Types of Fleece that You Should Know

Fleece is a soft and cozy fabric that can keep us warm during the winter season. It is usually made of polyethylene terephthalate (PET) polyester or can be another kind of synthetic fiber. Recycled fibers like recycled PET plastic or natural fibers like wool are the materials that can be added when making the fleece fabric.

Minky or Cuddle

Types of fleece - minky fabric

While it's questionable whether this is a fleece fabric, it is usually considered to be in the fleece group. It is named minky (also known as cuddle) due to its imitating feel of a mink, this kind of fabric is indeed heavenly.

Special care is needed for this kind of fabric. Sewing minky could be difficult because it slides beneath the needle. It means using plenty of pins, a walking foot, or a jersey ballpoint needle to sew this fabric. Edges of this fabric can lose shape or ruffle, which means finishing is advised.

Minky should never be washed in warm water or even dried on high heat because it would lose the signature softness of this fabric. Double-sided minky is available but it is often super expensive, so it is usually with single-sided fabric.

Coral Fleece

Types of fleece - coral fleece fabric

Coral fleece is related closely to cuddle or minky fleece. It has more of a fur-like texture. Considering its texture and construction, it is not advisable for a no-sew project because it would stretch and shed more than polar fleece.

Its edges should be finished so that it would not stretch out on the washer. If it's washed cold, never use a fabric conditioner and it should be dry low; this will help maintain the soft furry texture.

Anti Pill, Blizzard, Medium Weight, Polar Fleece

Types of fleece - Polar fleece

Polar fleece is great for no-sew projects. The polar fleece is divided into two categories, non-anti-pill and anti-pill. The anti-pill is more of a high-quality kind of fabric that does not ”pill” or ”ball-up” after multiple washes. The non-anti-pill is less expensive but would get small pills after washing and wearing. Purchasing anti-pill is a great idea because it looks nicer in the long run. Polar fleece comes in various weights. The medium-weight is usually found locally in fabric stores.

Working on fleece can really be easy since it does not slip below the fray or needle. But, the more stretch the fleece has, you can sew it with the ballpoint needle. The stretch may vary significantly between grades and brands. Usually, the cheaper it is, the less stretch there is, and you might be able to use a standard needle. If you experience having trouble sewing fleece, try to change the needles and lengthen the stitch or use a zigzag stitch rather than a running stitch.


Types of fleece - Micro fleece

Microfleece is softer compared to polar fleece. Mostly, it is used for children and baby projects, and it is very nice to touch. There is an obvious right and wrong side in most of the microfleece. A heavenly feel of the minute fibers (almost furry) is present on one side. It's thinner compared to medium-weight fleece. Although it does not fray, it is suggested not to leave the bare edges raw.

Where to Get Fleece Fabric

Amazon has a great selection of all kinds of fleece fabric. Here are just a few that you might like:

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