Today’s 10 Best Sewing Machine Brands

Every family deserves the best sewing machine. If you pick the right one it will last you for years, perhaps decades! Everyone wants to avoid the expensive trip to the repair shop if your sewing machine turns out to be unreliable. It's very important to choose the right brand with a good reputation, and this is what this article will help you with. This is today’s 10 Best Sewing Machine Brands. 

We all know that sewing is an excellent hobby to develop creativity. And who knows, a simple hobby of sewing on-trend dresses, customized pillows, decorative curtains, or other items at home might eventually become a profitable business.

best sewing machine brands

Nowadays, different kinds of sewing machines with various functions and characteristics are being manufactured. Many options are available today for trained sewists or even for beginners.

There is always the question of whether you go for the latest and trendiest brands, or the time and tested ones, this list will help you with that as well. 

Based on the reviews of buyers and assessment of experts, we’ve collected this list of the 10 best sewing machine brands. Our tips will help you decide on what sewing machine would be the best for you according to your demands and priorities. Well-known brands offer the best service and high-quality machines, with a low probability of defective parts, and most importantly, long-lasting.

1. Janome

A Japanese company, Janome, was founded in 1921. In Japanese, the word “Janome” means “eye of the snake”. The round bobbin system was the most advanced during that year and a new round bobbin looks similar to a snake’s eye. Hence, “Janome” was chosen to be the company’s name. The company prides itself on only providing advanced and high-quality sewing machines to its customers.

The company was first to release a computerized household sewing machine (Memory 7) in 1979. Also, it introduced the first Embroidery-only machine for home use in 2003, which can read and write in a PC Flash Card.

Janome exports its products to more than 100 countries around the world and is proud to be the No 1. sewing machine manufacturer in the industry. Large numbers of intuitive and highly sophisticated sewing machines are produced every year even in comparison to the other big brands.

Affordable sewing machines from Janome are reliable and can still work effectively after long years of operations, provided that you follow the instructions and recommendations of the machine manufacturer.

We can recommend this great, super convenient, entry-level bundle if you're new to sewing.

2. Brother

Brother Industries Ltd, originally called Yasui Sewing Machine Co in 1908, is a multinational company manufacturing electronic and electrical equipment. It's a Japanese corporation headquartered in Nagoya. Brother produces not only industrial sewing machines but also desktop computers, printers, multifunctional large machine tools and other computer electronics for home and office use. Its global facilities can be found all over Asia, Oceania, Europe, the Middle East, Africa, and America. With 17 000 employees and physical offices in more than 100 countries all over the world, Brother is certainly available to assist you wherever you are.

Brother aims to provide the best quality and follows a strict standard when it comes to their products, services, suppliers, personnel and manufactured materials. And to prevent any possible defective products, all machines should pass strict quality control.

Most certified buyers and owners of Brother’s sewing machines say that the products are more fit to be used commercially than for home-use. It’s sewing machines are not only easy to use but durable too! Because of its affordable price, Brother’s sewing machines are, no doubt, one of the most purchased machines by many.

This brand continues to lead the industry of embroidery and sewing machines for its prompt customer service, advanced technology, computerized and updated software, high quality and trusted products.

It's hard to recommend a specific brother sewing machine due to just how many high-quality models are available online. Here is an entry-level model, quilting machine, and a higher-end model.

3. Bernina

It was in 1893 when the Founder of Bernina, Karl Friedrich Gegauf, invented the world’s first hemstitch sewing machine that can sew 100 stitches in a minute. The hemstitching technique was later known as “gegaufing”. It was the first of Bernina’s sewing machines that became popular abroad. 

In 1900, a small factory was established with 70 to 80 employees. During that time, the hemstitch sewing machine consistently gains popularity and being sold locally and abroad. After the death of Karl, his two sons took over his factory and added improvements and other special functions to previous machines. Bernina’s first zigzag machine sewing machine became available in the market in 1938 and the portable version was released in 1945.

Today, Bernina is one of the leading manufacturers of household sewing machines. Aside from embroidery machines, Bernina also offers electromechanical, electronic, sewing-embroidery and computerized machines. You have different models to choose from based on your preferences and needs, for amateurs or professionals! From simple models to high-end ones, one thing is for sure, Bernina will live up to your expectations. 

Bernina has a number of online options a the higher end of the price range. They also have a subsidiary company Bernette, that provides lower-cost machines.

4. Singer

Isaac Singer, the father of Singer Company, patented the first efficient and practical sewing machine in 1851. This marked the start of the company and its leadership in the industry. Singer manufactured the world's first zigzag machine, first sewing assistant mobile app, and a lot more advanced products for any level of sewing enthusiasts.

