Variation on the Tech or Tablet Tote Bag pattern


I love to make clothes for my kids and for myself but I also greatly enjoy  making bags. The multi-purpose tech bag is a great pattern that I truly love. I have already made two – one for the tablet and another one for my netbook (it fits the multi-tech bag size!).

When I was testing the multi-purpose tech bag I had to use smaller grommets than those required because I couldn't find any bigger. As a consequence, I had to use two grommets instead of one and also make two straps narrower than the regular one. This resulted in an alternative way to make this bag and to close it.

Today I am sharing with you a simple tutorial on how to make these modifications.


Materials needed:

Two small grommets. These will be used instead of the Large round grommet (1 and 9/16th) required in the pattern instructions. Note: The ones I used are from a pack of 15 grommets of size 3/8” (this is the diameter of the hole) from Milward. They come in a kit with a small tool to attach them to the fabric.

Cutting instructions:

Cut two straps of 2 inches (width) by 24 inches (height). These will replace the “Closing Strap – 4 inches x 13 inches, cut 1 from contrast fabric” on the instructions cutting chart (line 5).

For all the other pattern pieces just follow the pattern's cutting chart.


Instructions for this variation:

Note: I am only showing the modified steps. For full instructions you will need to get the Multi-purpose Tech Bag pattern here.

Create the closing strap. Follow the instructions provided with the pattern, having in mind that you will have to repeat this step in order to make two straps instead of one. Your final straps will be less wide so they can fit the smaller grommets.

Sew the bag flap. After making the bag flap (sew right sides together, trim, clip, turn, press and top stitch), follow these steps in order to place two grommets (instead of just one):


Find the flap width and divide by three. Mark. If you find it easier, just mark the two grommet placements at 2.5 inches from the two side edges – they will be 3 inches apart from each other.

Note: They will still be placed 2 inches up from the lower edge of the flap.


Attach the two grommets and you are done with this step.


Keep following the pattern's instructions until you reach the next step:

Assemble the front of the bag. Place your front panel facing up. On top, place the front pocket, matching sides and bottom edges. Center the flap across the top of the bag, at an equal distance from each side seam. Now you will be placing the closing straps. Please follow this step instead:


Lay the two closing straps on top of the front panel (matching bottom raw edges) so they are perfectly in line with the grommets. Check with the ruler that they are at the same distance from the side edges. Pin to place.


Thread the closing straps through the grommets and tie them together to form a lovely bow. This is how we are closing the bag so you don't need to sew buttons or Velcro to these straps.

Proceed with pattern's instructions from here all the way to the end and you're done!


Now that Summer is finally here (at least in my corner of the woods) this bag is perfect for carrying the tablet or netbook on vacations. And the best part is that it also carries a book along! Oh, how I am dreaming and counting the days to be at the beach sipping a fruit juice and reading a book while getting some tan… Either you are on vacation or in “stay-cation”, you need this bag in your life!

You can see more details on this version of the Tech tote bag over my blog Made by Sara. I hope you will enjoy making this variation of the tech bag as much as I did. I think it looks sweet and feminine this way.

Happy sewing!

Thanks so much Sara for showing us your variation on the Tech or Tablet Tote bag.  Creates a very pretty look with the bow on the front.  As a comparison, here is the original version.  I love to see a bit of pattern hacking 🙂

Love this tablet bag pattern.. Nice and padded, separate pocket for the tablet, stylish, and a big zipper pocket in back for charger, wallet, etc. This is going everywhere with me!


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Get the Multi-purpose Tech and Tablet Bag pattern

You can download this pattern from my design account on Payhip.  Add it to your cart and check out.  The pattern will be saved in your Pattern Library safely until you are ready to sew, then you can download and print it at any time.

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Hi, I'm Sara, mom of three and wife to (the) one. A sewing addict and passionate about handmade, homemade and heartmade.  I'm also one of the pattern testing team for So Sew Easy.  I have my own sewing blog at Made by Sara.


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Hi, I'm Sara, mom of three and wife to (the) one. A sewing addict and a passionate about handmade, homemade and heartmade.
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