Have you tried the “Make It Yours” Clutch Bag

Make it yours Clutch bag - Pienkel for So Sew Easy

Are you a more recent follower of So Sew Easy?  The site has been active nearly 3 years now and with new patterns and projects being added every month, there is now quite a library.  If you've not been following since the start, you might have missed some of the great content from previous months and years so do go back and check out:

Make sure to keep on scrolling down to see it all – there is a lot there now to re-discover.  Sometimes there is no need to wait for the next free pattern or project, when there are already so many there you might not have seen before.


Nienke spotted the “Make it Yours” clutch bag in the archives and was keen to give it a try.  This bag has an interesting history!  It was the basis for a sewing contest some time back and you'll be blown away when you see the amazing bags that were submitted by the readers.  Check them out just a few of them at the bottom …now let's hear from Nienke.

Hi, it's Nienke from the Dutch blog Pienkel again! It's been a while, but I'd like to show you what I made using the free “Make it Yours Clutch” pattern. The pattern, available in two sizes, provides a real blank slate for a neatly finished and lined clutch bag.

Make it yours Clutch bag - Pienkel for So Sew Easy

Since I'm a one-bag-only kind of woman, I decided to make a purse for my little girl, who is more of a one-can't-ever-have-too-many-bags kind of girl… Well, since she's only two years old, she's excused, she'll have years and years to wear a black leather purse, so as long as she loves bright and happy bags, I'm happy to supply.

Make it yours Clutch bag - Pienkel for So Sew Easy

I used a quilting cotton for both main and lining. Since the pattern already suggests using heavy interfacing on both fabrics, this worked out fine. Instead of a blind magnetic closure, I used a red snap and applied it visibly as an accent.

I really enjoyed myself, using contrasting topstitching and all. If you're making something bright, you might as well go all in… After finishing the clutch, I added a piece of red ribbon as a strap. Needless to say, she loves it!Make it yours Clutch bag - Pienkel for So Sew Easy

Last, but definitely not least, the pattern is a super fast sew. It consists of only one pattern piece, to cut for both main and lining, and just a few seams. Absolutely suitable for a beginner, but because of the many possibilities to customise, also a great project for a more advanced seamstress or crafter.

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Go to the 'Make it Yours' Clutch Bag Pattern

Sew the 'Make it Yours' Clutch Bag.  Easy to sew and a great base pattern for your own designs and customization.

If you'd like to see more versions of the versatile pattern, take a look at those below!

So if you missed this pattern the first time around, do track it down and give it a try.  Let your creative flair show through with this easy to sew and versatile base pattern you can customise to your heart's content.

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Hi, I'm Nienke. Mother of three (2, 5 & 7), married to one, living on a tiny island in the Netherlands, enjoying home, sewing machine and creating. I blog about my creations and the rest of my life at pienkel.com, you’re very welcome to visit me there or on any of my social media!

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