Today is National Underwear Day! Sew your own

national underwear day

Did you know that 5th August is National Underwear Day?  Honestly, there is a National Day for the strangest things these days.  I guess we all just need a little fun in our lives every now and then.  I thought it might be a good time to remind you of a pattern on the site that you might not have seen if you are fairly new here, for the Cheeky Panties!

national underwear day

These are SO quick and easy to sew, don't cost a lot of money, are comfortable, and look just like you bought them in a nice store.  You can easily run up a whole new undies wardrobe in now time.

The tutorial for these comes in 3 parts.

  • Part 1 – the pattern download.  This pattern has now been updated and changed from hand-drawn to digital.  Comes in sizes 32-44 inch measured around the hip bones, not necessarily the widest part.
  • Part 2 – how to assemble the pattern.  Important, don't skip this step or you'll get tiny undies!
  • Part 3 – the sewing instructions.  Won't take more than a few minutes.

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Download your free undies pattern

UPDATE - Oct 2014.  The pattern has now been updated from hand-drawn to digital and is available with the pattern and instructions as a single PDF file to make downloading and printing easy, especially from mobile devices.  Please refer to the downloaded instructions for how to assemble the new digital pattern.

Here are some completed reader projects for you, courtesy of the uploads to Craftsy.

national underwear day

If you've not sewn your own undies before, get some nice stretch lace and some scraps of jersey, and give it a try.  You might be surprised how much fun it is and how easy these are.

Other underwear articles to check out

If you might be interested in sewing your own underwear, check out these other previous articles on the site.  Click on the pictures to go to the article.  Right click to open in a new tab.

national underwear daynational underwear day

national underwear daynational underwear day

Other resources and where to learn how to sew underwear, lingerie and bras

We have a new contributor to the site, Michelle, starting with her first article tomorrow.  Michelle is an expert in sewing bras and underwear, and you'll be inspired to give it a try when you see what she can do!  Check out her site at Michelle's Creations to get a taste of what's coming up from her.

national underwear day

Craftsy free PDF booklet download with lingerie sewing tips and tutorials.national underwear dayCraftsy Classes You'll Love!

national underwear day national underwear day

national underwear day


So are you planning to go out just in your underwear today?  Maybe not…but its a good time to think about learning to sew something to go underneath.  Then when someone asks you can tell them apart from your shoes, you are wearing everything that you made yourself, undies and all!

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Calditer also has a very good tutorial about sewing panties. She also sews bras. Check it out.