Being in the market for more than 150 years, Singer has proved that its sewing machines and equipment are produced with high attention to detail, quality, and durable materials. 

Consider that the quality would also depend on the model, service support and maintainability. This brand is the choice of many buyers because of its modernized technology and optimized machines. 

Online I can recommend this computerized sewing machine, and this one which has an LCD display if you prefer that.

5. Husqvarna

Husqvarna has been making history since 1689. It was in that year when the company was founded as a royal arms factory in Huskvarna, Sweden. Later in 1872, the factory's artisans started to create sewing machines when the demands of firearms declined. In the 1930s, the first Husqvarna's first electric sewing machine was presented. More improvements and innovations followed like the world's first “writing” sewing machine in 1980 up to the sewing machine with Wifi and cloud storage capability!

Husqvarna continued to design high-end sewing machines as well as household machines in Sweden and made the products available to all the sewists around the world. The company’s mission is to inspire sewists and provide significant tools that would make sewing easy and fun. Amazingly, Husqvarna has about 18 thousand dealers in more than 100 countries worldwide.

Husqvarna doesn't distribute online via amazon so I'd recommend you check out their site page on sewing machines.

6. Pfaff

George Michael Pfaff, the founder, produced his first sewing machine in 1862. The first machine of Pfaff was handmade, designed to stitch leather to manufacture shoes. Pfaff produced sophisticated sewing machines with unique design and high-level performance. Pfaff won the IMB Innovation award 2006 for its programmed welding solution with 100% parameter control.

For over 150 years in the industry, Pfaff continues to develop and seriously takes into consideration the evolution of sewing from pure necessity to a form of expression of creative minds. It inspired the company to create products that would stand out in the crowd – a design with a class that would attract consumers, plus high quality, easy to use, and durable.

Pfaff machines are also suitable for embroidery. Selected machines can be a little pricey, but its diverse functions and usage would be worth it! Manuals are provided to get you familiarized with the system operation and the device, which is a beneficial strategy for beginners! 

Pfaff doesn't distribute online via amazon so I'd recommend you check out their site page on sewing machines.

7. Elna

The brand Elna symbolizes innovation, quality, and service. It's a growing company that aims to deliver excellent products and services to worldwide customers and distributors in more than 50 countries, with these three elements as foundation.

The company believes that their machines need to be modern, easy to use and versatile to make sewing fun. Thus, Elna was first in the industry to present special features like an automatic needle threader, lightweight machines, heirloom stitches interchangeable cams, PRO Cards, cartridges, and EnVision Cards. Its products include overlocks, sewing machines, ironing machines, and presses. Elna’s ironing press was the first ironing press designed and created for home use. Different models are available to cater to your needs and to provide excellent quality that can successfully perform even with significant loads.

Elna sewing machines are known for its elegant designs, exceptional quality and excellent functional capabilities that are available for personal use or even in factories.

Manufactured at JANOME plants in Japan, Taiwan, and Thailand, the Elna brand is recognized in the garment industry for its quality and design. 

Elna doesn't distribute online via amazon so I'd recommend you check out their site page on sewing machines.

8. Juki

Juki corporation is a manufacturer of household sewing machines since the year 1947, for Japan market. It was only in 2000 when the corporation became available in the world market. Its modern machines became well-known to many countries because of its state-of-the-art design, reliable operating system, and amazing technical capabilities.

Juki’s sewing machines are consistently tested, developed and improved to cope with modern technologies and the market’s needs. Juki competes with other successful brands when it comes to intricate drawings on clothes and design solutions. This brand is well-known for most manufacturers and their machines are usually used to make shoes, clothes, bags and other household items. 

Juki serves a wide range of industrial sewing machines and household sewing machines that are user-friendly for both beginners and professionals; and creates products that encourage creativity.

Juki has a number of options, a mid-to-high range sewing, and quilting machine, and a popular portable machine, to name a few.

9. Jaguar

Japan has one sewing machine that has always been manufactured in the country and that is the Jaguar sewing machine. The company guarantees maximum durability as all the functional components are all made of metal. Jaguar Co., Ltd. that is based in Osaka, Japan rise above its game among other competitors and 

Maruzen Mischin Company was founded in Japan in 1949, with the primary purpose of selling sewing machines on a large scale. But in 1952, the company made a name in the business; it can make both straight stitches, as well as a zigzag. With that success, the company quickly enters the market of sewing machines in Japan. And after a few years more, they already became known in other countries as well. Then in 1978, they have changed their name from Maruzen Mischin Company to what known today as Jaguar Sewing Machine Company. And ever since it was founded in 1949, Jaguar has established its own identity in the market of sewing machines in Japan and the USA. To date, there are more than 20 different models of sewing machines, and overlocks are proudly manufactured under the trademark of the company, Jaguar.

