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Classy, classic, elegant, refined.  Not words you could use to describe every dress, but this twist front dress pattern really does suit those words.  You'll look a knockout in this dress, whether you choose a solid or a small print.  Introducing the ‘In a Twist' Dress pattern, Pattern of the Month for December 2014.

With a higher neckline in the front and a more dramatic lowered neckline at the back, this dress is a good-looker from every direction.  Worried that it looks complicated to sew?  The pattern testing team thought so too until they tried it!  It's deceptively easy and there is a video to take you through the sewing on this dress every step of the way.

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  • Interesting twist detail at the waist
  • Creates interest and diagonal lines across the center of the body to shape and create a waist line
  • Straight skirt fitted at the hips
  • Narrow shoulders
  • Classic higher neckline at the front
  • Dramatic lowered neckline at the back
  • The gathers at the front can help to hide a tummy
  • Center back seam to help you get a good fit
  • Full facing front and back for a smooth look
  • Video tutorial
  • Easier to sew than it looks!
  • Sizes 30-42 inch bust, 33-45 inch hip

Love this twist on the front of this dress. Flattering and yet its easy to sew. (Video)

A dress that looks complicated but is actually easy to sew. Designed for knit fabrics, this dress just slips over your head but the finished look is anything but simple. The twist adds a certain sophistication and can help to hide a wide waistline or a prominent tummy.

Check out the version from Diane below and make it in two different fabrics for a really dramatic look!

It's not hard to sew – watch me make one


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The pattern testers rated this one as Intermediate.

Love this twist on the front of this dress. Flattering and yet its easy to sew. (Video)

Check out the pattern testing versions and comments

Diane collage

Diane at Two Chicklets Sew Shop – i love this dress!  How do you like it with two fabrics? I couldn't resist!  It was fast to sew and so comfortable.  It looks complicated, yet is so easy to sew and looks unique. 


Linda –  I love love this dress. I really liked the dress the first time I saw it. I found it original and love the twist. It is something you don't see often but it's seem flattering for the figure. I love the round neckline, I find it more flattering than a V-Neck and the low back. I was not disappointed once the dress was made. I was under the impression that it would be hard to sew with the twist but was very surprised how fast this dress can be put together. Can be easily sewn in a day.


Jane – This is a very pretty dress. The pattern pieces were a bit intimidating because of the different shaped pieces. I hadn't seen anything like it before. It is really different. Challenging, but fun.   It's very feminine and flattering. It's deceiving. It looks like a tough pattern, yet it's sweet and simple to sew. Once you get the hang of the twist and the funny-looking pieces, this dress stitches up quickly. You get big rewards for you efforts with this pattern.


Theresa at the DIY Page – I made it as a gift for my best friend. She loved it and thinks that it would make a wonderful full length dress too. Watching the video really demystified the knot, but the directions and photos by themselves were very clear.
It really helped that the seams were labeled, taking the guess work out of which seams joined.
The knot went together section fit together easily. It's such a cool fashion detail. I am considering making a looser tunic variation for myself.


Robin at the Pattern Tester – I absolutely love this dress! It's perfect for many occasions. It's sexy, but classy, and I like the length. It's just my style. It's a fairly quick sew, and perfect if you need something on a moments notice for a night out.   I would have had trouble with the twist part, and facing, but the video always makes it easy to understand. Please keep doing the videos. 

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Get the In A Twist Dress pattern

You can download the pattern and instructions for the In A Twist Dress from my design account at Payhip.  It's a PDF file containing both the instructions and the pattern pieces all in the same file.


A note to the Pattern Testing Team

So that concludes the patterns for 2014.  It's been an epic year and I had no idea what direction it would take when I started out.  I want to give a very special and public thank you to the Pattern Testing Team who have all worked tirelessly to help me improve my skills and my sewing patterns over this year.  I really could not have done it without you all.  Thank you so much for your support, advice, suggestions and even for your criticisms.

It's been exhausting but fun!

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52 Responses to Twist Front Dress Pattern – POTM

  1. Claire says:

    What a wonderful tutorial, looking forward to making the dress

  2. Luce says:

    I’m not sure if the seam allowances are included in this pattern or not???
    And I’m also wondering if it would not be possible to provide this pattern (and others) to print on A0 size paper ?
    Thank you for the great pattern 🙂

  3. Aidee says:

    Hello, I would love to download this pattern but whenever I follow the link, it gives me an error 404 message. Any help?

  4. Jen says:

    How would you add sleeves to this pattern?

    • Mayra at So Sew Easy says:

      I would have to make a full tutorial to be able to explain it. Let me work on it and I will come back to you!

      • Jen says:

        thanks… I have to wear sleeves at work, and this looks like it would be a wonderful wardrobe addition if only it had a sleeve option.

      • Grace says:

        Dear Mayra, I have a different question please: How do I shorten this at the waist? I have a short waist and I have made this dress before but it was too long at the waist… I want to make it again but need your expert guidance please! How do I shorten it without affecting the twist area? Thank you!

      • Laurie L. Ray Konrad says:

        Mayra, I want to make the twist front dress but I am bigger than the biggest size. I’m losing weight but not there yet. My measurements are B=46”, waist=41”, H=46”
        Any way to make it bigger?

