Winner Announced! $1,149 Janome Sewing Machine Giveaway

giveaway winner announced

We're delighted to announce the winner of the Mother’s Day $1,149 RRP Janome Giveaway.

So here's how she won:

One of the winners won with their entry from visiting our portfolio on Craftsy which includes a huge selection of both free and paid patterns and for projects.  We asked readers to comment which was their favorite pattern.  The diversity of responses from readers was quite broad so it wasn't possible to identify a consensus.

During her winning visit, our winner identified the Boxy Bag pattern as her favorite.

The Boxy Bag Pattern and kits

Our Pattern Portfolio on Craftsy has a very wide variety of fun and easy sewing patterns and projects, both FREE and some that cost only a few dollars.  If you've not done it already, it would be great if you could check it out.

Visit Our Pattern Portfolio

The most popular way to enter was to comment on several fabric selections.

We featured four different fabrics from our friends at during the contest.  Our readers came up with some terrific ideas on what to make with these wonderful selections:

Get the fabric

Consensus sewing idea:  Easy Pleated Blouse FREE Pattern

The Easy Pleated Blouse Called Eve: Any Day, Everywhere


Get the fabric

Consensus sewing idea:  Faviola Summer Dress FREE Pattern

Faviola, The “housewife” summer dress


Get the fabric

Consensus sewing idea:  The Hoodie FREE Pattern

The Hoodie Pattern and Tutorial

Get the Fabric

Consensus sewing idea:  Boat Neck Top

FREE Simple Boat Neck Top Pattern – One Hour Project

But enough of the suspense already… Giveaway winner announced!

The winners of the Mother's Day $1,149 Janome Sewing Machine Giveaway is:

Deb E. from Salem OR, USA

Mothers Day Janome Giveway

We will be reaching out to Deb in the coming says and organizing the shipping with Jamone.

Please join me in congratulating Deb in the comments section below!

Feel free to give her some suggestions of the various things she can sew with her new Janome set up!

I really wish that everyone could have won.  The number of participants was amazing and we thank everyone for their involvement.  We're going to keep the FREE $6.95 Lucy Tote Bag giveaway going for only another day.  Please hurry.

Surprise FREE $6.95 Pattern For You: We Want Everyone To Win On Mother's Day!

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194 Responses to Winner Announced! $1,149 Janome Sewing Machine Giveaway

  1. Deb E / Oregon (and Jen E / California) says:

    I wanted to say a BIG ‘thank you’ again for the wonderful sewing machine I won! My daughter received it on Friday (I won it to gift to her) and is thrilled with it.
    I’m looking forward to many sewing sessions together in the not – so – distant future as she learns how to use it. Thank you, Mayra, and to Janome, for such a wonderful machine. Still can’t believe we won! Thank you for all you do for all we sewing enthusiasts out there, Mayra!

    • Mayra at So Sew Easy says:

      Dear Deb, it is my hope that this machine brings you and your daughter together, you are very generous to have gifted it to her. I am very happy for you, and the reason you won is that yo you re spreading the love of sewing and handmade things, so let’s keep it up, shall we?

  2. Christine Krause says:

    Congratulations! Have fun and enjoy your new machine.

  3. Miranda biari says:

    Congrats Deb. Janome is the best. In sure you will enjoy your sewing with this wonderful free gift ever!
    Miranda – PNG

  4. Kelleigh Rae Duncan says:

    I am soooo jealous!!! But if you were further S. in OR, WE could
    be sewing buddies, LOL!!! What $$ you saved on the machine
    you can spend on fabric for all of your fabulous creations!! We
    will be expecting photos here shortly!! Kelleigh in Medford,OR

  5. Cynthia Schultz says:

    Congrats what a great prize !

  6. Ruth Clyde says:

    Congratulations, Deb! I’m sure you’ll love your new machine. Janome is the best!!!!

  7. Guliel says:

    You lucky thing Deb!!!!! Many congratulations from York, England!!

  8. Becky Canuteson says:

    Congratulations Deb !! Happy Sewing !!

  9. Deanesse says:

    Congrats Deb, you did great to beat out all of the other entries. Have fun experimenting, creating and sewing with your new machine. Way to go!!!!

  10. Nicky Grimes says:

    Congratulations on your wonderful win hope you have many happy hour’s of sewing

  11. Priscilla M. Laybolt says:

    Congratulations Deb, have many wonderful hours enjoyment of sewing and creating. on this great machine.

  12. Rrsk says:

    Congratulations Deb E! I’m so happy for you! The Janome Sewing Machine is the perfect gift for Mother’s Day! Congratulations also to all the women who worked hard in pushing their votes to join every single day. Happy Mother’s Day to you and to all the Mothers of the So-Sew-Easy family! God Bless! ?

  13. Pauline Nissen says:

    Congratulations Deb,Have fun sewing on your new machine.

  14. Ester F says:

    Congratulations Deb E!! Have fun using your new sewing machine. 🙂

  15. Linda Sessoms says:

    Congratulations on winning, Deb E! May you have many happy days creating beautiful things with this amazing Janome sewing machine!

  16. Karen Waitley says:

    Wow, Congratulations. Enjoy.

  17. Shirene says:

    Congratulations!!! I’m sure you will have many years of happy sewing, and what a wonderful machine to start your collection. I have to say though that I was really excited when I saw it was someone in Oregon. I might be a tiny bit more excited if they pushed the winner just a bit North, say, the Portland area. Hahaha. But Oregon is good enough.
    I’m really happy for you, I just wish that you were closer so maybe we could sew together. Blessings…

  18. Daryl 'Deedee' Reese says:

    Aw! Congrats! Fun learning on a new machine!

  19. theresa j says:


  20. myra michie says:

    Looking forward to seeing your fisrt item that you sew and hearing how it went.

  21. Marian says:

    How awesome, Congrats and enjoy you new toy!

  22. Julie says:

    Lucky you congrats and enjoy

  23. Another Contestant says:

    Congratulations Deb! The sewing machine looks beautiful and extremely useful. Happy Sewing!

  24. Elena says:

    Congratulations Deb, have fun!

  25. Tracy says:

    Congratulations Deb. Enjoy

  26. Guylaine Fournier says:

    Contrats Bev ! Happy sewing!

  27. Gertrude Lee says:

    Congratulations Deb!

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