Jaguar seems to have some online sales, but they are difficult to track down. If you're interested I would just go to their page here.

10. Toyota

Toyota, a popular Japanese brand, is well-known for its beautiful and modern cars. But this company does not only produce cars but sewing machines, too. Surely, you’ll not regret buying equipment under this name. Suitable for beginners or professional sewists, the Toyota sewing machines can perform many functions. It has a variety of models, electromechanical and computerized machines that are easy to use and durable for long time use.

Settings of every model are easy to understand, making the machine a user-friendly even for the novice. Toyota’s electromechanical sewing machines are much cheaper than other brands. It has adjustable stitching speed and provided with a soft case for storing or carrying the device. Some models are suitable for sewing household items like curtains, bed linen. It works great for light clothing, jeans, jackets, and even for sliding velvet, thin chiffon or drapes.

The modern design of Toyota’s machines will definitely attract anyone’s attention. They are also lightweight, neat and space-saving. Cheaper electromechanical models are available too for those who have a limited budget for a new sewing machine. A durable, affordable, reliable and excellent quality machines are what consumers usually look for when buying sewing machines and these are what Toyota can provide.

Which Is The Best For You?

There are lots of new manufacturers today. But, consumers must look at what the statistic is saying. That you can depend on the best brands listed above when it comes to durability and reliability to help you out in your work, be it in business or personal use.

We advise that you look carefully on these ratings and their details when it comes to choosing your sewing machine:

  • Type of machine: Computerized or Electromechanical Sewing Machine.
  • Types of fabric it can work on
  • Shuttle type of the sewing machine
  • Stitch length
  • Operation of loops
  • Other features: pressure regulator in the presser foot, decorative stitches, force in stitch regulator, control in needle stop(up/down), completeness of the set of the machine and needle threader.

Our modern sewing machines today are very different to the antiques of earlier generations. We have many more functions, but many more parts that can go wrong. This makes selecting the right machine and brand so much more important.

best sewing machine brands

So which name among sewing machines is the best? Which business gives us the best price for the most benefits? Who can even know which are the best sewing machine brands?

Like most things, the answer depends on you. Every brand in the list above makes excellent machines, but they all have strengths and weaknesses in different areas. Your choice will depend on what your vision is for your work. Once you know what you will focus on we highly recommend that you spend some time researching for yourself, this is a big purchase that will hopefully last years.


The technology in the production of sewing machines has advanced dramatically and it is difficult to tell which brand produces the best or the worst. Especially now that popular companies branch out in other countries. Also, the price only speaks of the characteristic and technicality of a sewing machine, which is pretty much the same for all businesses of the same type of sewing machine. However, when it comes to selecting sewing machines, most buyers also take into account the brand name and where it is manufactured. And through this, it gives the buyer a good reason because the brand name alone can guarantee the satisfaction, quality, and durability of an item. For example, Swedish firms are regarded as the face of longevity and quality in sewing machines.

Sewing machine manufacturers provide different kinds of models: household, overlocks, industrial, or embroidery machines. Each company has available models of electromechanical, electronic, computerized and mechanical machines. After all, it all depends on your preferences, needs, and capabilities. So choose the best sewing machine that fits your needs, and most importantly, the one that will show your creativity best!

Let us know what you think are the best sewing machine brands in the comments below!

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I am a retired Home Economics teacher and have owned and taught on lots of brands of machines . My favorite is Janome! I filled my classroom with the Janome Classmate that were fabulous and the girls that I taught are still looking for that model and I have been retired 16 years. I have done upholstery, slip covers, pillows, formals, heirloom(better know as French Heirloom and Tailoring and draperies.
Berninia ism least favorite and I have two that are always having issues. Big mistake and spent lots of money.

Mayra Cecilia
Noble Member
Reply to  Sadie

HI Sadie, which models of Bernina do you have?

Colleen Lill
Colleen Lill

It’s unfortunate that you didn’t mention Babylock machines. I’m on my 4th BL and I love the brand. Excellent build quality, durable and a variety of models for all levels of sewing experience.


Am a Janome all the way woman. Now have a Continental M7, a 500E embroidery machine and an AT 2000:Air thread serger. Loooooove them all. Next up will be a cover pro machine by Janome of course.