Wandering Waistline Giveaway Winner Announced

Giveaway Winner Announced

We're delighted to announce the winner of the Wandering Waistline Giveaway of the $100 Amazon.com eGift card.

Please refer to the article to learn the details of the lucky winner at Wandering Waistline Explained.

We were amazed by the participation in this giveaway.  Thanks to everyone for their entries and fantastic comments on the Wandering Waistline article.

We have a sponsor lining up a great new giveaway that we will announce shortly.  We're certain you'll really enjoy this one, so please stay tuned.

Wandering Waistline Giveaway


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I’ve looked at the bottom of the original article. I don’t see any reference to the winners either.

Reply to  Mayra Cecilia

Thank you, Mayra! That helps a lot. I am using a mobile device and didn’t try to click on the “enter the competition” link. Thanks for clarifying!

Teresa Lowry

I think that I can’t find the announcement of the winner!


I’ve clicked on the links and I’ve gone through the article, but I don’t see where the winner is listed. Am I missing something?