieces together. Can someone email me and help?


I very much like this, as it can be worn casually, or with a cardi to the office at any time of year. Fantastic! I plan to make my first one soon!

Theresa in Mérida
Theresa in Mérida

Totally cute tank top. I need several of these, the heat is in full force here in the Yucatan. I hope I don’t end up in spam but I saw this tutorial for cleavage be gone, and thought of you and your wrap top. Looks like a good way to add coverage without another layer of fabric. I would use snaps instead of buttons and ribbon instead of a hair tie. Like the ribbon bra strap minders on expensive blouses.


Hannah Elizabeth Smith
Hannah Elizabeth Smith

Thank you for the shout out! Again, I am so leased you like my version. am sure we we will see a lot more of these popping up all over the web very shortly – although a few of them may be mine! Hehe!

Thanks again for the awesome pattern xxx