Why working at a desk is a pain in the back

This post brought to you by American Osteopathic Association. All opinions are 100% mine.

I've been back to work full time for the last 4 weeks, and have about another 6 to go in my current temporary contract.  And until now I never realised how much sitting at a desk all day could be such a pain in the back.  I'm so used to pottering about at home and keeping on the move – but sitting has made me stiff, sore and grumpy.  And then coming home in the evening to sit at my sewing machine was not so welcoming either.

To help office workers and others suffering from chronic pain and pain in the workplace, the American Osteopathic Association as part of their Break Through Your Pain campaign has released a short video introducing a couple of quick and simple stretching exercises you can do at work without drawing attention to yourself!

You can give these a go at work and no one will stare or probably even notice.  But don't forget to get up from your desk too and drop off a memo or speak to a colleague instead of sending an email.  Sitting for hours at a time isn't good for you.

Got grumpy colleagues?  Maybe they are sore and need to stretch – share this video and get the word out there.


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