Things to sew for your pets – National Dress Up Your Pet Day

sew for your pets14th Jan is National Dress Up Your Pet Day!

As you might know, I'm a cat lover.  I have 3 cats, all black and all a little bit crazy in their own way.  Oliver, my 3-legged cat, is often the unintended star of my sewing videos and especially is very fond of quilting.

I'm such a sucker for an animal sob-story.

  • Oliver was near to death as a kitten when I found him and hand-reared him back to health at the resort where I worked, only for him to then loose a leg in an accident on the road and he had to come and live with us permanently. His vet bills cost more than my car! Oliver's full name is Oliver Twist because as a starving kitten he was always asking for more.
  • Panther is a huge black cat who was abandoned when a lady in the village up the road died – he was semi-feral and none of the family would take him. He also looked rather nasty as he had a skin condition that made his fur fall out.  But now he's all better, a big softie and loves his cuddles. You can see him on the mend in this photo with his fur growing back.
  • Scruffy came to us as a tiny orphaned kitten completely bald and covered in ringworm, and of course I was covered soon too.  Now he's a round barrel of a cat with very thick fur which earns him the nickname Scruffy Deluxe.

sew for your pets

Other cats come and go as they need help, but those 3 are my permanent family.  But would I dress them up for National Dress Up Your Pet Day – er, no – not unless I wanted to be skinned alive.

Nonetheless, they are an important and much loved part of the family and I know lots of people like to sew for their pets, so here are a few examples of pet projects for your sewing to-do list.

Things to sew for your pets – fun and practical ideas for your furry friends



Also try this link for Cute Pet Stuff to Crochet and Knit

I hope you enjoyed this round up of things to sew for your pets.  Have you got any projects to share?  We'd love to see your pets and your sewing ideas – share them over on the forum and make use of the Show and Tell section to share what you sew.

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I love this site and the stories (kitties are beautiful) and was wondering if you ever make non toy items for them. My little guy gets cold and while he probably wouldnt wear a sweater I think a snuggie or loose cover-up style hoodie made of high quality fleece or wool would be good. I cant ever fond any patterns for cats other than toys or beds (and most clothing for dogs would be ridiculous to try). I know he likes to curl up on hos blanket but sometimes its toomuch and he wants a little more warmth on a small scale. Am I out my mind or just missing something? And thank you for all the content. I love spending time here and getting some great ideas.

Mayra Cecilia
Noble Member
Reply to  Maria

Hi Maria, i would have to get a cat to understand your need and be able to make a pattern. It is a great idea in fact I love it, I do understand most cats do not like wearing clothes, but then again I have never seen one walking around in the middle of winter.

rosiemarie m phipps
rosiemarie m phipps

how do u get the patterns for the cat toys i have looked everywhere and i can’t fi nd the directions i see the pictures but can’t find the patterns


this is now the 5th time i have tryed to down load your free dogie patterns and still nothingcome down but junk mail for fabric shops and so on whats wrong or is it me .
Raymond Mc Carteny

Mayra Cecilia
Noble Member

HI Raymond, what pattern are you after? ARe you using Adobe reader to download?


“Sucker for an animal sob-story”? Don’t put yourself down – you give hope and love to those who could (possbily) not survived without your love and devotion. You’re an amazing human being for that alone…..let alone the amazing creations you so generously share with us.

All my fur-babies throughout my life have been rescues / adoptions…..and I think that they are going to love the beds that I’m going to make them for Winter (in Australia!!!)

Thank you so much for sharing!


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M. Daydream Believers

Thank you for including my free dog leash tutorial in your post! 🙂


I just loved reading your post today–I am a true animal lover, no cats right now, but a loveable Lab named Lucy–after I love Lucy

Misha C

The sew it love it website also has some awesome dog stuff. I’ve made several dog jerseys a doggie great coat and a collar. My smart phone isn’t letting me post them on the forum so when I turn my laptop on I’ll show off a bit.