The Ultimate Summertime Sewing Roundup

Summertime sewingSummer’s coming and the days are growing longer, you know what that means…more time for more summertime sewing projects –time for some bright new numbers or maybe time for some old numbers to take on a bright new life… Either way, time to get busy!

Summertime Sewing

Our focus was on getting clever, getting creative and getting back to basics with some comfy summer staples, as well as a surprise or two thrown in for the little ones. There’s everything from basics to hacks and outfits for tiny tots… even a couple of fun summer teepees for the kids to have a blast in.

summertime sewing

We love summertime and we know that the last thing you want to do is find yourself unprepared, searching the stores and coming home with second best. So we’ve put together The Ultimate Summertime Sewing Roundup, with projects ranging from weekend jobs to quick up-cycles, there’s something here for everybody and better yet, you’ll come out of it with additions to house and wardrobe that money couldn’t buy!

Summer Dress Patterns

That’s just to name a few, get your groove on and get creative with our simple summer sewing projects…find the perfect fit with our 15 Favorite Summer Dress Patterns.  Our Easy Party Dress will really have you making a splash this summer!

summertime sewing

For some more sultry summertime sewing ideas make use of our amazing list of Free Patterns, you’re bound to find a little something there for the whole family, Mr. So and Sew included!  Looking forward to seeing you out and about in some great new gear this Summer.

summertime sewing

Never mind settling for what looks the best in the store, take matters into your own hands and DIY this summer! 

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