Things to sew for eating outdoors – National Picnic Week!

Things to sew for eating outdoors - National picnic week.  Make eating out fun and summery.For my Grandad Douglass, every picnic had to be perfect, more like an outdoor banquet. Plates, cutlery, a set table, a 3 course meal.. meats, salads, potatoes and of course, all the condiments. One day he hiked a 3 mile round trip for ‘salad cream,' (an English delicacy), as he just couldn't have his picnic without it.  I feel like I've been slipping recently, as I sit on a rock with my apple and a bag of chips! So what can I do about it? Start sewing of course!!

With my Grandad in mind here I looked high and low and tried to find all things to sew for eating outdoors – for National Picnic Week which is 13th to 21st June! Wherever your are eating outdoors; in the shade of your homemade garden teepee, or out on the moors, on the forest floor, or parked on a lovely sunny bench; using these wonderful free tutorials you can make bags to carry all your perfect picnic items safely to the picnic spot, including the wine! You can create a fun environment with bunting, place mats, napkins and beautiful picnic blankets.

I'm even keen to dress for my picnic this summer! I found some delightful picnic dress patterns, and fun floppy hats to keep the sun off your nose while you eat your lunch. I guess we might as well look the part, after all. Don't forget to dress your food too, with insulated beer koozies and ice pop holders!

If you start sewing now, you should be ready for the summer sun. Picnic blankets, first aid kits and wine bags, whatever you could dream of for your picnic, there's a tutorial here for you. Bring your family together this summer, make a day of it, enjoy the sunshine, play outdoors. Just remember, if you want to step it up a level; make sure you get prepared with these must have posh picnic items!

Things to sew for National Picnic Week and eating outdoors



If you have any great links to add, just drop a note in the comments so they can be included here.  Thanks for reading, and enjoy your elegant summer eating outdoors.

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Jane Delaney
Jane Delaney

“Salad Cream” That brings back memories. The 3 mile hike sounds like something my Dad would do. The only time I have bough the stuff was when he visited me in Australia and we had to have it. He couldn’t understand why it had to be kept in the fridge – nothing keeps in 35’c heat as I am sure you know .

Thanks for the blog. I always love reading what you have been up to.