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dress form

Introducing Penelope

Have you seen my Penelope?  She's my PGM dress form and is instrumental in my pattern designs and in my clothes fitting these days.  I've lost a few pounds this year (YAY) so she needs some of her custom padding adjusting slightly for my new shape, but she remains my constant sewing companion.

If you were thinking of getting one, I just heard some news from PGM and I wanted to let you know that PGM dress forms are increasing their prices from 24th April – by a massive amount on most of the dress forms – some of them up to 48% more in price. So if you were thinking of getting one this year (hopefully from So Sew Easy) get your order in quickly before those prices go right up.  And I mean UP!

Here are all of my dress form and padding videos in case you want a look.

And the one specifically about Penelope:

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There are only a few days left now at the much lower prices.

Here's a very interesting class you can take on how to customise your dress form as an exact replica of your body size and shape.

dress form

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7 Responses to Thinking of getting a dress form?

  1. Carol van der Merwe says:

    I made my own form with an old T shirt and duct tape (googled it) and it works like a dream. Exactly my shape as it is. Saved me some money so I can buy more fabric.

  2. Wow, I just checked their wesite and you weren’t kidding. The prices have gone up. Thankfully, I just ordered the padding kit to modify my dress form last month.

    Oh well, maybe one day I’ll be able to get one of these babies in the future.


    • I think times are hard and companies everywhere are feeling the pinch. Still a quality product, but now the prices reflect that even more 🙁 I love my Penelope, in fact she’s helping me with a new skirt pattern today – invaluable.

  3. Sue says:

    Nice review. I mostly use relatives instead of dress forms, but they’re not always available! Might be time to splurge!

  4. Renee says:

    hello, I saw your pattern for a shrug and it looks very easy. I need to make s very small one to cover my daughter’s shoulders when we go to Temple, I wanted to make her a simple bolero/shrug out of chiffon material. You think this will work?

    • This pattern has been designed for a stretch fabric so if you used the same pattern for a non-stretch fabric you could be disappointed with the results. It might be too tight in the arms, not enough movement across the back or hard to get on and off without that stretch it was designed for. BY all means give it a try if you have some fabric you don’t mind experimenting with, but keep those points in mind and make sure you measure the pattern piece and adjust as necesary to get the best fit. Keeping my fingers crossed it works out for you. Maybe try in a stretch lace like I did with my version HERE.

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