  5. Jackie says:

    I had added sleeves and a tie to the pattern, for a better work outfit look

  6. Lorna Etienne says:

    love the look of the dress. looks easy, I’ve watched the video numerous times. all goes o.k. till I get to the funny piece on the dress seems like too material to sew in the ” v” spot on the top. can anyone give me some insight for this? maybe the pattern piece was taped together wrong. would like to finish my dress. great inst. but I can’t get it

    • Mayra at So Sew Easy says:

      Can you load some pictures so I can see where is the problem?

      • Lorna Etienne says:

        after taking the dress apart I finally got it just a mind blank. Now need to make it larger. I made the largest. I can add another cutting line but should I open up the pattern pieces in the middle of front and back also and add to all pieces. love the dress will make more I’m sure only would like a little looser fit thank you for your desiging and tutorials

  7. Lisa Doyle-Greenhall says:

    I have loved this pattern ever since I saw it. Thank you very much for sharing this free pattern. Shall post when I complete it.

    • So Sew Easy says:

      Hi Lisa, yes, please to post. Would love to see your work. Kind regards, Mayra

      • Susan Williams says:

        I just finished making this dress. From the time I started cutting the fabric to finishing the hem, it took 3.5 hours. All I can say is, it’s GORGEOUS! I thought for sure this would be a difficult pattern. I watched the video last night after taping together the PDF pattern. Then today I cut the fabric, and watched the video as I made the dress, pausing at each step, sometimes going back to listen to a section twice to make sure I had it right. Everyone – do not be intimidated! My dress came out so pretty and the video is so easy to follow! Thank you so much for offering this as a free pattern on Saturday. What a blessing. Thank you thank you thank you!

  8. Elaine Chapman says:

    I have seen this design a lot on Pinterest, usually by foreign designers. It pleased me immensely to see you offer it as I loved it from the get-go. Thanks so much for sharing a free pattern, don’t know when I’ll get around to sewing it, but I will, for sure.

  9. WesternNYLady says:

    I like the idea of the dress, just wish it had sleeve options too.

  10. Mo says:

    Do you need experience sewing knits to mage this dress? Also, I don’t have a stretch stitch on my old machine, so would a zig zag stitch be ok for this dress? PS: i made your Wear everywhere skirt recently in a size F with no alterations needed and it fits me perfectly. Your videos are brilliant and I am learning so many techniques from your clear instructions. Thanks Deby

  11. lozzyrane says:

    Hi, I have just recently made this dress and would like to add a comment about your instructions. I didn’t watch your tutorial as I could follow your written instructions but could you add in to them which seam to sew. You have labelled them ‘Seam A’ ‘Seam B’ etc so it would be helpful to say “Step 5: Stitch seams A right sides together etc….) Does that make sense? I labelled each seam with a washable marker so I was stitching the right ones together which really helped me. Thanks.

  12. Jennifer L Hill says:

    Love this dress!

  13. Debby says:

    I’d love to make this into a top with long sleeves. Has anyone tried it? Did it work out for you?

  14. Monica says:

    It’s perfectly nice. I tried to make it at home but the problem was my front side was smaller then back. Can you plz suggest me the measurements to make perfect dress?

    • Mayra at So Sew Easy says:

      Hi Monica, as in any pattern, before you cut you need to make sure the you have chosen the right size for your body, before you cut measure your bust, then shoulder to waist distance, then you can adjust the pattern as necessary.

  15. Naomi says:

    Hi Deby, i’ve just started putting the pattern together and have noticed the pieces don’t all match up correctly. i’ve measured the square and that’s right, but the quarter dots on the corner of each page don’t always match up. I wonder if this is a wrong print setting i’ve chosen but have followed your instructions for printing. My next thought is whether the pattern was designed on an A4 or US sized template (i’ve printed on A4 paper)?


  16. Reina says:

    Thank you it’s look so das y with you

  17. Irene says:

    I love this dress pattern and intend to buy it soon. I actually have a store bought dress like this. I never wore it although it was a lovely purple color. I took out the side seams and made some large slits and shortened the dress to make it into a dress for my Argentine tango. I get all sorts of complements so I intend on adding side slits to the pattern when I get it. Can’t wait!

  18. Alison says:

    I’ve bought this pattern today …. it’s the first dress I’ve ever made and I am thrilled with the result!

  19. Cindy Gerstl says:

    I think the video demo clearly explains the pattern. I love it as I’m a visual learner and really need the demo to understand the pattern. However, I don’t wear sleeveless tops. Is there a sleeve option?

  20. marysews says:

    I have a belly on, and i hope to see what it looks like on someone shaped like me before I buy.

  21. Anna Weissmann says:

    Love this dress – anything that can drape and help hide the tummy is worth a go! Do you think it would work for non-stretch fabrics if cut larger and a zip inserted at the back seam? I can just picture this dress made up in some crepe-de-chine I have. 🙂

  22. Misha C says:

    I would also like to see a sleeve option as I have an unsightly scar on my shoulder … maybe a cap sleeve? once I’ve mastered the sewing with knits craftsy course i’m going to try all your knit fabric patterns!

  23. Petro Neagu says:

    Wow! Deby, you’ve outdone yourself with this pattern! It’s so beautiful. I hope I’ll manage to step up my game one day and make myself one of these beauties.

  24. Beth Balius says:

    I love the design of this pattern. I would love to see an optional sleeve. I have seen many dresses like this and always wanted one but I am tall and they are never long enough. My upper arms are not stellar. You are amazing and your videos are very good. Thanks, Beth

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