Winner Announced for the $500 Shopping Spree!

We're delighted to announce the winner of the $500 Shopping Spree Giveaway today.

As always, we truly wish we could have more that one winner so we could spread the joy a bit more.  Next time we promise to include our many international readers.  I know it was frustrating to follow the competition but not be able to participate.

We loved reading the many (3,000+) comments that the contest participants left on the blog.  Some of the comments were very practical, some were funny, and some even inspiring.  Many people had great ideas of what they could make with the beautiful prints we showcased.

A reader kindly suggested that we change the print to make it more interesting for those returning more than once, so late in the contest, we highlighted this fantastic Michael Miller print:


From one reader:

I have a 60’s mod style jumper pattern and the Michael Miller Birds of Norway Espresso Fabric would be so perfect for this! Talk about a psychedelic outfit!

But enough of the suspense already…

The winner of the contest is Kitty A. from High Point, North Carolina.  Kitty entered the contest with a total of 40 entries and it looks like she followed the contest the whole way through.  Her winning entry was number 142 in the whole competition, so she was in from the very first day.  She got the winning entry by leaving the following comment on the blog relating to the wonderful Kaufman print sold by on Amazon.

100% cotton and beautiful shades of blue-I would make a wonderful cool float of a summer dress because even though there is 8 inches of snow on the ground right now, summer is coming! AND I would work every inch of scraps into a quilt…..

Hopefully, Kitty will let us know if she decides to include either of these prints in her shopping spree!

As with most of our recent contests, the number of participants was amazing and we thank everyone for their involvement.  Please let's everyone congratulate Kitty for her win in the comment section below.

New $500 Shopping Spree Giveaway from

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Congratulations Kitty


Yeaaaaaaah Kitty. Congratulations on your win. WooHoo!!!

April Isom
April Isom

Congratulations Miss Kitty!! Let us know what you make with your fabulous fabrics!!!

Lisa Szabo
Lisa Szabo

lucky girl congrats!

Kim B
Kim B

Do you know where I might find a pattern for a makeup bag with a curved top and hidden seams (between the lining and fabric)?

Shelly Bianchi
Shelly Bianchi

Congrats Kitty-enjoy!

Maria Capaldi
Maria Capaldi



Kitty is the kat that got the cream! Whoop! Congratulations – be sure to post a picture of your floaty dress!

Patricia Rivers

Congratulations Kitty!